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Timitosgadaga: hi08:58
gadagaTimitos: hi08:58
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yangooncedk: " can create the new strict sequence and after that update the fiscal year to use this new sequences"15:01
yangooncedk: which table do I have to update to the new sequences?15:02
yangooncedk: new strict sequences are created, but I don't find where to put them15:03
cedkyangoon: in account_fiscalyear15:05
cedkyangoon: and account_period15:05
yangoonI see, and change number next of the new sequences15:08
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Timitoscedk: thx for you fast fixing today17:09
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CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 956:7c0128bee882 trytond/trytond/ (ir/ ir/cron.xml
CIA-52tryton: Use threading to launch pool_jobs of ir.cron19:19
CIA-52tryton: Add running state to prevent concurency running19:19
CIA-52tryton: Fix delay between each cron run19:19
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 957:023de642914d trytond/ (15 files in 8 dirs):19:58
CIA-52tryton: Logging refectoring:19:58
CIA-52tryton: * simplified mechanism19:58
CIA-52tryton: * reverted color on error, warning and critical messages in19:58
CIA-52tryton:  console. (inspired by openerp rev. 1085)19:58
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 958:753a67df3830 trytond/trytond/ ( Merge19:58
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CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #356/Search: filter doesn't work on first char/digit: [new] see attached screenshot: Filter is set on name with '3' and all items containing '3' are listed, but not those *beginning* with 3 (of course ...22:09
CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #334/Requests: trigger date: [chatting] Works now for "Read my Requests", but is it intended behaviour, that Ctrl + R on this tab shows *all* requests (i.e. also those with tr ...22:31
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #334/Requests: trigger date: [resolved] yes23:34
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #356/Search: filter doesn't work on first char/digit: [resolved] For me, the search return all records where there is a word that starts with 3.23:39
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