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cristi_anguys can you check this plz.....
cristi_anfor me is not working.....08:44
vengfulsquirrelyeah its not working08:47
cristi_annow i have study it a little :)08:49
vengfulsquirrelits in google cache, but its not as pretty08:49
cristi_annp thx08:49
cristi_anit is more then ok....08:49
cristi_ando you know why this was choose despite cvs,or svn (more popular i say)08:49
vengfulsquirrelits much more convenient to use08:50
cristi_anreally ?08:50
vengfulsquirrelI'm not positive as to why, but that's what I would guess.08:50
vengfulsquirrelHave you used svn or cvs?08:51
cristi_anyes ! (only those two)08:51
cristi_anvery nice and easy to use08:51
cristi_anfor me yes08:52
vengfulsquirrelha interesting ... i think i've never heard that08:52
cristi_anwhy do you consider it complicated ?08:52
cristi_anintegrated in eclipse... and is more then simple08:53
cristi_anmaybe is harder to use from command line (but i never used it in that way)08:53
vengfulsquirrelI've never used cvs but I've never heard a good thing about it.  Subversion is okay but the directory thing is a pain and you can only have one repository.08:53
cristi_andifference is "Mercurial is a completely decentralized system, and thus has no internal notion of a central repository. Thus users are free to define their own topologies for sharing changes"08:54
cristi_ansvn and cvs from what i know have a central repository08:54
cristi_anbut what is the purpose not having a central repository ?08:54
vengfulsquirrelYou can commit to your own repo and then send groups of commits to the central repo once its working, therefore allowing you to make commits without breaking the repo for everyone else.08:56
cristi_anhmmm what i see here is a 2 step commit08:57
cristi_an1 to your own repo08:57
cristi_an2 to central repo08:57
cristi_anstep 1 in cvs is not needed...(why to commit something what is local anyway)08:58
vengfulsquirrelThat's just one example.  I find the file-tracking without directory tracking actually more convenient.  Although you should install it and try it out for yourself.08:59
cristi_ansure that is the best thing...09:01
vengfulsquirrelI think you'll like it, looks like there is an eclipse plugin but I've never used it.  You should follow a tutorial on the command line first though to get a feel for how it works.09:03
cristi_anok ,i'll try it,but having a site that is not working is not a good image for it09:06
vengfulsquirrelcristi_an: Its the holidays.09:11
vengfulsquirrelcristi_an: Have you used any open source POS software that was good ?09:12
cristi_anyes, that one from open bravo for a while (but then i created my own)09:13
cristi_anthere is posterita from adempiere (heard of it ) never used it09:14
vengfulsquirrelYeah I'm looking at that now (posterita).09:14
cristi_anthat one has alos web interface09:14
vengfulsquirrelYeah I'm not sure if that is better or worse.09:15
vengfulsquirrelcristi_an: DId you use the open bravo pos with an erp other than open bravo ?09:23
cristi_ani did not used it with an erp09:30
cristi_anwell knows09:30
cristi_anwell known09:30
cristi_ani used it with my own erp...09:30
cristi_ani kind of adapted to my needs ....but later a created my own POS09:31
cristi_ancustom to my clients needs09:31
vengfulsquirrelright but the openbravo pos would say work with tryton if i wrote a webservices compatible wrapper or whatever09:35
cristi_anit should work why not09:39
cristi_anthe question is does openbravo pos have all your needs ?09:40
vengfulsquirrelbecause the connection between them might be super proprietary ... java web services means bla bla bla to me09:40
cristi_anwell i used open bravo standalone application09:42
cristi_ani extraced the data that i needed directly from database....09:42
cristi_anfrom my erp09:42
vengfulsquirreloh right i hadn't even thought of doing that09:43
cristi_anso erp had a connection to the pos's database09:43
cristi_anthen ...i was free of extracting what i needed09:43
cristi_anbtw i did some custom populating stuff (products etc)09:44
cristi_anin order tohave same id's as in main database09:44
vengfulsquirrelyeah i don't know its in java which pretty much means i can't modify it, or it won't be worth it, i was hoping for something in python09:50
cristi_anthen choose the pos from tiny until tryton will have one10:00
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cristi_anTimitos: Merry Christmas10:12
Timitoscristi_an: thx. Merry Christmas to you too :-)10:13
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cristi_ani use the dev script from wiki but i get this10:38
cristi_anClone module Mercurial into /home/cristi/work/trytond/trytond/modules/10:38
cristi_anabort: '' does not appear to be an hg repository!10:38
cristi_anClone module Mercurial failed!10:38
cristi_anis this because the mercurial site is kind of offline ?10:39
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cristi_anjusat updated with hg fpull and hg fupdate10:51
cristi_anbut now i got this when i try to start the client10:51
cristi_anthis is the server's console10:51
cristi_anany of you have an ideea why.10:52
Timitoscrisit_an: the mercurial site seems to be the problem yes.10:57
Timitoscristi_an: the other problem is that you need to update your database10:57
Timitoscristi_an: start the server with: trytond -d 'NAMEOFYOURDB' -u all10:57
Timitoscristi_an: then the modules will be updated10:58
TimitosNAMEOFYOURDB can also be all dbs you have kommaseparated like: tryton,tryton1,trytontest ...10:58
cristi_anis this specified somewhere on wiki ?10:59
cristi_anTimitos: you are my hero :)11:00
cristi_anunfortunatelly this is  when i have time (holidays) and weekends11:00
Timitoscristi_an: this is clear. but i am only online if there is some time. will be away later ;-)11:02
cristi_annp, your help is welcome anytime.11:05
cristi_anbtw thx since now i started the client11:06
cristi_anand it works11:06
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cristi_ancedk: a post on wiki is seen only after approval ?11:36
cristi_ancedk: in fact on google groups11:37
cedkcristi_an: yes for new members11:39
cristi_ancedk: i wonder if i update a module, let's say party (db table,some other logic stuff) and i have an customer that has an old client11:41
cedkcristi_an: don't understand11:43
cristi_ancedk: so i update a module modifying the db and some logic inside the module11:44
cristi_anthen the old client11:44
cristi_anthat assume is installed on a customer11:44
cristi_anthe customer is able to run then the module i updated ?11:45
cristi_anor it had first to go to modules11:46
cristi_anand do update module11:46
cedkcristi_an: still don't understand11:49
cristi_ancedk: scenario i have a customer that run module named customparty v 1.011:51
cristi_anthe server runs on some service provider11:51
cristi_ani do an update on the customparty module11:51
cristi_anby adding some extra fields and some new logic into it11:52
cristi_anand custom party becomes v1.111:52
cristi_anbut i did not touched the client yet,so the customer has a client that had module 1.0 installed11:52
cristi_annow the question is : the client will be able to run the customparty module 1.0 with the new code that is on server side11:53
cristi_anor it has to do an upgrade on the module to have the 1.1 version11:53
cedkcristi_an: what do you call client ?11:54
cristi_anclient is the tryton client11:54
cristi_ancustomer is the the entity that run the client11:54
cristi_anthe firm11:54
cedkcristi_an: so the client have not any module11:54
yangooncristi_an: client and server have to be compatible11:54
cristi_anyes but we talk about modules....11:54
cristi_anon server is 1.111:55
cristi_anon client is 1.011:55
yangoonon the client there are no modules11:55
cristi_anthere are11:55
yangoonthey are served by the server11:55
cristi_anreally ?11:55
cristi_anso the client do not have modules11:56
cristi_anthen why is upgrade module feature11:56
cristi_anin modules11:56
yangoonto tell the server, that he should things11:56
yangoonhe should do things11:56
cristi_anlike what...?11:57
yangoonin this case: upgrade the modules from your modules directory11:57
yangoonwhich is always under trytond/modules11:57
cristi_anso on server side there are present many of the same version 1.011:58
cristi_anetc ?11:58
cristi_anand i may choose to upgrade to some of these ?11:58
Timitoscristi_an: you mix up client, server and modules12:02
Timitosthe client is in directory tryton12:03
Timitosthe server is in directory trytond12:03
cristi_anthat is right12:03
cristi_anthe server and modules are in trytond12:03
Timitosso you see that on the client there are no modules12:03
yangooncedk: you certainly registered my first pushes, not very nice, I admit, because of the whole merge stuff from different repos, but it reflects history anyway12:04
cristi_anthere is a module directory12:04
Timitosso in your case you only change a module12:04
yangooncedk luckily this won't happen again now12:04
cristi_anTimitos: yes12:04
cedkyangoon: ok, and I see that you succeed to push merge12:04
Timitosso you need to update the database12:04
cristi_anTimitos: yes12:04
yangooncedk: yes, normally it works12:05
Timitoscristi_an: you need to update the database because the db do not know of the changes of the module12:05
yangooncedk: question about tryton.pot12:05
Timitoscristi_an: but this has no effect on server core or client core12:05
cristi_anTimitos: but when i update the module i do not have to modify the db manually ?12:05
Timitosso if server and client still have the same version you do not need to update the client at customer site12:06
cristi_anit is done by the framework by running the update db stuff12:06
yangooncedk: if I follow close the update instructions as described in the wiki, I regenerate it each time before beginning translation which makes sense12:06
cristi_anTimitos: ok i got it now thx to you....12:06
Timitoscristi_an: you are welcome12:07
yangooncedk: but perhaps sometimes there is only version string of babel changed12:07
cedkyangoon: the means that there was no change in the code, so no need to run it12:07
cristi_anTimitos: only one thing is not clear12:08
cristi_anTimitos: upgrade feature from client12:08
cristi_anTimitos: assume i have party 1.0 installed12:08
yangooncedk: ok, and in this case revert it before commit12:08
Timitosthe upgrade feature does the same like the trytond -d -u stuff12:08
cedkyangoon: yes, and I think it is better to make two commits one for .pot and an other for .po .mo12:09
yangooncedk:  could you please add tryton.desktop for translators as well, I forgot to tell you recently12:10
Timitoscristi_an: you can also update your db with the upgrade feature from the client. but in your case today you could not enter the db before updating. so you needed to use the tryton -d -u stuff12:10
cristi_anTimitos: do you know why i could not ?12:10
cedkyangoon: done12:11
cristi_anTimitos: it was a special change in server ?12:11
Timitoscristi_an: i think it was because of a change in trytond core tables12:11
Timitoscristi_an: yes12:11
cristi_anTimitos: cleat now12:11
cristi_an Timitos: so iti is possible on server side to have more versions for one module ? like party 1.0 ,1.1,etc ?12:12
Timitoscristi_an: i would not do that. and i haven´t tried that yet12:12
Timitoscristi_an: i do not see any sense in that12:13
Timitoscristi_an: some of the 1.0 modules cannot be used with 1.1.0 server12:13
cristi_anTimitos: here is something i do not understand.12:14
cristi_anwhy modules have then versions ?12:14
cristi_ana real life scenario:12:15
cristi_ani install now on party modules from client12:15
cristi_anbut in 2 weeks i need to add an extra field12:16
cristi_anfirst step is to change module code to add that field right ?12:16
Timitoscristi_an: you should add extra fields with another module. you should not touch base modules.12:16
cristi_ani an talking in a generic way now12:16
cristi_anjust for you to understand...what i want to ask12:17
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Timitoscristi_an: afk12:18
cristi_anso i update party module adding the extrafield  "founded in" and the user can add 1893 (just as an example)12:19
cristi_anTimitos: i have a new version of the module called party or not  ?12:19
cristi_anTimitos: if i update the module by adding a field ?12:20
cristi_ancedk: i started to understand the relation between the client and server and modules but i still have some ?12:26
cristi_ancedk: module version number are dependent on server' version ?12:26
cristi_ancedk: is possible for a server to have like may versions for the same module ?12:27
cristi_an /s/may/many12:28
bechamelcristi_an: module numbers are just there to tell which server version to use, there is no check to prevent to use modules with other version numbers12:36
bechamelcristi_an: and you cannot use two version of the same module on the same server (actualy you can try but at best it will mess your db)12:37
cristi_anbechamel: thx,i see (so only one version is present on server side)12:38
cristi_ani can't have like party 1.1.0 and party 1.1.112:38
bechamelno, if you want to test several version of modules, clone your trytond repo and checkout different version of modules on each (and two different db)12:41
bechameland if you want to extend a module the best way is to create a new module and inherit objects12:42
cristi_anbechamel: 2,3 more questions plz...12:42
cristi_anbechamel: so if assume on one of my custom modules i update it by addign some extra fields12:43
bechamelfor example see company/, the User class extend the defaut res.user model12:43
cristi_ando i have a new version then ?12:43
cristi_anof my custom module ?12:44
bechamelversion numbering is up to you12:45
cristi_anthe only thing that confused me is upgrade fuinction from client/modules12:45
cristi_anwhat do i upgrade there ?12:45
bechamelthe db schema and the xml data12:46
cristi_anbechamel: of what ?12:46
cristi_anof the new modules i changed ?12:46
bechamelif you add a field on a model, and if you restart the server with "-d my_db -u my_module" the field will be added accordingly12:47
cristi_anbut this operation may be done from client side as well ?12:48
cristi_anusing the upgrade feature12:48
bechamelor more precisely if you add a "test = field.Char" on model my.model the update will add a chr column on the my_model table12:48
bechamelyou must see the client as a web browser12:48
cristi_anyee interpreting the xml rpc that comes from server12:49
bechamelthe client job is roughly to call the server and show vairous results12:49
bechamelcontrary to lot of other erp the client never access the db directly12:50
cristi_anbechamel: upgrade feature from client is needed when i did not restarted the server12:50
cristi_anwith "-d my_db -u my_module12:51
cristi_anand i updated the a module or so....12:51
cristi_anso i can propagate the changes on server side...from a client command ?12:51
bechamelyes the client only tell the server to update a module12:52
cristi_anthx GOD...!!!12:52
cristi_anfinally i understood12:52
cristi_ani thought you may upgrade the client which is totally worng.....12:52
cristi_anbechamel: but that feature is not needed if you restart the server with commands you...just wrote12:53
bechamelactually I never update the modules from the client i always use command line args on the server side12:53
cristi_angood !!!12:54
cristi_anthx to all12:55
cristi_anso the client has nothing to do with modules12:56
cristi_anit is just an "interpreter" and "commands provider" for server12:57
bechamelcristi_an: not at all, for the client module are just a model like any other model12:57
cristi_anbechamel: yes...that is what i saiD as well (i hope)12:59
bechamelyes, i write a bit slowly today12:59
cristi_anbechamel: the client receive from server some xml -rpc that is analized by the client and according to that the UI is displayed12:59
bechamelmost of the client call are search, read, write, create or delete on an arbitrary model, other call are for wizard and reports13:01
bechameland to be clear, the server never call the client, all the rpc are initiated by the client and are synchronous13:02
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CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 1139:313a28180c31 tryton/share/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/ ( tryton.po): Update translation for de_DE13:20
cristi_anbechamel: you gave me very preciuos informations13:35
cristi_anbut what do you mean by synchronous ? client 1 make call1 client 2 make call2 ==> when call1 is ended then call2 is executed ?13:37
bechamelyes, those info  are really missing in the docs13:38
cristi_anbut having 100 clients is not dangerous ?13:38
bechamelcristi_an: no, server side is threaded13:38
bechamelthis means that client is "frozen" until the server answer13:38
cristi_anyou meant calls from the same client13:38
cristi_ancool cause i stated to worry a lot last 1 minute...:)13:39
cristi_anbechamel: and the modules installed are / client or / company ?13:40
bechamelopenerp introduced an asynch call for reports but cedk told me that it may inrtoduce bugs (the client may be confused by two interleaved rpc)13:40
bechameli don't understand your last question13:41
cristi_anafter i install module party i may create companies...meaning i may have 2,3 more companies with the same client13:42
cristi_anaftert that i may install module x for company 113:42
cristi_anmodule y for company 213:42
cristi_ansince they may have different profiles...13:42
cristi_anor this may be resolved from user rights ?13:43
cristi_ani want company x to see module x,y,z13:43
cristi_anand company y to see module x only13:43
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bechamelcristi_an: if you want different modules for different companies, the easiest is to create two db13:48
cristi_ani did not think on this possibility13:54
bechameludono: i just saw your mail on the ml, did try to remove on_change_party_type on the company object (to see if this method is called on the party itself) ?14:00
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CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 198:da63214b794d purchase/purchase.xml: Added hidden Reporting menuitem14:21
CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 199:0050a98d35ae purchase/: merge14:21
udonobechamel: yes, I did it the first time. But Tryton cannot find the method. No such method on For me it would be the best to avoid inheriting company, because this is just the beginning. Actually I needed to inherit all Models, which itself inherit party, and this is worse. Because the party_type module needed to depend on all the coming modules like party_bank...14:52
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udonobechamel: do you think there is a possibility to overload the Party class with the contents of the inherit class Party for party_types?15:16
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1426:1241e997c5cd trytond/trytond/osv/ Fix order on selection field to order with selection values15:25
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CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1427:14fb68b2cc9b trytond/trytond/ir/ Fix unicode conversion of source in _get_sources if it is None15:36
cristi_ani did not find any docs related to setup.py15:52
cristi_ani founded this in party module15:52
bechameludono: my point of view is that as you know company is a model that define companies that use the current tryton db, which turns out to inherit party (but it could have been a completely independant object), and that the party_type module is there to give type to parties (aka customer, supplier and so on). So my answer is that we don't need party_type on company, the same way we don't need it on the employee model (which is also a15:54
bechamelcristi_an: is there for easy_install packaging, it's not part of tryton istself15:55
cristi_anbechamel: what is easy_install15:56
bechamelcristi_an: a bit lazy today ?
bechamelcristi_an: ;)15:58
cristi_ancom ' is not about that...15:58
cristi_anbut i thought that is something tryton internal thing...15:59
cristi_ando not make the assumption that what is easy and simple for you it is for the rest...:)15:59
cristi_ani tend to do the same...when i am in the opossite situation16:00
cristi_ancedk: my last question for today16:14
cristi_ani hope16:14
cristi_an"_sequence: The name of the postgresql sequence that increment the id column."16:15
cristi_anthis is autmoatically created in DB ?16:16
cristi_ani do not see it defined in or other party model16:16
cedkcristi_an: yes16:17
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CIA-10tryton: * r396 /wiki/ Add missing link19:13
CIA-10tryton: * r397 /wiki/ Add ssh access19:13
CIA-10tryton: * r398 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.19:13
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cristi_ancedk: id,create_date,write_date...write_uid, are some default fields added to all the tables created from models ?20:09
cedkcristi_an: yes20:10
cristi_anwhat is write_uid20:10
cristi_anthe rest are quite clear20:10
cedkcristi_an: the id of the last user that modify the record20:10
cristi_angr9 so you know wht user did the last update as well as the user who created the item20:11
cristi_ani found import vatnumber20:23
cristi_anas code in party module20:23
cristi_anbut i can find where vatnumber is created ( or so20:23
cristi_ancan any of you point me where can i find vatnumber20:24
yangooncristi_an: please have a look at tryton repos20:26
cristi_ani have installed the tryton client and server using the dev script.20:27
cristi_ani founded the party module20:27
yangooncristi_an: perfect, but it doesn't install any dependencies needed on the system20:28
cristi_anhow come then the client started20:28
cristi_anand teh local server as well20:28
yangooncristi_an: because you have the necessary deps already installed20:29
cristi_anlet me undestood...20:30
cristi_anso i have them or not ?20:30
yangoonno, the addons above are not installed automatically20:30
cristi_anbut why then my local server works...and client as well20:31
yangoonbecause they are optional20:31
cristi_anor they are not mandatory...and my client started20:31
cristi_anoki i see20:32
cristi_anthat make sense20:32
yangoonsee the try clause for the import of vatnumber20:32
cristi_anthat is why i have empty vat combo list or so20:32
cristi_anhow do i get these dependencies ?20:33
yangoondownload and install them20:33
yangooncristi_an: what OS are you running?20:33
cristi_anapt-get ?20:34
yangooncristi_an: you can probably use
cristi_anany of you using eclipse ? (except timitos ,who is away)20:47
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CIA-10tryton: * r400 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.21:12
CIA-10tryton: * r401 /wiki/ Fix module name21:12
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CIA-10tryton: * r402 /wiki/ Removed obsoleted stuff relating to translation22:14
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