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cristi_anany of you using eclipse with\ tryton ?10:41
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cristi_anTimitos: i have a question for u since i know you use eclipse11:01
Timitoscristi_an: yes11:02
cristi_anTimitos: i did not found a way to import the trytond as a project in eclipse and to have the code completion working11:02
cristi_anit works only for the built in functions11:02
cristi_anif i try like using fields.method11:03
cristi_anit just don't popup any method11:03
cristi_anthis is from module fields11:03
Timitoscristi_an: i do not use these functions. sorry.11:05
cristi_anlike code completions ?11:05
Timitosyes i do not use it11:06
cristi_ani see11:07
cristi_anthx anyway11:07
cristi_anno one here use code completion with their editor ?11:08
cristi_anthere is package osv with filed module,orm etc ,then there is package modules with the next packages account,party etc11:18
cristi_anis this correct ?11:18
cristi_anmodules from package party for example use modules from package osv11:20
cedkcristi_an: I think that code completion will never work because the systme use dynamic instance11:21
cristi_andynamic instance ?11:21
cristi_ancan i read somewhere about it11:22
cristi_anshould i google it11:22
cristi_an ?11:22
cedkI don't know it is in OSV11:22
cristi_anyou mean like reflection in java ?11:23
cristi_aninstantiate things based on the name of the class or calling methods based on the names an parameters(withou calling it directly ?)11:23
cedkdon't know11:24
cristi_ancedk: ok then next question is in your editor when you used in party module the fields when you write "fields." nothing appear due to this dynamic instance stuff ?11:25
cristi_anlike fields.ManyToOne or so11:26
cedkcristi_an: fields. somthing can work11:26
cedkbut I use vim, and I don't like this kind of completion11:26
cristi_anwith hg there is something like in cvs (override and update) just to clear my code modifications ?11:51
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ikksping cedk12:09
ikksI'm not able to clone the ssh repo :(12:09
yangoonikks: what did you do?12:09
ikksI succesfully have used my dsa key to connect to other hosts...12:09
ikksBut not to this one.12:10
ikksI'll paste a complete example12:10
yangoonikks: I think you can use: hg clone ssh://
cedkikks: it is ssh://
cedkcristi_an: hg revert12:12
ikksthe same result...12:12
cristi_ancedk: thx12:12
cristi_ani see everywhere in the model states=STATES repeated over and over where states =    {'readonly': "active == False"}12:12
cristi_ansince i just readed some tutorial i ask why is not defined a state = none where is used12:13
cedkikks: there is no error message in you copy/paste12:13
cristi_anand there id none then states =  {'readonly': "active == False"}12:13
ikksOn this new one I'm showing12:13
ikksI can enter to another machine12:13
ikksAnd that I have my keys12:13
ikksBut non of the three urls worked for me.12:13
ikksI generated my dsa key with12:13
ikksssh-key -t dsa12:13
ikkswould it be an rsa better?12:14
cedkikks: there is no connection log on the server12:14
ikksjust to confirm12:14
ikksssh-dss AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBAMqNfOEHydbRYWXS7vPekvz77qRNUVenBqWKu9i7Mv12GMHMFkfKlDLtcT0NnlGO2cWJtRb0llNa/uZY/KF3aOzTjNO8FZ5vAM9ywKDWTqfxSLmBJXHOc/vzJDAQWcVbOqHO2B94UUi1DVl1as7WTqFHncL1y6IxHfIraEHjw0VNAAAAFQDlU554/lxBnnydMKKygwENwqlCOwAAAIAz/lo4uCoKMbxiLHmO9U8kzMDIqhvf+fZqd+LBJ5Xc2+MKslJ6+vW6gnHpjYok0snFLPBlqJp1m7Bl4VkSj0JymnzFERvCMFIESmPBTSu0wNmoCU370U5YKPZBYiMhLjen0PpadO3wMrZobdkqN8qFgZeP/2le9r3aECpRtuzNeAAAAIEAjtMDiF3ECbrRy2vrdUQ84XK3b3DI7V+fM95Zl2Yle1ItFSt12:14
ikksiiC7IwaCTAd5G+ETfT902aFmEGlaVWvsSTFTVxYi+6nNu4hJe388IkGJ5thsFz9xbOFTiBptnvJKWYQN5pAOVBcpmdchSMyDx39/ybSCzYz2et1cSACP3X684nTA= igor@casa12:14
ikksThis is my key12:14
cristi_ancedk in fields classes i see everywhere states=STATES just wonder why is not defined like size (with none) and when is none to take this everywhere used values   {'readonly': "active == False"}12:17
cristi_anit is just a pattern that repeats in serveral places ( states=STATES)12:17
cristi_anthen the code in models will be cleaner ?12:18
cristi_anor is not possible ?12:18
cedkcristi_an: there is not always a state field12:18
cristi_anthen it is ok...12:19
cristi_anfrom what i saw ...everywhere was used...12:19
cristi_anbut you are right...for sure12:19
yangoonikks: if there is no connection log, it doesn' seem to be caused by the key12:19
yangoonikks: what happens if you try with your rsa key?12:20
cristi_ancedk: auestions like this you 'll receive from me now that i reached a point where i can read the code...:) (a little better)12:20
ikksMy rsa public is not on the server12:20
ikksI changed my ssh loglevel to DEBUG312:21
yangoonikks: you could try anyway with rsa to see what happens12:21
ikksI have activated both my dsa and rsa keys.12:22
ikksdebug3 indeed gives a lot of messages :)12:22
yangoonikks: perhaps you get then an error message from the server12:22
cristi_anTimitos: look on this
cristi_anTimitos:BTW  i managed to make eclipse have code completion with tryton12:25
yangoonikks: How old are your keys?12:26
ikksdsa are rather old, years...12:27
ikksthe public pair I sent is really, really old.12:28
ikksbut the rsa, should have a month or so.12:28
ikksThis is my rsa recent key12:29
yangoonikks: for me it seems, that it tries correctly to connect, but it cannot read the private dsa key12:30
ikksThose are my ssh file perms12:31
cedkikks: do you put the right passphrase?12:31
ikkscedk yes12:32
ikksI just auth with another machine with the same key12:32
ikksand the session remains with the key12:32
yangoonikks: you can specify the key you want connect with hg in .hgrc like this: ssh=ssh -i /home/igor.../.ssh/id_rsa_tryton12:33
yangoonikks: in section [ui]12:33
yangoonikks: I would recommend to generate a new separate key and to give the new public key to cedk12:34
ikksyangoon, rsa or dsa would be better?12:34
yangoonikks: for me it works with rsa, and I prefer it anyway12:34
ikksI'm using hg1.012:35
ikksis 1.1 running on the server?12:35
yangoonikks: example: ssh-keygen -t rsa -f /home/igor/.ssh/id_rsa_tryton12:36
cedkikks: it is version 1.0.212:36
ikksMy fresh public rsa key12:39
cedkikks: applied12:39
ikkscedk, yangoon, just perfect, thanks a lot.12:40
ikksNow I have three keys, one special for tryton trans12:40
ikksI will change my old keys on servers I have access to.12:41
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ikksI succesfully cloned tryton and trytond, but for modules13:03
ikksok, I understood.13:05
ikkshg clone ssh://
ikksExplicitely clone each module, is it?13:05
cedkikks: you can edit the .hgrc of your old repo13:20
cedkikks: or modify the dev script13:20
ikkscedk thanks for the tip13:21
cedkikks: by the way did you talk with ovnicraft for the spanish translation?13:23
ikksstill haven't talked.13:24
ikksBut I guess better is to review first what others translate before pushing13:25
cedkikks: see with him if you will both push or one will collect all and push13:25
ikksI'm planning to collect on intuxication, review and push13:25
ikksIn fact, I have given permissions some time ago on intuxication13:26
cristi_ancedk only if you have time (do we use twisted or the other solution described by that guy)
ikkscristi_an, the approximation that cedk has offered looks better13:28
cedkcristi_an: no13:29
ikksthe javascript framework looks really promising, plus you'll make your users use a decent browser13:29
cristi_ancedk: we do not have any threads in client right ?13:31
cedkcristi_an: we had thread, and I don't agree with the comment13:33
cedkcristi_an: thread are made for this13:33
cristi_anin java we used it a lot without any drawback when needed....that is why i ask to have a comparsion.13:35
cristi_ana lot of guys from the python irc just say their opinion13:36
cedkcristi_an: we just use thread to display the little popup when responce from server take too long13:36
cristi_anit does not mean they are right ,that is why i asked him for some docs proving what he said...13:36
cedkit is a question of taste13:37
cristi_anback to code reading thx :)13:37
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CIA-10tryton: Timitos roundup * #702/domain validation on record creation should be improved: [new] i found this issue when creating a product. you should have account_product installed. 1. create a new product 2. on accounting tab of prod ...18:35
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cristi_ancedk: emacs has similarities with vi ?19:53
cristi_ani would like to use emacs...since want to try new things  (compared to eclipse)19:54
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