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CIA-8tryton: matb roundup * #733/Translation: model description always translated as model: [new] All model descriptions are translated, but they are all displayed as model (Modell). s. screenshots01:21
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CIA-8tryton: udono roundup * #734/IndexError: tuple index out of range: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 282, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/rep ...11:35
CIA-8tryton: udono roundup * #734/IndexError: tuple index out of range: [chatting] Trying to print a PDF version of the party_labels report makes this error11:36
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CIA-8tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1448:3c56cc637eb4 trytond/trytond/ir/ Don't strip nor replace '\n' when searching translation for issue73212:32
CIA-8tryton: ced roundup * #732/Translation: no display of translation with line breaks in src: [resolved] Fix with changeset 3c56cc637eb412:32
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CIA-8tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1449:d4e215186fd6 trytond/trytond/ (osv/ report/ wizard/ Test exception.args before using it for issue73412:41
CIA-8tryton: ced roundup * #734/IndexError: tuple index out of range: [resolved] Fix with changeset d4e215186fd612:41
CIA-8tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 250:394d2eab7a02 account_invoice/ (invoice.odt Add sequence_number on invoice tax and invoice_taxes on invoice line for issue72913:27
CIA-8tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 251:e50e74f5d702 account_invoice/CHANGELOG: Add changelog13:29
CIA-8tryton: ced roundup * #729/Invoice Report: Missing name attribute in invoice.taxes: [resolved] Fix with changeset 394d2eab7a0213:29
cedkTimitos: ping13:33
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Timitoscedk: pong14:00
cedkTimitos: is the change on invoice match your needs ?14:01
Timitoscedk: i will test now14:01
Timitoscedk: looks good. i would do it without the brackets on invoice line and with a colon instead of the  dot on invoice taxes.  but this is a  question of design and can be done with a custom report. the function is exactly what i need. thx for fast implementation!14:14
cedkTimitos: ok14:15
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udonoHi all15:13
udonoIf I what to create pdfs, I need open-office.interact?15:14
udonoIs there another way to create PDFs but clientsite?15:14
cedkudono: open in openoffice and click on export PDF15:15
udonoon gutsy the openoffice.interact makes problems I can't solve15:15
udonocedk: ok.15:15
cedkudono: but why is it needed on client side?15:16
udonocedk: because openoffice.interact doesn't work on gutsy...15:16
cedkudono: no, I mean why do you need PDF ?15:17
udonocedk: because an invoice must be "unchangable" for the user15:17
cedkudono: you can perhaps write a plugins for the client that convert on the fly the odt file into pdf15:17
cedkudono: so PDF is not the good solution, you must signed the document15:18
udonocedk: generally it works very good with openoffice.interact but not on Gutsy and even not on Gentoo (there is python-uno missing)15:19
CIA-8tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1450:784ec2844694 trytond/trytond/ir/ Fix model name translation for issue73315:19
CIA-8tryton: ced roundup * #733/Translation: model description always translated as model: [resolved] Fix with changeset 784ec284469415:19
cedkudono: on gentoo you can use openoffice-bin15:21
udonocedk: I use it, but for openoffice.interact I need python-uno. But this package is missing on gentoo15:22
cedkudono: what ?15:23
udonocedk: I like to use the serverside PDF generation with open-office headless and openoffice.interact (
cedkudono: you can perhaps ask htgoebel15:27
udonocedk: yes, but he is not avail. :-(15:27
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cedkudono: normally uno comes with openoffice-bin15:41
udonocedk: did you have it installed in your pythonpath? did a >>>import uno works for you?15:47
cedkudono: in my PYTHONPATH I have :/usr/lib/openoffice/program15:48
cedkudono: I have added in the ~/.bashrc15:49
udonocedk: ok, I will try15:49
udonocedk: how exactly do you add it?15:51
cedkudono: export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/usr/lib/openoffice/program15:52
udonoThanks. I try15:53
udonocedk: openoffice3 has problems with openoffice.interact and gutsy (ooo2.4) also... I write a bugreport to htgoebel16:28
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cristi_anwhy do no not see the graph button on the client in Administration > Models > Models17:36
cedkcristi_an: it is only in the dev branch17:36
cristi_anand dev script i assume gets it ?17:37
cedkcristi_an: if you check out the dev branch17:38
cristi_ancedk: dev script doesn't do  it automatically ?17:38
cedkcristi_an: yes17:44
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CIA-8tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1148:04116f801a1d tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/widget_search/ Set expand to True for search interger widgets18:10
CIA-8tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1149:77ef7512bd47 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/ Force to compare string with string in selection display18:10
udonoFor what is users warning?18:15
udonosrry. res.user.warning18:17
bechameludono: this allow to show warning to user, like error but it relaunch the request if the user clic ok18:24
bechameludono: like self.raise_user_warning(cursor, user, "unique_id", "warning_title")18:26
udonobechamel: hm, for what use is it?18:26
udonobechamel: I can adjust something in the preferences.18:27
udonobut there is only a text and a always radio18:27
bechameludono: it allow to tell the user: "are you sur blabla" if he clic ok then the query is called again and because the unique_id has been seen, bypass it18:28
udonobechamel: it is for bypassing constraints?18:28
bechameludono: no it's juts messages to warn user18:29
udonobechamel: ok18:29
udonobechamel: how can I test?18:29
bechameludono: put self.raise_user_warning(cursor, user, "unique_id", "warning_title") somewhere like in a wizard or a functioin called by a buttons, maybe it works also in a read() or write()18:30
cristi_antryton was sale modele may be used without the packeing stuff (this is usefull for shops that deliver stuff) but for a sale point where products are sold directly is not18:32
cristi_an /s/modele/model18:32
Timitoscristi_an: no. you need a completely different workflow for a shop. there are no modules for this need yet.18:36
bechamelcristi_an: it should not be too difficult to add a conditon on the sale order workflow that ensure that stock is available when the sale is confirmed18:36
bechamel.. and of course put it in a new module18:36
cristi_anbechamel: or a module from scratch18:36
bechamelcristi_an: sale is big18:37
cristi_anTimitos: but this current workflow is fit to what kind of bussines ?18:37
udonobechamel: Now I understand the res_user_warning. Its a nice feature. We can rewrite some warnings with this, so the user may decide if he like to see the warning again. Like "Do you realy want to quit?"18:37
bechameludono: it's for business stuff, not pure ui. for exemple, something like "This invoice is more than 10000€ are you sur you want to confirm it ?"18:39
Timitoscristi_an: i would say for trading companies that deliver their products to the customer18:39
cristi_ani see18:39
udonobechamel: ok18:39
cristi_anwhich module contasins the stock ?18:39
cristi_aninventory ?18:40
Timitoscristi_an: what you need it a solution for point of sale i think18:40
cristi_anTimitos: you are right18:40
Timitoscristi_an: there is a stock module18:40
bechamelcristi_an, Timitos: yes the current behaviour is ok for b2b not for b2c18:40
cristi_anpfff...i just realized that18:41
bechamelcristi_an: btw for a small shop you don't need to ensure the product availability before selling it, because when you create the sale order the customer has already the product in his hands18:42
cristi_anbechamel: well kind of18:43
cristi_anbechamel: because the requirement are to know the stock size in real time18:43
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bechamelcristi_an: for this you need to create outgoing packings, not sales18:44
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cristi_anso new modules are needed right ?18:46
cedkcristi_an: why? If you sale product you always need a packing18:47
Timitoscristi_an: yes you need a new module for handling point of sales. but you can use the existing stock modules i think.18:52
bechamelcristi_an: maybe what you need is that the sale automatically confirm the associated packing when confirmed18:53
CIA-8tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 368:f04729b4fb91 account/TODO: Add todo18:53
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cristi_anbechamel: that may be an ideea19:12
cristi_anor a workaround19:12
cristi_ancedk: you do not need a packing19:12
cristi_animages this: i have a warehose and i do sale directly to customers ro when the customer comes he says : i want 3 product x 5 product y etc...then an invoice is made ,the stock is discared and he pays and get his products19:14
cristi_anno packing ,notthing more is needed in this scenario19:15
yangooncristi_an: you always need an actualization of stocks, packing is an overall term19:18
yangoonI am not so happy with it, too. Therefore I am currently working on a paper to get a clearer notion of the purpose.19:19
yangoonI will present it, if it is reviewed.19:20
cristi_anyangoon: gr819:20
cristi_anyangoon: in english ?19:20
cristi_anor germna ?19:20
cristi_ancool ,plz tell me when it will be ready19:20
yangoonyes for english19:20
cristi_anor you will put that on wiki /19:20
yangoonit is on the german wiki, but discussion will be on google19:21
yangoonudono: did you have a look to
yangoonudono: perhaps there is something for you?19:27
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udonocedk: how do you solve the ssh connection to the repository? did you use apache or lighthttpd or hg serve with hg-admin tools?19:38
cedkudono: no, just ssh19:40
udonocedk: with this:
cedkudono: yes19:42
udonocedk: thanks19:42
yangoon says, that it is possibel to create pdf with relatorio20:16
yangoonso why are we using openoffice.interact, if we could do directly with relatorio?20:17
yangooncedk: bechamel ?20:17
bechamelyangoon: yes but what are the source file for it ?20:22
bechamelyangoon: iirc it use ConTeXt20:23
yangoonTEXEXEC_PATH = '/usr/bin/texexec' ?20:24
bechamelyangoon: texexec is the executable for context20:24
yangoonbechamel: ok, thx20:25
yangoonbechamel: anyway, wouldn't this perhaps be better?20:25
yangoonbechamel: OOO has a lot of overhead20:25
yangoonone time started the server persists all the time20:26
bechamelfor devs maybe (but even if i like tex is not the case for everyone), for users i don't think20:26
bechamelyangoon: and once started, opening a document is much faster :)20:28
yangoonbechamel: ok, I think I didn't understand yet very well the report generation20:29
bechamelyangoon: but anyway there is place for several templates, and the template part is much easier than the python fetching and agregating data20:29
yangoonbechamel: I just had the impression that with relatorio you could create either odf or pdf from the same objects20:30
yangoonbechamel: so one had to provide a tex template to use it for pdf generation?20:31
bechamelyangoon: yes, relatorio job is just templating there is no convertion of the format20:33
yangoonbechamel: ok, I see, thx20:33
bechamelyangoon: but i don't if context is available on windows20:34
udonobechamel: context need to run serverside20:36
yangoonudono: yes, just wanted to say that;)20:37
bechameludono: yes of course, but we claim that tryton works on windows, so at least we must choose compatible tools20:37
udonobechamel: but latex is usable on Windows without problems. I used long time Miktex20:41
udonobut anyway, I don't like the wygiwym anylonger20:41
yangoonudono: they say Miktex is broken20:41
bechameludono: i wrote a lot of stuff in latex too, but i find context more straightforward20:42
bechamelin latex i lost a lot of time searching for  the right packages and to wonder on some error because some package weren't imported in the 'right' order. in context it's battery included and globaly more clean20:44
yangoonbechamel: the difference between if and when in relatorio templates seems only to be, that you can use otherwise for when20:45
yangoonbechamel: correct?20:45
bechamelyangoon: i don't understand20:45
yangoonbechamel: basically the if and when clauses in the directives do the same, I see no difference, just another syntax20:46
yangoonbechamel: and the possibility to use otherwise in when clauses20:46
bechamelyangoon: i think the difference is that there is no "else"20:54
yangoonbechamel: yes, that's what I also wanted to say20:55
bechamelyangoon: so you can do "choose when when when ../choose" but not "if elif elif /if"20:56
bechamelyangoon: ;)20:56
yangoonbechamel: if is a shorter syntax for only one when20:57
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yangoonbechamel: you could just do if /if if /if if /if to do the same20:58
yangoonbechamel: if you don't have elif20:58
bechamelyangoon: yes but the behaviour is slightly different20:58
CIA-8tryton: Timitos roundup * #728/order_field for party seems not to work: [chatting] what does 'latest party' mean. i cannot identify what way the parties are sorted. they are definitly not sorted by record id, definitly ...21:28
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vengfulsquirrelOnce a Sale is confirmed and an Invoice is created with state=Draft what is the next step ?22:37
Timitosvengfulsquirrel: packing in stock module22:39
vengfulsquirrelOkay so once the packing is completed then can payment be accepted for the invoice ?22:40
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Timitosvengfulsquirrel: you need to open the invoice22:42
vengfulsquirrelNo period defined for this date! -- What does that mean ?22:43
Timitosvengfulsquirrel: you need to create a fiscal year22:45
vengfulsquirrelTimitos: Okay thanks for the help, I don't know much about accounting.22:51
Timitosvengfulsquirrel: np22:51
vengfulsquirrelWhat does it mean to "Assign" a packing ?23:34
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: it's a reservetion of products, this means that product are still on the shelves but no other packing can assing them (except if forced)23:39
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vengfulsquirrelbechamel: So when I click Assign on a Customer Packing Waiting Assignation should something visually happen?23:53
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