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CIA-51tryton: cristi roundup * #751/ValueError: list.index(x): x not in list: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "tryton\gui\window\view_form\view\form_gtk\one2many.pyc", line 502, in switch_view File "tryton\ ...09:10
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CIA-51tryton: ced roundup * #751/ValueError: list.index(x): x not in list: [resolved] Duplicated issue75014:22
CIA-51tryton: ced roundup * #749/Website: distribution packages: [resolved] 1) There is not yet official packages for Debian 2) easy_install works for any platform 3) last link is just to simplify the demo download14:25
CIA-51tryton: ced roundup * #490/roundup: not possible to hide own queries: [resolved] I check the roundup configuration and you can edit (delete) only the query on which you are the creator.14:32
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CIA-51tryton: matb roundup * #490/roundup: not possible to hide own queries: [chatting] Who do you think is creator of query e in roundup_query_en.png? ;-)15:03
CIA-51tryton: ced roundup * #490/roundup: not possible to hide own queries: [resolved] I don't know as it seems it doesn't exist anymore.15:07
CIA-51tryton: matb roundup * #490/roundup: not possible to hide own queries: [chatting] I still have it, and it was just a test query to test for the deletion of queries, as I am not able to delete another query (erledigt a ...15:40
CIA-51tryton: matb roundup * #749/Website: distribution packages: [chatting] > 1) There is not yet official packages for Debian That is why there is written soon to come. And there are packages for Fedora + RHEL/ ...16:04
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CIA-51tryton: admin roundup * #490/roundup: not possible to hide own queries: [resolved] Must be fixed now. It was queries that was deleted by stay in the history.16:28
CIA-51tryton: ced roundup * #743/Updated client translation for fr_FR: [resolved] Now, there is ssh access.16:30
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cristi_anfrom a linux is possible to generate the exe client ?17:17
cristi_anor is necessary to have a window environment for doing that17:18
cedkcristi_an: you need a win32 python installation17:20
CIA-51tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1163:d921087d437f tryton/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Improve logging options and add some more logging in rpc for issue36517:21
CIA-51tryton: ced roundup * #365/starting the client with --log= seems not to work in many cases: [resolved] Fix with changeset d921087d437f17:21
CIA-51tryton: ced roundup * #742/stock.packing.out: list_price for inventory_moves?: I really think that the list_price is the right value. - it is the price for a product that is added to the packing.out during packing. So for lin ...17:35
CIA-51tryton: ced roundup * #653/Product replacement: [chatting] I don't understand well. You talk about assembly, so this is a production? Or do you just want to have the possibility: If you search ...17:46
CIA-51tryton: ced roundup * #652/automatic updates of prices in the price lists.: [chatting] This depends of the format of the file you want to import. It is possible to create a module with just a wizard to process your file. I ...17:51
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cristi_ancedk: but having that on linux is possible19:08
cedkcristi_an: I don't think19:10
cristi_ancedk: so you have all client developer environment on windows as well19:27
cristi_ancedk: what libraies ,mdules from server side are linux dependent ?19:27
cristi_ani would really love to create an exe for server19:27
cristi_anso i can do development from windows19:27
cedkcristi_an: you don't need an exe for windows to make development19:28
cedkcristi_an: just install python and modules19:28
cristi_ani know....imy phrase was wrong :)19:28
cristi_ani want to build that exe19:29
cristi_ancedk: so then i need to have all dependent modules installed right ? so then i can odo development in windows19:29
cedkcristi_an: yes19:29
cristi_ancedk: my worries are that you did not sugested to build the server under windows ,soem unstale fears ?19:30
cedkcristi_an: yes, windows doesn't seem to be a good platform for server19:31
cristi_ancedk: tryton and opern erp sale modules ,accountig ones are quote similar ?19:35
cristi_ancedk: i thought to buy that dam book cause otherwise is hard.19:35
cedkcristi_an: from far, they looks the same :-)19:36
cedkcristi_an: I don't know if the book will actualy help you19:36
cedkI didn't yet see the post of carlospm19:43
cedkthat is exactly "why Tryton"19:43
carloscedk: hi there, I wrote that post19:55
cedkcarlos: hi19:55
cedkcarlos: and do you think it can help cristian?20:00
carlosI didn't use tryton yet, I'm still working on the chart of accounts and then, start using it20:01
carloshowever, I think you said the workflows are more or less the same20:01
carlosif that's true, the book would be helpful, yes20:01
cedkcarlos: yes, it is based on the same vision20:01
carloswell, if he's able to map the differences20:02
carloslike Parties, menu changes/renames, etc20:02
carloscedk: btw, we are talking with a university department to see whether we could get an agreement to develop the project management module for Tryton. We will help them, but most of the development would be done by them, so we are still 'talking' about using Tryton as the base20:03
carlosYou said that what you have is just a prototype, right?20:03
carlosso no one is working right now on it20:04
cedkcarlos: yes20:04
carlosok, let's see whether they like the idea and we can move it from a prototype to something that works :-)20:05
cedkcarlos: but I think it is a good base20:05
carlossure, I'm not talking about trashing it, but if it's just a matter of getting it and see what could be done starting from it20:05
carlosjust to know whether we should coordinate with someone else or just write a design document like the MRP one20:06
Timitoscarlos: as i said earlier i would be interested to take part in planning such a project module as we need something like this.20:06
cedkcarlos: the best place is the wiki20:07
carlosTimitos: ok, I will let you know whether they accept Tryton so we could coordinate with the initial design and the development20:08
carloscedk: yeah, that's the plan20:08
Timitoscarlos: great20:08
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carlosTimitos: btw, How would you get involved? design, development, testing, all ?20:20
Timitoscarlos: for me would be all three options interesting. but if development is perhaps not wanted, design and testing would be great20:22
carlosTimitos: For me, any kind of help is welcome, even for development20:23
carlosbut given that we are not going to be the main developers, I cannot tell you what will be open20:24
carloshowever, I think development will be open too20:24
Timitoscarlos: so lets see how i can help. first of all we need a good concept.20:24
carlosFrom the inital list of requirements they want20:24
carlosthey have a really good concept of project management software20:25
carloshowever, I doubt the initial version will have all those requirements20:25
carlosbut I will try to involve you as soon as possible in the design cycle20:25
carlosbtw, having you around will be also a good argument for using Tryton ;-)20:26
Timitoscarlos: for me the possibility of invoicing tasks or hours is very important.20:26
Timitoscarlos: :-)20:26
carlosgiven that would be two companies and the university working on it, not just them and my company20:26
Timitoscarlos: this is possible yes.20:26
Timitosthere are still needs for project management software that cannot be solved with existing solutions. so if we succeed to create something better this can be a valuable investment i think.20:28
carlosTimitos: that's an automatic translation from Spanish20:28
carlosTimitos: that's a small summary of the functionalities they need/want20:29
Timitoscarlos: great. i will read this tomorrow as i will leave now.20:29
carlosTimitos: bye20:30
carlosACTION is soooo bored of dumping the Spanish chart of accounts to the Tryton format....20:34
yangooncedk: comments/notes on purchase/sale lines now are really great!21:01
yangooncedk: did you omit the change for account_invoice for a special reason?21:02
cedkyangoon: there is not comment/note on invoice line21:06
yangooncedk: comment yes, but no note21:07
yangooncedk: my question was: are there any special reasons to have other behaviour of lines in invoice lines than on purchase/sale?21:09
yangooncedk: otherwise I would prefer to have the same behaviour everywhere21:09
yangooncedk: so if it just a matter of porting the patch to account_invoice, I naturally can do it21:10
yangooncedk: if there are other reasons not to do so, please let me know21:11
CIA-51tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 214:ac0de5eb8b56 purchase/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE21:32
CIA-51tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 108:a531c25f1557 sale/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE21:32
cedkyangoon: I don't think there is a reason21:35
yangooncedk: ok, should I port your patch(es) or do you want to do it yourself?21:37
cedkyangoon: you can do it21:37
yangooncedk: ok21:37

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