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2009-01-27 00:31 <vengfulsquirrel> Can child companies be used to model different storefronts, ie. where different sale orders are made ?
2009-01-27 00:32 <cedk_> vengfulsquirrel: company is for company
2009-01-27 00:32 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: what do you want to handle?
2009-01-27 00:33 <vengfulsquirrel> How to tell that a sale is made on our website versus an in-store sale.
2009-01-27 00:34 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: for which purpose?
2009-01-27 00:35 <vengfulsquirrel> Well I guess for reporting, but the pricing is also different that is a little more complicated though.
2009-01-27 00:35 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: so what do you want?
2009-01-27 00:37 <vengfulsquirrel> A way to tell which store made the sale... I can just tell by using a dummy address I guess I thought maybe there was something I was missing.
2009-01-27 00:38 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: if it is just for information, just create a boolean field on the sale order
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2009-01-27 00:43 <vengfulsquirrel> cedk: Okay I could do that, thanks.
2009-01-27 00:45 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: you must understand that we don't put this kind of field because we want to have just a simple interface and so you must custom it to fit your needs
2009-01-27 00:46 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: and if you need different sale_price, you must override the function get_sale_price on product.product
2009-01-27 00:46 <vengfulsquirrel> cedk: Oh yeah I know, but I think having multiple storefronts for a single warehouse might be kind of common, especially multiple sets of pricing. I'm not sure if that should be within this system though.
2009-01-27 00:46 <CIA-8> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1493:08568555f474 trytond/trytond/osv/ Disable by default sort on One2Many fields
2009-01-27 00:48 <vengfulsquirrel> So yeah maybe if I made as seperate Store entity and it had a list of StoreProducts each with the product and price then I could add Store to a Sale and override that price function and all my problems would be solved.
2009-01-27 00:49 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: yes if you want to work like that
2009-01-27 00:49 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: there is many way to get product price
2009-01-27 00:50 <vengfulsquirrel> You mean within Tryton or just in general ?
2009-01-27 00:50 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: perhaps the revert will be better, you put a one2many on product (like for supplier price)
2009-01-27 00:50 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: in general, that is why we have not a default way
2009-01-27 00:51 <cedk> and we choose the option of writing modules to fix it
2009-01-27 00:51 <vengfulsquirrel> Yeah that sounds fine I was just checking, I'll try to write my own module for it.
2009-01-27 00:52 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: is it for you or a customer?
2009-01-27 00:53 <vengfulsquirrel> For me
2009-01-27 00:54 <vengfulsquirrel> Sorry I have another confirmation question, Inventory can only be done one location at a time, correct?
2009-01-27 00:55 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: you mean in one form?
2009-01-27 00:55 <vengfulsquirrel> Yeah like I create a draft inventory for a single location and then count them up and then confirm it. Then I start another draft inventory for the next location, etc.
2009-01-27 00:55 <vengfulsquirrel> So if I have to take inventory and I have 1000 locations I have to make 1000 draft inventories.
2009-01-27 00:56 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: yes, but you are not mandatory to confirm the previous one before starting the next one
2009-01-27 00:56 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: yes
2009-01-27 00:57 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: but this is a lot of location
2009-01-27 00:58 <vengfulsquirrel> cedk: Okay thanks, I think I might need to extend that too to handle all locations that are children to a parent location.
2009-01-27 00:58 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: you can not, because you must give the stock quantity for one location
2009-01-27 00:58 <yangoon1> vengfulsquirrel: just curious, how do you want to handle several locations at once?
2009-01-27 00:59 <yangoon1> vengfulsquirrel: because, if they shall get the same stock, is then there really need for different locations?
2009-01-27 00:59 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: what you can do, is create an other inventory model but instead of putting the location on the model, you put it on each line
2009-01-27 01:00 <vengfulsquirrel> cedk: Yeah I was thinking something like this,
2009-01-27 01:00 <vengfulsquirrel> Its a mockup I made with a image editor I haven't done anything to extend it yet.
2009-01-27 01:02 <vengfulsquirrel> yangoon1: Yeah I only would stock stuff at the leaf locations, but the parent locations would allow for inventories to be taken over an area. I *think*.
2009-01-27 01:03 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: yes, I will put warehouse on top instead of location
2009-01-27 01:03 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: I don't know what is "Expired Product Dump"?
2009-01-27 01:04 <vengfulsquirrel> I added that for stuff that is going to be thrown away because its dead or has gone bad.
2009-01-27 01:04 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: I think you must create a new model because I don't think it is possible for now to extend the default inventory one
2009-01-27 01:04 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: but it is what ?
2009-01-27 01:05 <vengfulsquirrel> I actually already made that extension for myself, the expired product dump, its just a location I move stuff into that I am going to throw away.
2009-01-27 01:05 <vengfulsquirrel> Like damaged goods.
2009-01-27 01:05 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: and I don't think it will be possible to make inventory on parent locations, as you said
2009-01-27 01:05 <vengfulsquirrel> cedk: Yeah I don't want to do the entire warehouse though just a subset of the locations of a warehouse.
2009-01-27 01:05 <vengfulsquirrel> cedk: Why not ?
2009-01-27 01:06 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: the warehouse will be just to filter the location that you can select on the lines
2009-01-27 01:06 <vengfulsquirrel> Oh yeah but I want to filter the locations based on if they are child to the location on the inventory or not.
2009-01-27 01:06 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: because stock quantity is based on move, so you must create moves from a location to an other.
2009-01-27 01:06 <vengfulsquirrel> yeah but as long as the moves are between leaf locations that is okay right ?
2009-01-27 01:07 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: yes but you can not make it from a parent location if your parent location can not have products
2009-01-27 01:08 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: by the way, we will add an new type of location (view) like for account
2009-01-27 01:08 <vengfulsquirrel> yeah I don't want the move to be from or to the parent location I just want the parent location to filter out which locations can be placed on a line in the inventory and which locations are filled into the lines when clicking on Complete
2009-01-27 01:08 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: that will prevent to create moves on it
2009-01-27 01:09 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: ok, so it will be simplier with the type "view"
2009-01-27 01:09 <vengfulsquirrel> Yeah that sounds good
2009-01-27 01:10 <vengfulsquirrel> I'd have actually more like this B(View) - Row 1(View) - Position Top(Storage)
2009-01-27 01:10 <CIA-8> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 445:103d5ac31889 stock/TODO: Add todo
2009-01-27 01:11 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: yes
2009-01-27 01:12 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: by the way, I think I will try to create skelette of the models needed for production
2009-01-27 01:12 <cedk> I will try for this week
2009-01-27 01:12 <cedk> like that we will have somethings to talk
2009-01-27 01:13 <vengfulsquirrel> Okay you mean the file structure and stuff or the actual database model ?
2009-01-27 01:13 <vengfulsquirrel> I updated and uploaded new diagrams this weekend.
2009-01-27 01:14 <vengfulsquirrel> I don't know when you last checked it out.
2009-01-27 01:14 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: the Tryton models
2009-01-27 01:15 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: yes, but I think there is some stuff that we don't understand each others
2009-01-27 01:15 <cedk> about the configurable BOM and the phantom BOM
2009-01-27 01:16 <cedk> but I think it will be more clear with some Tryton models
2009-01-27 01:17 <cedk> so I go to sleep
2009-01-27 01:17 <cedk> bye
2009-01-27 01:18 <yangoon1> vengfulsquirrel: nice shop, that you have!
2009-01-27 01:19 <vengfulsquirrel> yangoon1: Oh the online shop ?
2009-01-27 01:19 <yangoon1> vengfulsquirrel: is it based on ezpublish?
2009-01-27 01:19 <yangoon1> vengfulsquirrel: yes
2009-01-27 01:19 <vengfulsquirrel> yangoon1: Well the cart is actually some semi-free offsite cart. The actual /shop stuff I wrote using pylons.
2009-01-27 01:20 <yangoon1> vengfulsquirrel: I think the real shop is much better, of course...;)
2009-01-27 01:21 <yangoon1> vengfulsquirrel: ok, since on the long term I need an ecommerce solution, too, for tryton
2009-01-27 01:22 <yangoon1> vengfulsquirrel: and I am just looking around, what other people are using
2009-01-27 01:22 <vengfulsquirrel> yangoon1: Yeah I don't know, ha I'm right behind you in that area
2009-01-27 01:23 <vengfulsquirrel> Our offsite cart isn't that easy to integrate with but it works most of the time
2009-01-27 01:23 <yangoon1> vengfulsquirrel: there exist already different connectors for different shops for openerp
2009-01-27 01:23 <vengfulsquirrel> I'd like something that had an actual API
2009-01-27 01:23 <vengfulsquirrel> like google checkout but without all the work
2009-01-27 01:24 <vengfulsquirrel> yangoon1: Oh yeah I'm actually trying to get my orders to go into tryton from my shop
2009-01-27 01:25 <vengfulsquirrel> Something isn't working but i think its because I'm a n00b.
2009-01-27 01:25 <yangoon1> vengfulsquirrel: you are certainly not a n00b;)
2009-01-27 01:25 <vengfulsquirrel> yangoon1: Products, inventory and pricing goes out and sales come in right ? How much is there really to connect?
2009-01-27 01:26 <vengfulsquirrel> yangoon1: Well with tryton code I'm pretty new.
2009-01-27 01:26 <yangoon1> vengfulsquirrel: categories, tax stuff
2009-01-27 01:27 <yangoon1> vengfulsquirrel: depends, if you are delivering to other countries
2009-01-27 01:29 <yangoon1> vengfulsquirrel: I cannot order in your shop, because I am not in one of your time zones;)
2009-01-27 01:29 <vengfulsquirrel> ha yeah we can't ship live plants outside the US
2009-01-27 01:29 <vengfulsquirrel> there are so many rules
2009-01-27 01:29 <vengfulsquirrel> actually a bunch of states in the US we no longer ship to either
2009-01-27 01:29 <yangoon1> of course, just joking
2009-01-27 01:30 <vengfulsquirrel> ha ughh yeah there are so many details with live plants that are a pain
2009-01-27 01:30 <vengfulsquirrel> I wish we sold rocks
2009-01-27 01:30 <yangoon1> but I would like to have some of your plants in my garden
2009-01-27 01:31 <vengfulsquirrel> ha yeah, where is your garden located?
2009-01-27 01:31 <yangoon1> but probably too cold over here for Californian plants
2009-01-27 01:31 <yangoon1> South Germany
2009-01-27 01:31 <vengfulsquirrel> Oh yeah how cold does it get and for how long ?
2009-01-27 01:32 <yangoon1> Thinleaf alder could do it, perhaps
2009-01-27 01:33 <vengfulsquirrel> Yeah California actually is very diverse climate-wise.
2009-01-27 01:33 <yangoon1> this winter we had for almost a week between -10 and -15°, up to -20°
2009-01-27 01:34 <yangoon1> but this was the one of the coldest winters, since they are archiving
2009-01-27 01:34 <vengfulsquirrel> Wow ha yeah maybe if you get each plant a jacket
2009-01-27 01:35 <yangoon1> so usually (now) we have between -5 and +5°
2009-01-27 01:36 <vengfulsquirrel> Oh wait Farenheit or Celsius ?
2009-01-27 01:36 <yangoon1> Celsius
2009-01-27 01:36 <vengfulsquirrel> ohhh
2009-01-27 01:37 <vengfulsquirrel> Sorry I was brought up using the less common Fahrenheit system.
2009-01-27 01:37 <yangoon1> yes, but if a plant is growing in Alaska or N. California, it also should grow over here
2009-01-27 01:38 <vengfulsquirrel> Yeah actually our main nursery was between 25 and 30 farenheight for a while which is below 0 celsius i think
2009-01-27 01:38 <vengfulsquirrel> The plants don't like that though at all so we have to keep a bunch of them in green houses.
2009-01-27 01:39 <vengfulsquirrel> Which is why we have so many locations, ha.
2009-01-27 01:40 <yangoon1> The cold one is San Diego?
2009-01-27 01:41 <vengfulsquirrel> No the cold one is in Santa Margarita
2009-01-27 01:41 <vengfulsquirrel> buts its not actually in that town
2009-01-27 01:42 <yangoon1> ah ok, my deep knowledge of California;)
2009-01-27 01:44 <vengfulsquirrel> ha yeah its a crazy place, I'm gotta start making modules, extend extend extend!
2009-01-27 01:45 <yangoon1> yeah, good luck
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2009-01-27 04:11 <vengfulsquirrel> X0d_of_N0d: Hey
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2009-01-27 11:38 <vengfulsquirrel> Is there a way to remove something from _sql_constraints from a seperate module?
2009-01-27 11:39 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: no and you must not do it because it will breaks the logical
2009-01-27 11:43 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: which constraint do you want to remove?
2009-01-27 11:44 <vengfulsquirrel> cedk: Well its just my own module, its not for the production thing, I was trying to remove the inventory_product_uniq constraint which I think is added in the stock module.
2009-01-27 11:45 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: but as I told you, I don't think you can customize it to work like you want
2009-01-27 11:46 <cedk> the best is to create a new inventory model
2009-01-27 11:46 <cedk> with a different name of course
2009-01-27 11:47 <vengfulsquirrel> Yeah maybe I don't understand the repercussions, it seems to almost work minus that constraint.
2009-01-27 11:48 <vengfulsquirrel> Is there a way to inherit some of the logic of the inventory model without having to rewrite the entire thing ?
2009-01-27 11:50 <cedk> I don't think
2009-01-27 11:50 <cedk> but I think it will be better to start from scratch because it is a different purpose
2009-01-27 11:50 <cedk> what about just one line for an inventory ?
2009-01-27 11:50 <cedk> instead of a form
2009-01-27 11:51 <vengfulsquirrel> What do you mean ?
2009-01-27 11:52 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: instead of having a form with lines, just have lines
2009-01-27 11:52 <vengfulsquirrel> I need that complete functionality though as well as a lot of special things in the form.
2009-01-27 11:55 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: so ok go with a form
2009-01-27 11:56 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: perhaps the best will be to integrate this change in the base module
2009-01-27 12:05 <vengfulsquirrel> Will there be any other changes with the addition of the location type "view"?
2009-01-27 12:06 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: with the "view" type, we will need to add some domains
2009-01-27 12:06 <cedk> but I think it will be possible to mix the two cases
2009-01-27 12:07 <cedk> the simple with just one location for one inventory
2009-01-27 12:07 <cedk> and the complex with location on inventory lines
2009-01-27 12:10 <vengfulsquirrel> Yeah do you think storage locations will no longer be allowed to have children ? Yeah I just repeat the one location on each line, but I only allow that to be done for locations with no children.
2009-01-27 12:11 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: no, I don't see that it must be a constraint, it is more a design of location
2009-01-27 12:12 <cedk> we must put constraint only because we need it to ensure the good run of the algorithm
2009-01-27 12:12 <cedk> but we must not put constraint just to force a kind of use
2009-01-27 12:13 <vengfulsquirrel> Yeah okay that makes sense.
2009-01-27 12:21 <vengfulsquirrel> Okay so I could use that complex version then and the view type to do mostly what I wanted.
2009-01-27 12:24 <vengfulsquirrel> I'm going to sleep though thanks for the help.
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2009-01-27 15:16 <CIA-10> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 446:56050efef132 stock/ Fix warehouse default value: use list instead of string for domain.
2009-01-27 15:16 <CIA-10> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 447:b641ef7052d0 stock/ Fix typo
2009-01-27 15:16 <CIA-10> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 448:8c9ce4ba3a44 stock/ Picking In: Improve error message, remove unused messages.
2009-01-27 15:16 <CIA-10> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 449:faa57b5da611 stock/ Guidelines
2009-01-27 15:16 <CIA-10> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 450:78b0025fbded stock/ Fix on_change: clean location and address when custome/supplier is unset.
2009-01-27 15:16 <CIA-10> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 451:fa759e47f0cd stock/ Fix: use sequence on inventory packing creation.
2009-01-27 15:16 <CIA-10> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 452:e327d105e837 stock/ ( packing.xml): Added supplier/customer return packings
2009-01-27 15:17 <CIA-10> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 453:c06e3b390a5a stock/: merge
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2009-01-27 17:11 <udono> hi all
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2009-01-27 17:13 <udono> bechamel: what was the magic for showing the mixed 0ne2many and many2many widget? I have created a many2many field and in the xml I define it as a tree like a one2many, but this doesn't work.
2009-01-27 17:14 <udono> bechamel: is there a need to use a fields.function like in inventory management > supplier packings > tab incoming moves?
2009-01-27 17:14 <bechamel> udono: the add_remove keyword on the one2many
2009-01-27 17:15 <udono> bechamel: ok, thanks
2009-01-27 17:15 <bechamel> udono: end no need for the function
2009-01-27 17:34 <CIA-10> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 454:f1cd99d6d010 stock/ ( packing.xml): Removed unused customer location on customer packing
2009-01-27 17:34 <CIA-10> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 455:2f42abf3f8bb stock/ Make readonly behaviour more consitent for packings
2009-01-27 17:40 <udono> bechamel: thanks, It works fine.
2009-01-27 17:40 <bechamel> udono: great
2009-01-27 18:15 <CIA-10> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 1494:6a2fa902f06d trytond/trytond/ Added drop_column method on table_handler class
2009-01-27 18:15 <CIA-10> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 456:68d1b209f634 stock/ Use bool to evaluate fields on readonly condition
2009-01-27 18:15 <CIA-10> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 457:adfd15c43b98 stock/ Added migration code for customer_location deletion
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2009-01-27 19:31 <panthera> the currency module lacks COPYING in the tarball (1.0.0 and 1.0.1 that is);
2009-01-27 19:31 <panthera> could someone please upload a new tarball that contains a COPYING file?
2009-01-27 19:33 <cedk> panthera: there is no COPYING file
2009-01-27 19:34 <panthera> hm?
2009-01-27 19:34 <panthera> i know that there's no COPYING file, that's what i would like you to fix.
2009-01-27 19:37 <cedk> panthera: ok, I understand, it is COPYRIGHT file
2009-01-27 19:37 <panthera> oh
2009-01-27 19:37 <panthera> i'm sorry.
2009-01-27 19:37 <panthera> COPYRIGHT it is then.
2009-01-27 19:38 <panthera> i've uploaded all tryton-* packages, except tryton-server (whcih i'll do tonight) to NEW.
2009-01-27 19:38 <panthera> will take 1 to 4 weeks until ftpmaster review licensing on it.
2009-01-27 19:39 <panthera> in the meanwhile, packages are available at
2009-01-27 19:40 <cedk> panthera: I will fix for the next release the currency module
2009-01-27 19:43 <panthera> cedk: thanks. is there an ETA for this?
2009-01-27 19:43 <cedk> panthera: not yet
2009-01-27 19:44 <panthera> cedk: i can't upload it until that's done.
2009-01-27 19:44 <cedk> panthera: but I see that you have patch it with the copyright
2009-01-27 19:45 <panthera> cedk: we have to dublicate copyright information in debian/copyright in each package.
2009-01-27 19:46 <panthera> cedk: currency module has the one from my tryton 'template'
2009-01-27 19:46 <panthera> so may not be accurate.
2009-01-27 19:46 <panthera> the problem with missing currency module is, that a couple of other modules are not installable because they are depending on it.
2009-01-27 19:46 <cedk> panthera: you can fetch it from the mercurial repository
2009-01-27 19:47 <panthera> which in turns makes tryton as a whole not installable. which in turns either makes acceptance of tryton much delayed, or rejected.
2009-01-27 19:47 <panthera> and second review takes ages if the first one was rejected.
2009-01-27 19:47 <panthera> ok, i'll check.
2009-01-27 19:48 -!- enlightx( has joined #tryton
2009-01-27 19:49 <panthera> cedk: that would be here: no?
2009-01-27 19:50 <cedk> panthera:
2009-01-27 19:50 <cedk> panthera:
2009-01-27 19:51 <cedk> I can make a new release for this module but the only change will be the two missing files
2009-01-27 19:51 <panthera> cedk: you don't need to release it just for me,
2009-01-27 19:51 <panthera> but i would need to be able to point at it in hg
2009-01-27 19:51 <panthera> so if you could make a commit that adds those two files, that's perfect for me.
2009-01-27 19:52 <cedk> panthera: there are in mercurial repo
2009-01-27 19:53 <cedk> panthera: there was only missing in the tar
2009-01-27 19:53 <panthera> ah, ok. perfect then. thanks for the patience with me.
2009-01-27 19:57 <panthera> for those who want to use the .deb packages until they hit sid: deb ./
2009-01-27 19:58 <cedk> panthera: perhaps you can post it on the google groups
2009-01-27 19:58 -!- X0d_of_N0d( has joined #tryton
2009-01-27 19:58 <panthera> cedk: i will
2009-01-27 19:59 <X0d_of_N0d> ACTION waves to udono
2009-01-27 20:00 <panthera> (when finished tryton-server package, though)
2009-01-27 20:07 <udono> ACTION waves to X0d_of_N0d
2009-01-27 20:12 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: so I've been playing with it a bit more but I'm doing something wrong
2009-01-27 20:12 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: Just check out the ldap module. Some problems I could solve...
2009-01-27 20:12 <X0d_of_N0d> I didn't check in the changes I made yesterday
2009-01-27 20:12 <vengfulsquirrel> cedk: Is someone working on that complex inventory model or should I try to submit something ?
2009-01-27 20:13 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: I added the many2many relation, but I can't seem to do anything with it
2009-01-27 20:14 <X0d_of_N0d> lemme check in my changes really quick
2009-01-27 20:14 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: Take a look to my last changeset...
2009-01-27 20:14 <X0d_of_N0d> ok
2009-01-27 20:16 -!- juanfer(n=juanfer@ has joined #tryton
2009-01-27 20:21 <X0d_of_N0d> the name should be dropped
2009-01-27 20:21 <X0d_of_N0d> hostname is the name, so we don't need name
2009-01-27 20:23 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: name on server... I guess name on resource makes some sense
2009-01-27 20:28 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: you mean dropping the name on server?
2009-01-27 20:28 <X0d_of_N0d> yeah
2009-01-27 20:28 <X0d_of_N0d> name is just an identifier, but hostname already does that
2009-01-27 20:29 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: But what if the host provides more than one LDAP connections?
2009-01-27 20:29 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: ... on different ports...
2009-01-27 20:30 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: Maybe we can use <host>:<port> as name which is filled automatically on_change host, port...
2009-01-27 20:31 <X0d_of_N0d> hum...
2009-01-27 20:32 <X0d_of_N0d> the selection area shows host and port
2009-01-27 20:33 <X0d_of_N0d> the only other option is bind
2009-01-27 20:34 <udono> selection area?
2009-01-27 20:34 <X0d_of_N0d> in resource
2009-01-27 20:36 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: localhost:389 is a unique name. There can not be another service with this name. But 'localhost' alone is not unique, because there can be different ldap services on this address on different ports...
2009-01-27 20:37 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: but the id is a unique identifier
2009-01-27 20:38 <X0d_of_N0d> so we don't need to create our own unqiue identifier
2009-01-27 20:38 <X0d_of_N0d> and id is automatically generated
2009-01-27 20:38 <X0d_of_N0d> correct?
2009-01-27 20:39 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: Id is generated everytime everywhere in tryton afaik
2009-01-27 20:40 <X0d_of_N0d> so we don't need a unique name because id is already unique. All we need is some way for the user to know what server they're choosing...
2009-01-27 20:40 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: but there is no sense to habe two equal named server connections with different preferences... isn't it?
2009-01-27 20:40 <udono> s/habe/have/
2009-01-27 20:41 <X0d_of_N0d> there could be multiple bind dns...
2009-01-27 20:41 <X0d_of_N0d> I suppose
2009-01-27 20:41 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: hmm
2009-01-27 20:42 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: But then we must use a name field because the user cannot dinstinct the different connections...
2009-01-27 20:42 <udono> or what do you think?
2009-01-27 20:45 <X0d_of_N0d> well...
2009-01-27 20:46 <X0d_of_N0d> when I go to add a server to a resource with the + button I get a list of name, host, port... if we made that host, port, bind dn
2009-01-27 20:47 <X0d_of_N0d> then the user could just select that
2009-01-27 20:52 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: what is bind dn?
2009-01-27 20:53 <X0d_of_N0d> "admin dn"
2009-01-27 20:53 <X0d_of_N0d> should be "bind dn"
2009-01-27 20:53 <X0d_of_N0d> because you can bind to the server with a dn that isn't the admin dn
2009-01-27 20:54 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: ah ok. But another time the question: Is it usefull to have the server definitions NOT unique?
2009-01-27 20:58 <X0d_of_N0d> you mean multiple server definitions that share all the same values?
2009-01-27 20:58 <X0d_of_N0d> or just share some values?
2009-01-27 20:58 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: multiple server definitions that share all the same values
2009-01-27 20:58 <X0d_of_N0d> there would be no value in that
2009-01-27 21:01 <X0d_of_N0d> but I could see a potential value in having server definitions that only differ in host, port, timeout, or bind dn
2009-01-27 21:07 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: But its ok for me, when we remove the name attribute from server... we can put it there again later when needed...
2009-01-27 21:08 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: nobody works for now on this
2009-01-27 21:08 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: sounds good
2009-01-27 21:09 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: so we use host as identification?
2009-01-27 21:10 <X0d_of_N0d> can't we use _rec_name
2009-01-27 21:10 <X0d_of_N0d> like _rec_name="host"
2009-01-27 21:10 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: Yes, this we need to use
2009-01-27 21:11 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: who change and push?
2009-01-27 21:12 <X0d_of_N0d> I'll change it
2009-01-27 21:12 <X0d_of_N0d> actually... I've got to take care of a client
2009-01-27 21:13 <X0d_of_N0d> can you fix it?
2009-01-27 21:13 <udono> ok
2009-01-27 21:15 -!- bechamel`(n=user@ has joined #tryton
2009-01-27 21:24 -!- sharkcz( has joined #tryton
2009-01-27 21:27 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: It seems that we need a name attribute... because the resource record will not be saved without a name attribute. _rec_name doesn't help...
2009-01-27 21:39 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: I was able to do it on mine
2009-01-27 21:39 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: did you reload your db?
2009-01-27 21:44 <X0d_of_N0d> ACTION looks at it
2009-01-27 21:46 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: yes, I updated and reload the database...
2009-01-27 21:49 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: I try it again with a new database...
2009-01-27 21:56 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: I made some changes and was able to save a server record
2009-01-27 22:04 -!- snowch(n=snowch@ has joined #tryton
2009-01-27 22:13 -!- snowch(n=snowch@ has left #tryton
2009-01-27 22:16 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: then just push yours
2009-01-27 22:18 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: BTW the server record is not the problem on my side, but the resource record is a problem
2009-01-27 22:27 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: ok, I've got it
2009-01-27 22:51 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: what did you have to change to fix the resource record?
2009-01-27 22:53 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: and line 34
2009-01-27 22:55 <udono> its the 'rule': No one2Many without a Many2One...
2009-01-27 23:01 <yangoon> panthera: thx for the packages! installing and running like a charm!
2009-01-27 23:03 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: cool
2009-01-27 23:04 <yangoon> panthera: btw: can you give me a hint: just wondering, why *.py files under /usr/share/python-support are not compiled, while those under /usr/lib/python2.5 are compiled
2009-01-27 23:05 <panthera> yangoon: when using python-support, it should take care about the compilation itself at installation time
2009-01-27 23:05 <panthera> yangoon: for the matching python versions.
2009-01-27 23:06 <panthera> if it doesn't do that automatically in your system, then there is either a bug in python-support, or in my packaging
2009-01-27 23:06 <panthera> i think the probability is higher for the latter :)
2009-01-27 23:06 <yangoon> panthera: I don't think so, because other packages there are not compiled as well
2009-01-27 23:07 <panthera> hmm, that's strange then. will have to look at it then.
2009-01-27 23:08 <yangoon> /python-httplib2 │/python-pygments /python-gtk2 for example
2009-01-27 23:09 <yangoon> not a single file compiled there, all under /usr/share/python-support
2009-01-27 23:10 <panthera> that's easy to find out.. mom
2009-01-27 23:12 <panthera> hmm, it appears that one needs to use python-central for what i've described above
2009-01-27 23:12 <panthera> yangoon: well, naturally those in /usr/share/ are not compiled, but whatever is in there should be
2009-01-27 23:12 <panthera> yangoon: available compiled in /usr/lib/python2.*/site-packages
2009-01-27 23:13 <panthera> python-support or python-central does that. it stores *.py somewhere in /usr/share, and bitecompiles on package installation time into /usr/lib/python2.*/site-packages.
2009-01-27 23:14 <panthera> will have a look for the next upload round.
2009-01-27 23:15 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: why is there a seperate "Server" and "New Server" view?
2009-01-27 23:15 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: good question...
2009-01-27 23:16 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: usually we use the list view as heading and the New resource as sub title...
2009-01-27 23:16 <udono> Take a look at party
2009-01-27 23:17 <udono> menu
2009-01-27 23:17 <panthera> yangoon: checked; pysupport should do it as well, but didn't do it automatically.
2009-01-27 23:17 <panthera> yangoon: so will have to adjust the pysupport call in rules, and that will be all.
2009-01-27 23:18 <X0d_of_N0d> right but "party" and "new party" lead to different views of the same interface
2009-01-27 23:19 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: "Server" and "New Server" seem to lead to different interfaces
2009-01-27 23:20 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: Oh, yes
2009-01-27 23:20 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: You are right, it is a b-tree view
2009-01-27 23:20 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: but we need just a list view
2009-01-27 23:21 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: I check this
2009-01-27 23:21 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: cool
2009-01-27 23:22 <yangoon> panthera: hm, can't find so far any package under /usr/share/python-support, that compiles to usr/lib/python2.*/site-packages
2009-01-27 23:26 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: you mind if change the fields "resource" displays?
2009-01-27 23:28 <X0d_of_N0d> udono: oh, I'd like to remove "Active" from server because there's an "Active" on resource and if someone wants to make a server inactive they can just remove it from the resrouce
2009-01-27 23:28 <panthera> yangoon: but they should, see /usr/share/doc/python-support/README
2009-01-27 23:29 <yangoon> panthera: just reading it
2009-01-27 23:32 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: Yes, you can do it, if you like. But don't forget to pull
2009-01-27 23:32 <udono> before
2009-01-27 23:33 <X0d_of_N0d> cool
2009-01-27 23:34 <yangoon> panthera: lets do an example, that we have both: mercurial-common
2009-01-27 23:34 <yangoon> panthera: it has .version and should compile for python 2.4
2009-01-27 23:35 <yangoon> panthera: I cannot find anything of mercurial-common in /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages
2009-01-27 23:35 <yangoon> panthera: do you have?
2009-01-27 23:35 <panthera> i don't have mercurial installed :)
2009-01-27 23:35 <yangoon> :D
2009-01-27 23:36 <yangoon> panthera: you should have python-gtk2?
2009-01-27 23:37 <panthera> jup
2009-01-27 23:37 <panthera> but no pyc for it. strange.
2009-01-27 23:38 <yangoon> exactly
2009-01-27 23:39 <yangoon> '/usr/share/python-support/python-gtk2/gtk-2.0/' in no place compiled
2009-01-27 23:40 <yangoon> panthera: and compiling works for thoase packages pointed to by /usr/share/python-support/*.dirs files
2009-01-27 23:41 <yangoon> panthera: hard to believe, that all those packages are wrong configured
2009-01-27 23:41 <yangoon> panthera: looks like a bug
2009-01-27 23:42 <panthera> yangoon: yeah, but according to what's written in the readme, the .dirs has not to be created manually.
2009-01-27 23:42 <panthera> a very big bug indeed.
2009-01-27 23:42 <panthera> .oO(massbugfilling in the last week before lenny release, yay!)
2009-01-27 23:42 <yangoon> panthera: I don't find the differentiation of private and public modules in the README
2009-01-27 23:43 <yangoon> panthera: oh yeah, just before the release, great
2009-01-27 23:46 <yangoon> panthera: stop, I found it
2009-01-27 23:47 <yangoon> panthera: those packages in *.dirs are private and kept under /usr/share/somepackage
2009-01-27 23:47 <yangoon> panthera: all other packages are public and compiled to /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/ !
2009-01-27 23:48 <panthera> tsk
2009-01-27 23:49 <yangoon> panthera: so no bug, seems to work...
2009-01-27 23:49 <panthera> that's creepy. it used to be in /usr/lib/python2.*
2009-01-27 23:49 <yangoon> tsk?
2009-01-27 23:49 <panthera> nat /var/lib/p-s/
2009-01-27 23:49 <panthera> s/nat/not/
2009-01-27 23:49 <yangoon> yes, little bit strange, don't understand the policy, too
2009-01-27 23:50 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: should I remove active from server?
2009-01-27 23:50 <udono> a_ctive
2009-01-27 23:51 <X0d_of_N0d> I'll get it
2009-01-27 23:51 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: ok
2009-01-27 23:52 <X0d_of_N0d> lemme just test it out really quick and i'll push it back
2009-01-27 23:52 <udono> X0d_of_N0d: yes, np

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