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cristi_anwhat app server tryton site has behind ?11:09
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bechamelcristi_an: it's only static html11:10
cristi_anso not cms.11:10
bechamelcristi_an: in a way the cms is hg:
cristi_anbechamel: :) yes11:17
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cristi_anin your countries if you transfer products from one location to other location of a firm do you have a special  official document that come with products  ?13:22
cristi_an"delivery note " ?13:23
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carloscristi_an: are both locations owned by the same firm?13:48
cristi_anbut does it matter ?13:50
cristi_anyou may send product to customers as well and you need some paper if you do not have the invoice13:50
carlosin Spain we send a paper that is like an invoice, but without prices14:01
carlosbut we usually do it only when we send it to customers14:01
carlosinside the company, it depends on each company14:01
carlosbut it's not a must14:02
carloscristi_an: well, either the paper I told you or an invoice, it depends on the company that sends it14:03
carlosI got the impresion that in your country your government has such paper as a requirement14:03
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cristi_ancarlos: yes14:12
cristi_ansince if police hold the car14:12
cristi_anit has to justify the producs14:12
carloswell, in Spain should be the same, but only for some kind of goods movements, for instance, If I move some computers with my car, I don't need anything to justify it14:16
carlosI guess if I have 10 or 20 computers, they may ask me for papers14:16
cristi_anso that paper in your country is part from accounting  ,since i dilutes stock valuation in one place (the place from where it's took)14:31
carloswell, it depends on how do you handle it14:40
carlosbut yes, it's usually integrated with the management software14:40
carloswhat we usually do is to issue an invoice with a set of those papers once per month14:41
carlosso the customer and you have a paper that says what did you send to him and what did he received and when you send the invoice, they can check whether it's correct or not, based on what you sent to them14:42
carlosACTION doesn't know the exact term in English for such paper, but OpenERP / tryton should handle it already14:43
cristi_ani see14:43
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cristi_anis the server down !!!20:46
cristi_anthe demo one ?20:47
bechamelthe website seems to be down too20:48
cristi_anwebsite ?20:48
cristi_anis up20:48
bechamelno sorry it's ok now20:48
cristi_anthe demo server is down20:48
bechamelcedk: ping20:49
cristi_ani just gave the link to some potential "customer" :)20:49
cristi_anhe told me not working...20:50
cristi_anhowever he will try this later..20:50
cristi_antommorow or even on my server if it will nto start20:50
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snowchhi irc20:54
vengfulsquirrelsnowch: hello20:59
cristi_anhi snowch20:59
udonohi snowch20:59
snowchI have a bit of time on my hands tonight, so I thought I'd catch up with tryton.  Anyone know what is happening with the refactoring?21:03
bechamelsnowch: you talk about the current refactoring ?21:04
snowchyes, I was just looking at the code again and seeing lots of cyclic dependencies like:  osv -{depends} -> orm -{depends}-> cache -{depends}-> osv21:07
bechamelsnowch: osv and orm are gonna be deleted in favor of model, modeldb, modelstorage, modelview, etc21:10
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bechamelthis will provide a more clean code and a more flexible kernel, but cyclic dependies cannot be avoided21:12
bechamelsnowch: more info
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snowchbechamel: thanks for the link - i'll check it out...21:16
snowchbechamel: that looks much cleaner.21:19
bechamelsnowch: you can see the result in the trunk repo21:21
vengfulsquirrelIs there a way to search for ids in a many 2 many ? For example if a product has a many2many relationship with features how could I find a product with features X, Y and Z?  I'd like to just join over and over(as many times as there are features to check for -1 ) on the many 2 many relationship table.21:23
snowchbechamel: one of the things I am struggling with is that loads of classes get packed into one file.  then it's difficult to identify which classes are using which imports without reading the whole file.  for example in netsvc, would there be any benefit in pulling SERVICE and LOCALSERVICE into a separate file (I know there is some data that is shared _SERVICE[], etc)?  SERVICE and LOCALSERVICE are used by many other files in the code base and keeping them in 21:31
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: it's not possible to launch a query on the m2m table (but ced think about somthing to improve this), what you can do is to loop on the product feature and do the test in python (which is ok if there are not too much features for a product). Or write an sql query but it's less clean21:33
snowchbechamel: SERVICE and LOCALSERVICE are really there to build the list of services?  If so, could they be pulled into a separate file, e.g. ServiceList and separated from the communication protocol related stuff?21:35
bechamelsnowch: services are excessively  complicated atm, the current refactoring will also improve it21:35
bechamelsnowch: and yes services will be separated from protocol21:36
snowchbechamel: that's good to hear!21:36
snowchbechamel: is the refactoring big bang or piecemeal? i.e. if I check out refactored code, will it work?21:38
bechamelsnowch: it appears clearly in the link i gave you, the only thing that is missin is some code that factorise common task for all protocols21:38
bechamelsnowch: piecemeal, the current code is working, orm is now empty but refer to new modelXX stuff, like that modules are still working, the idea is that you can checkout at any time and have a working code21:39
bechamelsnowch: but of course bugs may arise more frequently21:40
snowchbechamel: no problem.21:40
bechamelsnowch: after refactoring the only ugly code will be workflow stuff :)21:44
snowchbechamel: why?21:50
bechamelsnowch: it's not yet planned, and there are other important stuff to do21:52
snowchbechamel: does "hg clone" grab the latest code?21:56
bechamelsnowch: yes21:57
snowchbechamel: many thanks again!21:57
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CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1340:4bcca56c96d2 trytond/trytond/ir/ Force __init__ of Cacheable22:11
cedkbechamel: the demo server is working again22:14
cedkthere was a bad transplant that prevent the server to start22:15
bechamelcedk: ok22:15
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udonoI've installed songbird23:09
udonovery interesting use of mozilla23:09
udonoThey combine the full XUL Widgets and browser in one Window23:11
udonofor Linux, Windows and mac-OS23:11
bechameludono: I tried it some times ago but it was a bit slow (and btw moc: is good enough for me)23:16
bechameludono: you plan to create a new client for tryton ? ;)23:16
udonobechamel: :-)23:23
udonojust FYI23:23
bechameludono: is songbird fast enough for you ? maybe you use another player with lots of features23:24
udonoIts quite fast23:25
udonobechamel: I have 10237 'Objects' and its quite fast in sorting and filtering ( <1 sec)23:26
bechameludono: sqlite makes wonders :)23:28
udonoI think so23:29
udonoBut they have a browser included...23:30
udonoand win, linux and mac os x23:30
udonobut its more technology than we have.23:31
bechameludono: and we don't need a browse in the client :)23:35
udonobechamel: its not only browsing it is showing html, pdf, more picture types then gtk... all showing inline.23:38
udonobechamel: btw. I use moc on another machine. Its a good console player23:39
cedkudono: generaly I prefer one application that makes well one thing23:40
cedkudono: instead of one that makes every things23:40
udonofor me its just showing content on different OS23:41
udonothere are even pythonbindings for xul23:42
cedkudono: it is better to show content with the user prefered application23:44
udonocedk: yes, and its more easy to handle.23:45
udonocedk: As I told FYI23:45

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