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cristi_anon the accounting module there are handled fixed assests ?09:44
cristi_anand some formula for ,calculating amortization ?09:45
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cristi_anbechamel: have you heard of "La forme de comptabilite maitreechess" or "par registres" ?10:14
bechamelcristi_an: not at all10:17
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cristi_ancedk: have you heard of "La forme de comptabilite maitreechess" or "par registres" ?10:37
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cedkcristi_an: no10:37
cedkcristi_an: have you some links?10:52
cristi_anunfortunatelly no it is a book that i have with accounting methods from romania that has the "Sommaire" translated into french10:54
cedkcristi_an: "par registres" seems to make reference to manual accounting10:55
cedkcristi_an: be carefull that most of the time, those kind of books give trick to make accounting, not only the mandatory part10:56
cristi_ancedk: agree they confused me more !!!10:58
cristi_anbtw there are some reports theat here are a must : like a list with all moments that an account has10:59
cristi_anis this done in tryton accounting module ?10:59
cristi_an /movements10:59
cedkcristi_an: I think you talk about "General Legder"11:03
cristi_ancedk: thx11:10
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CIA-10tryton: Verify that the product id from context has a real product record13:57
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CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 116:30121f39ac6f sale/ ( sale.xml): Handle packing exceptions14:11
CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 481:c14eab85a391 stock/ Fix: removed wrong test in set_state_done for outgoing packing14:11
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bechamelcristi_an: I forgot to tell you that the demo server is back online17:13
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1518:7cba854f43f5 trytond/trytond/model/ Fix translation in copy of ModelStorage17:27
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1519:aec785ab8362 trytond/ (CHANGELOG trytond/model/ copy on ModelStorage copies one2many directly on the right record17:27
cristi_anbechamel: thx17:29
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carloscedk: Hi, are you around?21:05
pantherai'm finishing up the trython-server .debs; one thing is confusing me21:24
pantherain INSTALL you list openoffice python bindings from21:25
pantherawhereas the wiki speaks about python-uno, which is clearly not the same thing.21:25
pantheraso which one of those is the correct one?21:25
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bechamelpanthera: i think that python-uno is a dependency of openoffice-python21:34
pantherahm, ok. so i do have to package those openoffice-python stuff as well.21:46
cedkcarlos: yes21:46
cedkpanthera: openoffice stuff are optional dependency21:47
pantherai know, we have the term 'recommends' for that.21:47
cedkpanthera: where on the wiki?21:51
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carloscedk: hi21:57
carloscedk: I wonder whether you have any marketing material for Tryton21:58
cedkpanthera: ok, I think I have put a better indentation on wiki page21:58
carloswe were asked for a Tryton 'brochure' from a possible customer for something unrelated with ERP that is going for a MS based solution, but they still want to know about Tryton21:59
cedkcarlos: all we had is on the website21:59
cedkcarlos: but we can work together to provide the needs21:59
yangoonpanthera hi22:00
yangoonpanthera: which stuff did you have to pack additionally?22:00
yangoonpywebdav , vatnumber and openoffice.interact I suppose22:01
cedkthose are only recommends22:03
yangoonyes, but recommends have to be packed too, if you want to list them22:04
yangoonotherwise the package management cannot know about it22:04
cedkthis can not be made step by step22:04
yangooncedk: packaging the recommends?22:06
pantherapolicy dictates that recommends have to be self-contained in the suit you're uploading to;22:08
pantheraany package that doesn't will be rejected from new.22:08
pantherahowever, one could use suggests. they are handled more relaxed, and by default not installed automatically.22:08
carloscedk: sure, I'm talking with Timitos about this too22:12
carloscedk: I will try to provide with some ideas and share it so it can be reused22:13
cedkpanthera: I was suggering step by step to reach the distribution faster22:14
yangoonpanthera: can suggests be upgraded easily to recommends later?22:15
pantheracedk: it's a matter of half an hour more or less22:15
pantherayangoon: yep22:15
yangoonpanthera: if you can afford the time, it would be nicer to have openoffice.interact as rcommend22:16
yangoonI think it will be used usually very often22:16
yangoongreat, better to have a working print button;)22:19
CIA-10tryton: * r433 /wiki/ Better indentation for Ooo stuffs22:21
cedkyangoon: have you any issue with the print button?22:30
yangooncedk: no, not at all, was a lapse by me22:36
cedkyangoon: by the way, we will set all reports in readonly mode22:37
cedklike that it will be open by the client in readonly mode22:37
yangooncedk: why?22:37
cedkyangoon: Ooo open it faster and it prevent user to modify it by mistake22:39
cedkbut the end user will be still able to edit it by clicking on edit button22:39
yangooncedk: yes, its a reasonable default, which can easily be changed22:42
cedkwe think about a tool to modify on the fly odt files22:43
yangooncedk: the way like the openoffice editor from openerp?22:46
cedkyangoon: no22:47
cedkyangoon: just a python script22:47
cedkyangoon: the openoffice editor has limited possibilities22:48
yangoonyangoon: yes, and I don't see the real great use of it22:50
yangooncedk: but what will do the script you are planning?22:52
cedkyangoon: making simple stuff like putting the odt in readonly22:52
cedkyangoon: or change a font22:52
cedkit is for the case, of a company that has a font that must be used on every reports22:53
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cedkit is boring to open each reports and change it, even if it is just a question of minutes22:54
yangoonis it possible to replace exactly by the tag used? I think of reports with some different fonts.22:55
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carloscedk: still, having the helpers that openerp's oo editor give you to extract data from Tryton is still useful22:58
carlosso you don't need to know all the fields name22:59
cedkyangoon: I don't know, it is just a though, nothing is planned for now22:59
cedkcarlos: it doesn't work correctly because the dataset on which you doesn't give you all the possibilities23:00
cedkcarlos: and by the way, the relatorio syntax is more powerfull23:00
cedkcarlos: like the last functionnality added: loop on tables columns23:01
carloswell, I don't talk about their syntax23:01
carlosbut about functionality23:01
cedkcarlos: but functionality is linked to the syntax23:01
carlosbeing able to retrieve all product attributes in a graphical way23:02
carlosso you don't need to look for it is quite useful when you are creating a new report23:02
cedkexperiences have showed that "clicked developement" don't generate good programs23:03
carlosACTION is talking more about autocompletion than code autogeneration23:03
pantheraall depends/recommends uploaded now..23:04
cedkcarlos: in reports you don't know exactly what you have23:04
carloscedk: I never used the openERP's OO editor so I only know about the option to retrieve all attributes available23:04
pantherainitscript and adduser stuff for tryton-server left.23:04
cedkpanthera: good23:04
cedkpanthera: you can look at the init script I write for the ebuild23:05
pantherathanks, will do.23:05
cedkcarlos: I know that autocompletion can be usefull even when writing codes23:05
cedkcarlos: but it is only for starters23:06
carlosthat's true23:06
yangoonpanthera: I also just uploaded an enhanced version of the denian initscripts to the files section some days ago23:07
cedkcarlos: after it has the opposite effect :-)23:07
yangoonpanthera: if you want to have a look at them23:08
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carloscedk: well, I don't think is something bad when you are not an starter... but I agree that the effort required may not pay the users that will find it useful23:15
CIA-10tryton: * r434 /wiki/ added pyopenssl to optional deps23:18
carlosACTION -> bed23:40
carlosgood night!23:40

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