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cedkpanthera: one more recommended dependency for the server is psyco00:38
pantheracedk: good, that's already available in debian; should i recommend on this:00:53
pantheraor also on this one:00:54
cedkpanthera: python-psyco is recommended and python-psycopg is required01:02
cedkpanthera: and in fact it is python-psycopg2 that is required01:03
cedkpanthera: ping me when Tryton will reach the debian tree, we will make a news and update the website01:06
pantheracedk: i will.01:07
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juanferping ikks03:56
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udonoGedd: hi11:13
Geddudono: hi11:13
udonoGedd: we have massive problems to get relatorio work on Debian etch11:14
udonoGedd: it's the dependency to lxml11:14
Geddwhat's the problem exactly?11:14
udonoGedd: do you know about?11:14
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cedkudono: Tryton depends also on lxml?11:15
bechameludono: which debian ?11:16
kai_botechdebian etch, the current stable11:16
udonobechamel: the old age stable11:16
cedkudono: what is the error message?11:18
udonokai_botech: is searching...11:19
kai_botechi tried to install it using easy_install (easy_install lxml==1.3.6)11:21
kai_botechthen there is a error related to not finding src/lxml/etree.c ...11:22
kai_botechbut python elementree ist installed using apt-get11:23
pantheraudono: have you used the packages i uploaded?11:23
cedkkai_botech: it doesn't work to use mixed easy_install and debian packages11:24
udonopanthera: Hi, are the debianpackages ready?11:24
cedkkai_botech: because debian packages remove the distutils stuffs11:24
pantheraudono: for everything except tryton-server, yes. are currently in NEW,11:24
udonopanthera: great news11:25
pantheraudono: but in the meanwhile they are also on
pantheraudono: and *temporary* repo is at
yangoonpanthera: will they work for etch?11:25
panthera(however, the latter is of not much use until i finished tryton-server)11:25
pantherathey work on etch *iff* you backport the depends of python modules that are in lenny/sid, but not in etch.11:26
pantheraand you need a recent enough python-support (>= 0.6.something)11:26
cedkpanthera: one thing, I don't understand is how can you have modules package without the server package?11:26
udonopanthera: I think the problem is in another package... lxml11:27
pantheraudono: that's in the category '*iff* you backport the depends of python modules that are in lenny/sid, but not in etch.'11:27
pantheracedk: hm?11:27
udononicoe: Hi, do you have experience in installing relatorio on debian etch11:27
yangoonpanthera: because on etch there isn't python-pydot, so if you recommend it...11:27
cedkudono: here it is because he tries to install with easy_install and lxml has C code11:28
pantheracedk: the order on how i upload doesn't matter; new packages always get stuck in the new queue11:28
udonocedk: yes, you are right11:28
cedkpanthera: ok, because modules must depend on server11:28
udonocedk: so we need to install from debian sources?11:28
pantheracedk: where they will enter sid if a) license was reviewd and accepted b) the package all depends of it are satisfied within sid11:29
nicoeudono: No11:29
pantherayangoon: python-pydot is also in that category11:29
pantherayangoon: so? :)11:29
pantherayangoon: or am i missing the point?11:29
yangoonudono: did you look at
nicoeudono: what version of the libs used by relatorio is on debian-etch ?11:30
udononicoe python-lxml1.111:30
udononicoe: on lenny11:31
udononicoe: sorry, not lenny, etch11:32
cedkudono: it is pretty old11:32
nicoeudono: that's a quite old version I suppose relatorio is using some newer features11:32
cedkI think there is big change between version 1.x and 2.x11:32
cedkbut relatotio works with 1.3.611:34
cedkfor me11:34
cedkudono: what happen if you run it with 1.1?11:35
udonocedk: relatorio wanted to have >=1.3.6 so it starts to compile a more recent version.11:37
udonocedk: But compilation breaks with a tail of other dependencies...11:37
udonoyangoon: but maybe the backports could solve it... johbo told me that he has a working version on etch, and get lxml2.1 from a backport...11:38
pantheraudono: just curious.. is etch really that important? lenny gets released on valentines day..11:39
johboudono: i have it but do not know the source, i'm searching ;)11:39
udonopanthera: we all hope for this date...11:41
cedkudono: you copy/paste your compile error message11:43
pantheraudono: it's pretty much really certain that it will happen then.11:51
bechameludono: it seems you need to install python-dev11:59
udonobechamel: This looks good, compile log is only half long ;-)
udonobechamel: it seems there are some general build packages missing like stdlib.h etc. I stfw for this...12:03
bechameludono: yes12:03
udonomaybe libc6-dev12:04
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cedkudono: ok, it is a common issue with gcc-412:07
cedkudono: I think it is missing an include <limits.h> in lxml.etree.c12:08
cedkudono: can you try with gcc-312:08
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udonoYes, I got it12:15
udonocedk: even with gcc-412:16
cedkudono: and gcc-312:20
udonocedk: maybe, I did not try ...12:22
udono may help too12:23
udono... and (for the log) To install relatorio on Etch, there is needed: zlib1g-dev python-dev  libxslt-dev libxml-dev12:25
udonoThanks a lot for finding the path.12:26
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CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1175:ffa70984b74f tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Add grab_focus on entry_server_password field in dbrestore16:46
cedkHi, bechamel and me will be at the Fosdem if anyone is also there...16:52
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yangoonudono: just rereading this morning17:20
yangoonudono: basically you don't have to wait for the release of lenny, since it is already frozen17:20
yangoonudono: there will be very few changes until it will be published as stable17:21
yangoonudono: so if you want upgrade the server anyway, you can already do it (IMHO)17:22
cedkyangoon: I guest that he can not upgrade it17:25
udonoyangoon: This is a good information, thanks, I will change...17:28
udonocedk: wrong guess, it's a tryton vserver17:28
cedkudono: so use Gentoo :-)17:28
cedkpanthera: by the way, I see that you put a man page in the debian package?17:33
pantheracedk: yep. debian packages have to have manpages. :)17:33
panthera.oO(feel free to take it upstream and rip my name out of it.)17:33
cedkpanthera: I see just in the list file where can I find it?17:34
pantheracedk: for tryton client?17:35
cedkpanthera: every man page that you create17:35
pantheraatm, it's the only one.17:36
pantherathe server will get one too if it doesn't have already one.17:36
carlosis there a way to leave the 'invoice_tax_code' field as null for taxes definition?18:03
carlosfor example, when you need to keep track of the amount invoiced with 0% of VAT18:04
carlosthat value will be always 018:04
carlosso we don't need a tax.code.template to store it18:04
carlosbut I'm not sure whether Tryton allows you to leave that field empty18:05
bechamelcarlos: in the code the field is not required18:07
carloslet's try how it goes ;-)18:08
bechamelcarlos: but I don't know very well acounting, so I only tell you whats the code does18:10
carlosbechamel: well, if something breaks, then it's a bug because the code must require it18:11
cedkcarlos: fill an issue18:12
bechamelcedk: invoice_tax_code should be required ?18:13
carloscedk: well, I didn't say it breaks18:13
carlosI'm still writing the xml18:13
cedkbechamel: no18:14
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cedkcarlos: if you create a tax wihtout tax.code, it must work so if for you it is not, fill an issue18:28
carloscedk: it should work then, we were just wondering18:30
udonocarlos: Hi, IMHO It works, because we use it in the german chart of accounts, too.18:35
udonoOn tinyerp-user they tell, that 5.0 final comes tomorrow...18:44
cedkudono: it has been postponed so often18:45
cedkudono: I will believe it when I'll see it :-)18:51
carlosanyway, release a 5.0 version without releasing a migration script to be tested is going to be 'funny' for all people that are not paying them or their partners18:53
carloseither they do perfect code, or many installations will break for unexperience users18:54
cedkcarlos: for me, it is unbelievable to not write migration script during developpement18:55
carloswell, I'm sure they wrote it18:55
carlosbut it's not released outside Tiny18:55
cedkcarlos: I work at Tiny and I said many times that we must write migration script during developpement, it was never accepted18:56
bechamelcarlos: you are optimistic18:56
udonoACTION guess perfect coding *duck*18:56
carloscedk: really?18:56
cedkcarlos: it is one reason for Tryton18:57
carlosthings are even worse than I thought18:57
cedkcarlos: perhaps they change their mind now18:57
cedkcarlos: there was many changes after Tryton (bazaar, bugtracker, documentation, irc, ...)18:58
carloswell, the fact that they answer in their forums that people lie, instead of checking whether they did a mistake when they say that the database is broken ...18:59
carlosis not something good for them18:59
carlosat least for people outside their "circle of friends" like me19:00
carlosthe good thing is, as you pointed, that they are learning19:00
bechamelmaybe they plan to sell migration scripts ?19:01
carlosbechamel: I guess, anyway, such migration should be done by experience people, so they would sell the service anyway if they release the script19:02
carloshowever, others would be able to sell it too and that's what they want to prevent19:03
carlosor just that they don't care about migration at all19:03
cedkcarlos: second19:03
bechamelmigration is not enough funny :)19:04
udonocarlos: second is my experience, too19:04
carlosACTION likes to be optimistic :-P19:04
udonocarlos: the same was the step from 4.0.3 to 4.2..19:05
carloswe may try to do a migration script from 4.2 to Tryton19:07
udonocarlos: I heard about, that there already is something like this...19:08
carlosudono: I think cedk told me that someone started doing something like that19:08
carlosbut I didn't have time yet to look into it, having a chart of accounts is the first step :-P19:09
cedkcarlos: yes for accounting, it was gadaga19:09
udonoACTION ask himself: who wants to start with a tainted database?19:10
carlosudono: I don't plan to do a schema migration19:12
carlosbut to migrate the data from a TinyERP database to a fresh Tryton one19:12
carlosjust like a migration from OpenBravo or any other ERP19:13
udonocarlos: Sorry, but my last experiences with the accounting module and the produced moves were bad. But maybe it depends on misconfiguration and misuse. I hope for their customers, that the new openerp version has a better accounting...19:14
udonoACTION taking about 4.0.319:14
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carlosudono: hmm, I also had problems with it, but I think is more related with the Spanish chart of accounts19:15
carlosudono: basically, we closed the year with loses, and OpenERP says that we had benefits19:16
carlosudono: however, the problem is with the sign of the calculation19:16
udonocarlos: but that's a fine feature!19:16
carlosudono: indeed, if you have it in your bank account :-P19:16
udonoAnyway, we should send them a cake from Tryton for Version 5.019:17
carlosudono: yeah, that would be a good idea19:19
cedkhopefully, we don't buy it before the real day :-)19:20
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Hey for the production module(s), I know there was some design misunderstandings still, should I just start coding and pasting models until we are in agreement ?19:23
cedkvengfulsquirrel: I think before coding we must discuss about the design of models19:24
cedkvengfulsquirrel: something like the graph on Models19:28
cedkvengfulsquirrel: with the relation between models19:28
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cedkvengfulsquirrel: I said that I will do it but I had not yet time19:30
cristi_ancedk: i asked you before.19:30
cristi_ancedk: but all in one instalation19:30
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Yeah you seem pretty busy with the factoring, so you want me to make a graph ?  Which graph are you talking about ?19:30
cristi_anon windows, is that so hard to do ?19:31
cedkvengfulsquirrel: for me, I will write a little module with the model definitions and print the graph from the client19:31
cedkcristi_an: an all in one is a very bad idea19:32
cedkcristi_an: for the next version, we will make a setup.exe for the server19:32
cedkvengfulsquirrel: perhaps you could create this module on intuxication and share the access19:34
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Oh fancy I didn't know this functionality existed, so it will just print a specific module's models?19:35
cristi_ancedk: why is so bad...? open erp has like 700 downlosd each day of all in one19:35
cristi_anthat is not a number on which you say is a bad idea19:35
cristi_anhowever you know the details...19:36
cristi_anof tryton19:36
cedkvengfulsquirrel: the selected models with relation until the specify depth19:38
cedkcristi_an: who told you that?19:38
vengfulsquirrelcedk: What does depth mean ?  Like with respect to the relationships to other modules?19:39
cedkcristi_an: it is bad because it install postgresql in background, creating hide system user with every time the same password19:39
cedkcristi_an: for me, it must be considered like a security hole19:39
cristi_an"The results are quite impressive. Tiny ERP, now Open ERP, is management software that is downloaded more than any other in the world, with over 600 downloads per day. It’s available today in 18 languages and "19:40
cedkvengfulsquirrel: the reports don't care abour modules, he follow each selected models and print it and their relation (like many2one, many2many) until a specify depth19:40
cedkvengfulsquirrel: try it and you will understand19:40
cedkcristi_an: do you trust marketing stuffs?19:41
vengfulsquirrelYeah I'm missing some binaries and trying to install it now.19:41
cedkcristi_an: it is a peak value19:41
cedkcristi_an: for me, installing on windows will need 3 steps:19:44
cedk- install postgresql (optional)19:45
cedk- install the server19:45
cedk- install the client19:45
cristi_ancedk: why so if all are possible19:48
cristi_anwhy not to them once :)19:48
cristi_an ?19:48
cedkcristi_an: because postgresql need a the creation of a system user19:50
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cristi_anlast thing today ?19:51
cristi_anhow open erp does this19:52
cedkcristi_an: like I said, it create a system user with a default password19:54
cedkcristi_an: and this is bad19:54
cristi_anso ?19:54
cristi_anthat can be very easy ...deleted...after19:54
cristi_anor modifed19:55
cristi_anthe password19:55
cristi_anthe default one19:55
cedkcristi_an: this is the password: 0p3npgsvcPWD19:57
cristi_ani know since i needed19:57
cristi_anto delete databases19:57
carloswe should start doing some marketing like
cedkcristi_an: if you explain that to any good admin IT, i will never install this software20:01
cedkcristi_an: we must keep a good image and not making bad stuff just to make the same as OpenERP20:01
cedkcarlos: ok, but better than that :-)20:02
carloscedk: sure, anything better is always a good thing ;-)20:02
cedkcarlos: it looks like a joke20:04
carloswell, that's the kind of explanations for 'stupids' that people that don't know about technology like in Spain...20:05
carlosbad term... 'stupids' == dummies20:06
cedkvengfulsquirrel: do you run it?20:07
cedkcarlos: it depends with who you speak20:07
carlossure, I'm just pointing that it has some audience20:08
cedkcarlos: bechamel and me are devs so we are not the right person to produce such stuff20:09
carlosI'm also a developer, however, my partners are not20:09
carlosso I will try to get something20:09
cedkcarlos: a first step, could be a document with the features of Tryton and modules20:12
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Yeah I had to compile graphiz with gentoo so it took a while.  Looks good.  Okay yeah so that's what I was thinking I'd just start writing the models, make those graphs and put the code on intuxication.  I have no idea how to use intuxication but I'll check it out.20:12
cedkvengfulsquirrel: intuxication is simple, you will see20:12
cedkvengfulsquirrel: ok, ping me when you had something20:12
carloscedk: yeah, that's the kind of information I would like to see in the brochure I talked about20:13
carloscedk: btw, I'm 'opening' 2009 for my company in OpenERP (a fast solution while I finish testing my Tryton's chart of accounts) and I wonder how Tryton handles the invoice sequence numbers, because OpenERP keeps using the one from 2008 (it's not yet closed)20:15
cedkcarlos: one sequence per periods and invoice type20:16
cedkcarlos: but it can be the same over one fiscal year20:17
bechamelcarlos: for the folder, one should start define the form (regular a4, 3-fold a4, etc) and the intended audience (dummies vs technician) ...20:17
carloscedk: but is it done manually or automatically?20:17
carloscedk: my testing installations of Tryton have no sequences at all, I need to create all of them20:17
cedkcarlos: you must set a default one on fiscal year and the button to create periods will be this one as default20:17
carloscedk: are they supposed to be created with the chart of accounts?20:18
cedkcarlos: and by the way, you can setup the same sequence for different invoice type (it is like you want)20:18
cedkcarlos: no, their are created manualy20:18
carlosbechamel: yeah, I'm thinking on a 3-fold one for 'dummies'20:19
carloscedk: ok20:19
cedkcarlos: and once the sequence has been used, you can no more change it20:19
carloscedk: I guess it makes sense20:20
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cedkcarlos: this is a better behavior than the OpenERP, because it allow to work on different fiscal year with the fear of bad sequence20:22
carloswell, OpenERP one is a bad behaviour, we sent an invoice with the wrong number, because my partner didn't know I didn't check that part yet20:26
cedkcarlos: yes, it is not multi-user aware for this part20:26
carlosso anything to prevent that situation is welcomed20:26
cedkcarlos: we discuss with timitos and others about the best way to handle this20:28
carlosdude I wish I could start already with Tryton...20:29
carlosI'm getting this error with Tryton 1.021:46
carlos  File "build/bdist.macosx-10.3-fat/egg/genshi/template/", line 203, in load21:46
carlos    encoding=encoding)21:46
carlosTypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'basedir'21:46
carloswhat am I missing?21:47
carlosI get it everytime I try to print a report and now, when I confirmed an invoice21:47
vengfulsquirrelcarlos: maybe your version of genshi is too new22:07
carlosis it too new?22:07
carloswhat I don't understand is that I don't find any 'basedir' string on Tryton, relatorio or genshi22:08
bechamelcarlos: here I have genshi 0.5.122:13
carlosso it's not so new22:14
bechamelcarlos: and which version of relatorio have you got ?22:14
carlosACTION will play with gdb after dinner...22:14
carloslet me check...22:14
carlosI think it's latest22:15
carloseasy_install says that I have latest version22:15
vengfulsquirrelI was going off this: : basedir should now be filepath.22:15
bechamelhere relatorio version is 'trunk' :)22:16
carlosbechamel: well, I hope Tryton 1.0 doesn't depend on a development version of relatorio :-)22:17
bechamelcarlos: the last tag is 0.4.122:17
cedkcarlos: no22:17
vengfulsquirrelI am using relatorio-0.4.1-py2.5 .22:19
cedkcarlos: you must upgrade to genshi-0.5.122:20
carloslet me try...22:22
cedkcarlos: could you copy/paste all the traceback22:23
carloscedk: 0.5.1 fixed the problem22:26
cedkcarlos: I find anywhere the version 0.5.0-122:29
cedkcarlos: where did you get it?22:29
carloscedk: it's the version that comes with latest Ubuntu stable22:29
cedkcarlos: you are not on macosx?22:30
carloscedk: no, I'm not22:31
carlosfor some reason, I think I was using an egg that pdb is not able to debug22:31
carloswhich is the same reason the backtrace is showing a macos path22:32
cedkcarlos: why did you get "build/bdist.macosx-10.3-fat/egg/genshi/template/"22:32
cedkit is a build for macosx22:32
carlosI know, I was as confused as you are22:32
carloslet me try to reinstall the Ubuntu package22:33
cedkbecause for what I see from the official verion 0.5.0, it must have not issue22:33
carlosI got the 0.5.1 with easy_install after removing the Ubuntu version22:33
cedkcarlos: run without pdb22:33
carlosthe backtrace I pasted is without pdb22:34
carloshmm I think I know what's the problem...22:35
carlosfor some reason, I had a Genshi 0.4.4 egg22:36
cedkcarlos: which version of python do you have?22:36
cedkcarlos: the macosx-10.3 is for python 2.422:36
carlosbut I think the problem was that old egg22:36
carlosI have other developments using Genshi, so I guess I installed that at some point before starting with Tryton22:37
cedkit must be the reason for the fact that the line number doesn't match22:37
carloscedk: yeah22:37
cedkcarlos: ok, so I think that the dependency in relatorio are ok22:37
carlosconfirmed, that's it22:37
carlosbecause the standard Ubuntu package works (0.5.0)22:38
carlosthe problem is gone now that I removed the 0.4.4 egg22:38
carlosthanks for your help22:38
carloshmm, I'm having problems with non ascii characters and OO reports22:41
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carloscedk: is that supposed to be working by default, I'm not even able to see the euro character22:42
cedkcarlos: yes22:42
carlosthe other problems are with the chart of accounts taxes22:42
cedkcarlos: what do you print22:42
carlosan invoice22:42
carlosI didn't change any report22:42
carlosI'm using the standard ones from Tryton22:43
cedkcarlos: what do you see?22:43
carloscedk: If I copy and paste the character that is supposed to be the euro symbol I get this:  €22:47
carloswhich is the euro sign + some garbage that is not visible22:48
cedkcarlos: what is the locale of the server?22:48
carlosit's my laptop, I'm running the server and the client on it22:48
cedkcarlos: what did you get in "Currency Management>Currencies" for euro?22:48
cedkcarlos: by the way, is it an invoice openned?22:49
cedkcarlos: and if yes, is it openned before the genshi fix?22:50
carlosI get the right euro symbol22:50
carlosit's an invoice openned22:50
carlosand I was not able to open it until I fixed the genshi problem22:50
carloshowever, it was set as a proforma invoice first22:50
carlosbefore the genshi fix22:50
carloslet me create a new one22:50
carlossame problem with a new invoice22:52
cedkcarlos: could you send me the odt?22:53
carlosthe generated one?22:53
cedkcarlos: yes22:54
carlosdoes file sending work with IRC? (is long time since last time I used it :-P)22:55
cedkcarlos: I get the euro22:58
cedkcarlos: i think it must be a missing font22:58
carloswhich font is used by default?22:58
carlosThorndale AMT ?22:59
cedkcarlos: on branch 1.0, it is Thorndale AMT22:59
carlosACTION looks for it23:00
cedkcarlos: on next branches, we will use: Liberation23:00
carlosI have Liberation installed23:01
carlosbut Thorndale seems to be missing23:01
cedkcarlos: so Ooo select one that looks closed but the one it selects for you have not € symbol23:03
carloscedk: yeah, I changed the font type to Liberation23:04
carlosand I see everything ok23:04
carlosso I'm going to change the templates23:05
cedkcarlos: you can save your customize report in "Administration>User Interface>Actions>Reports"23:07
cedkcarlos: then select the report and set the new one in the "Content" field23:07
cedkcarlos: it will be stored in the database23:07
cedkcarlos: or you can write a module with the odt file and create a new entry and deactivate the default one23:08
carlosis it a new feature in Tryton or OpenERP is supposed to allow the same?23:08
cedkcarlos: oups desactivate doesn't exist in 1.023:09
cedkcarlos: the content exists in OpenERP, deactivate not23:09
carloscedk: I blame misdocumentation then, I had to change the templates in the file system directly :-P23:10
carloscedk: so with 1.2 we are able to override reports directly with a new module installation23:10
cedkcarlos: it is possible in 1.0 but not recommended23:11
cedkcarlos: because it can break translation23:11
carlosbecause you get two reports? the old and the new?23:11
cedkcarlos: yes23:12
cedkcarlos: and there is constraint on 1.023:15
carloscedk: ok23:20
carloscedk: how am I supposed to change the template?23:21
carlosI don't see a way to upload the new template23:21
carlosshould I use the attachment button?23:22
-!- ikks(n=igor@ has joined #tryton23:26
carlosI'm sooo blind...23:27
carloscedk: I found it, sorry :-P23:27
carlosenough for today23:31
carlosgood night!!!23:31
-!- ikks_(n=igor@ has joined #tryton23:35

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