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vengfulsquirrelIs there a way to use products_by_location to get a summarized count of a list of products at a warehoues?  Like a stock check ?  Or is it best to get a list of all product id/location id pairs and add them manually ?00:08
vengfulsquirrelnevermind, ackk, I was passing a flag in context instead of directly00:20
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yangoonvengfulsquirrel: hi02:26
vengfulsquirrelyangoon: hey02:26
yangoonvengfulsquirrel: I would appreciate a lot, if you could some comment to
yangoons/could/could post/02:28
yangoonvengfulsquirrel: I would like to hear the experience of native english speakers with the overall appearence of the app, especially informational or error messages.02:30
yangoonvengfulsquirrel: I have the impression, there could be done some refinement.02:31
vengfulsquirrelYeah ha I never prided myself on my ability to speak English but there are some irregularities here and there in the app.02:34
vengfulsquirrelAre you introducing Pick List, Pack List and Delivery Note as alternatives or just as examples of "Packings" ?02:35
yangoonthose are documents needed for different purposes02:36
vengfulsquirrelOh wait maybe that's this line: "The current usage of Packing List in Tryton uses and serves a part of all purposes resp. documents without serving one completely."02:36
yangoonand I think we have to decide, which one shall be the current packing list02:36
yangoonyes, exactl02:37
yangoonvengfulsquirrel: what do you think in general about the term "packing"?02:38
yangoonvengfulsquirrel: is it a current term for what it is used in tryton?02:39
vengfulsquirrelYeah I have to review it but I want to say that the word packing itself isn't bad to refer to the entire group of things but that better words could be used to describe how they are used in each case.02:39
yangoonvengfulsquirrel: so thx for your input, have to sleep now, bye02:43
vengfulsquirrelyangoon: oh yeah I'll post something this weekend after I read more about it02:43
vengfulsquirreland maybe talk to you tomorrow about it, gn02:43
yangoonvengfulsquirrel: yes, thx a lot, cu02:44
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cristi_anTimitos: do you now id the stock module13:57
cristi_anpermits to see the stocks at any date in the past13:57
cristi_anasume if i want to see how the stock looked like 2 weeks ago13:58
cristi_anand all movements that a product has in a period of time13:58
cristi_anor udono if you knoe this, anyone who know is welcome to answer13:59
Timitoscristi_an: yes you can see the stock at any date in the past14:20
cristi_annice !14:20
cristi_anfor all products ? or i have to choose one to see the quantitiy it had14:21
cristi_anthat time14:21
Timitoscristi_an: but i am not sure about the movements for a specific period. but i think this should be possible too. but perhaps for this a customization is possible14:22
Timitoscristi_an: you can test this on demo. if you click on locations in inventory management and then click on a location. there you can define the date. all products that have a stock value for this location will be displayed then14:23
cristi_ani will do that14:24
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johbodoest anybody know if there is some documentation or an example out there on the net how to customize / replace invoice.odt or other template in "the right way"?15:41
carlosjohbo: I don't think so16:13
carloshowever, I talked with cedk about it two days ago16:13
johbocarlos: thanks for the link :-)16:15
carlosyou are welcome16:16
johboI am doing my fist experiments with the templates now by simply overriding them16:16
carlosI didn't try it yet, but I saw the upload form16:18
carlosso it should work :-P16:18
johboyes, i found it - will try it later16:19
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carlosTimitos: hi, are you around?19:41
Timitoscarlos: hi19:41
carlosTimitos: hi, I'm 'fighting' with taxes and I wonder whether you know anything to cover a special case we have in Spain19:41
carloswe have a tax that is only paid by some people that is a surcharge of the regular vat tax19:42
carlosso in general, such customer tells me that he's supposed to pay such tax and all the invoices should have regular vat + an extra tax19:43
carlosthe extra tax depends on the percentage of VAT applied to the product19:44
Timitoscarlos: so the tax is computed as a percentage of the vat tax amount, right?19:45
carlosnot exactly19:45
carlos4% of vat is 0,5% extra19:46
carlos7% of vat is 1% extra19:46
carlosand 16% of vat is 4% extra19:46
carlosI guess you could represent it as a computed percentage...19:46
carloshmm... but the percentage is going to be different for each vat entry, so, no, it's not a computed percentage of the vat amount19:48
Timitoscarlos: it could be done with child taxes i think. but there is for special cases a problem19:48
carlosso I should create an child19:49
carlosbut how do I select when it's used or not?19:49
Timitoscarlos: i donĀ“t know where to start to explain. the topic is complex :-)19:49
Timitoscarlos: this is one the problems. you cannot19:50
Timitosyou cannot select whether the child should be used or not19:50
carlosI expect some code development involved19:50
carlosTimitos: so if I have an and apply it to a product19:51
Timitoscarlos: but this problem is a base problem with the way how taxes are selected for invoices19:51
carlosall its children will be applied too?19:51
Timitoscarlos: yes. right19:51
carlosok, that's a good start point19:51
Timitoswe have also cases in germany where the way to select the taxes in tryton is not very good.19:51
carlosTimitos: thanks, I'm going to investigate a bit more the code to see whether I see an easy way to implement this use case19:52
Timitoscarlos: i am thinking of a solution for this for a long time19:52
carlosbut is it also related with the party involved?19:52
carloslike the case I just explained19:52
Timitosi startet to create a prototype. its ugly code, but for testing it is working19:52
carlosTimitos: any code is welcomed, I could help improving it19:53
carlosat least trying to improve it :-P19:53
Timitoscarlos: look at
Timitoscarlos: it really needs improvement as i had not enough time to make it the right way. it was rapid prototyping19:54
Timitoscarlos: i am not sure if it is working with dev-version in the moment19:54
carlosdon't worry I will not blame you for that :-P19:54
carlosI'm still working with the stable version19:54
carlosso that shouldn't be a problem19:54
Timitosi tried to create a module that can select taxes by complex queries. like a firewall19:55
Timitosit should take the first entry which matches the case19:55
Timitoscarlos: it was an approach to create a module that can handle european vat law19:57
carlosso you are also trying to solve another problem I didn't start to look at, the intrastat selling/buying with UE VAT numbers...19:57
carlosI just saw that19:57
carlosTimitos: I'm not sure whether that's the approach you are taking, but I see this problem just like a pricelist per party but for taxes19:59
Timitoscarlos: something like this. yes. but its more complex as taxes selection dependes on many attributes of the individual case.20:00
Timitoslike: in which country is the customer, in which country is the company, where starts the delivery, where ends the delivery and so on....20:01
carlosTimitos: do you mean that you want to support Customs taxes too?20:11
Timitoscarlos: what do you mean with customs taxes?20:11
carlosor is just that vat is different in Germany depending on the country where it's delievered? (outside the intra-states vat)20:11
carlosTimitos: for instance, the taxes you pay for importing a good from China, Japan, USA, etc...20:12
Timitoscarlos: yes. i think it is possible to handle other taxes with this solution too. but this needs a good concept. i had only some ideas for now.20:13
carlosyeah, cover all thoses cases would be quite complicate20:13
carlosat least in Spain, you don't know the tax until you get the goods20:14
carlosit depends on who reviews it20:14
Timitoscarlos: something like this is already possible with my approach.20:15
Timitoscarlos: there is another advantage: you can set a tax account for every case20:15
carlosdid you discuss this with the b2ck guys?20:16
carlosgetting something like that ready for 1.2 would be wonderful20:16
Timitoscarlos: yes. they are interested in this topic. but it is not planned for 1.2. there is not enough time for that. but i hope it will come before 1.4 which is planned for autumn this year20:18
carloshmm, well, in the mean time, I guess we could live with a workaround20:19
Timitoscarlos: but you are not the only one wishing this solution. yangoon is waiting for this too. so i will try to develop this soon.20:19
Timitoscarlos: if you take a look at the tax_system module and give me some feedback it would be helpful20:20
carloscount with that20:22
carloswe should integrate that code with the UE website to validate valid UE vat numbers20:24
carlosthat would rock20:25
carlosTimitos: so you have limits on deliveries ?20:27
carlosACTION talks about del_threshold20:27
Timitoscarlos: this is a special case of european vat law. if somebody sells more than 2 million eur in a specific country in europe it has to pay vat in this specific country in special cases.20:28
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carlosTimitos: oh, I didn't know that20:29
carloscedk: hey! how's FOSDEM?20:29
cedkcarlos: very well20:40
cedkcarlos: we see the postgres talks20:40
cedkpostgres begin to be very great20:41
carlosACTION always loved postgres20:41
cedkcarlos: it was about replication20:41
cedkit will be in the next release20:41
cedkand the function will be better than what there is in Oracle20:42
carlosyeah, I read about the 8.4 replication capabilities20:42
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