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cristi_ancedk: you told me once about a shortcut13:14
cristi_anhow to add invoice lines13:14
cristi_anwithout using mouse13:14
cedkcristi_an: F313:17
cristi_anoki thx13:18
cristi_anthat is....i tried openerp invoice module13:18
cristi_anit can't be used without a mose13:19
cristi_anand when you have like 100 invoice to add,it is very hard to do that13:19
cristi_aneach time putting your habd to the mouse13:19
cristi_anand back to keyboard13:19
cedkcristi_an: yes we know because we fixed it in Tryton :-)13:21
cristi_ancedk: i am glad yyou do that13:29
cristi_anis possible to add the shotcut as text optionally ?13:29
cristi_anto the button13:29
cedkcristi_an: I don't understand13:45
udono1cedk: he means a help="Shortcut=F3" on the Buttons...13:47
cristi_anso for newbies to know...13:49
cedkcristi_an: it is in help>shortcut13:49
cristi_anso beside the new image to have the shotcut (optionaly)13:49
cristi_anlet me see13:49
cedkthis kind of shortcut are global in the all application so I don't think it is good to duplicate everywhere13:50
cristi_anok ...but a tooltip at least13:55
cedkcristi_an: those shortcut are working everywhere, so I think it will overload the interface13:57
cristi_ank...but optional13:58 me...plz people when they try and do not found something13:58
cristi_anthe just forget about that product...13:58
cristi_anvery fist impression they have to doa task from a to z13:59
cristi_anthen is a success13:59
cristi_anf3 create a new realtion14:00
cristi_anf2 open/seach a new realtion14:01
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cedkcristi_an: it is in the help14:01
cristi_ani saw it...14:01
cristi_anbut this is a description for a developer :)14:01
cedkcristi_an: you can create an issue to propose better description14:02
cristi_anyee :)14:02
cristi_ani do not want t be mean14:02
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CIA-10tryton: * r469 /wiki/ Add Gantt chart14:07
udono1Is there a good python tool to generate Tryton module skeletons around? I've seen this on Plone for creating new Products. Any suggestions welcome.14:19
cedkudono1: Tryton module is just 2 files: and __init__.py14:20
udono1cedk: :-)14:20 is just empty14:20
cedkand ~5 lines14:21
cedkudono1: but if you mean code generator...14:21
udono1cedk: yes, more like this14:21
cedkudono1: for me, code generator are always bad14:22
cedkudono1: but you can try the dia module from OpenERP, it must not be difficult to adapt it for Tryton14:28
udono1cedk: no, not RAD, more I mean a real Skeleton Module with README, INSTALL, module.xml and so on. All stuff nicely parametrized... Just a generator which first request the parameters and then build the skeleton.14:30
udono1cedk:  I know, there exist some for python, but don't know which is the best one...14:31
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CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #869/Module test: [new] Module test is not displayed in the modules view. I think it should be like res, ir, ...14:41
yangooncedk:  I cannot push to trytond/tests, could you please fix permissions14:48
CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 278:21ea20974058 account_invoice/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE15:03
CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 2:41bf4cdcd65f account_invoice_history/ Update translation for de_DE15:03
cedkyangoon: why do you want access to tests?15:04
yangooncedk: translation15:04
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #869/Module test: [resolved] It is done on purpose because it is a technical module and nobody must install it except the unittest.15:07
cedkyangoon: no need to translate this module15:07
cedkyangoon: it is only for unittest15:07
yangooncedk: I don't see the difference to module webdav, which also is only in use, if you configure webdav, but then please eliminate it from translation interface15:10
cedkyangoon: you have it because you install it15:12
yangooncedk and the difference is?15:13
cedkyangoon: you must not install it. This is why it is hidden from the interface15:14
yangooncedk yes, and the difference to webdav? I don't have to install it either, because it comes with the kernel.15:16
cedkyangoon: webdav provide functionnality15:17
yangooncedk tests not?15:17
CIA-10tryton: * r470 /wiki/ Add graph library15:17
cristi_anis there a way to differenciate customers from EU comapred to others15:40
cristi_ansince in romania if the partener is from EU there is a inverse taxation rule (i talked about)15:41
cristi_anand for some reports i need this information15:41
cristi_anlike a flag or so....15:41
Timitoscristi_an: i started a module for something like that. but it is outdated in the moment.
cristi_anok...i will take a look...15:48
Timitoscristi_an: it does not work in the moment. be careful15:48
cristi_anmaybe to have like a flag inside countries xml data15:49
cristi_anthat associates this infomation sto eu countries15:49
cristi_anit is better to have this even in party module15:49
cristi_annot as separate module...15:49
cedkyangoon: no, it is only for unittest15:50
cedkyangoon: it is used by the unittest script15:50
cedkI will make a post on the mailing-list to talk about taxes15:51
cedkthe current behavior is not enough easy to customize because it needs development of new module15:53
cristi_anso you want to avoid doing that ?15:53
cristi_anfor me is enough to add a check box EU and to handle that manually and that is extremly easy to do :)15:54
cristi_anso extednd party and add a boolean to party :)15:54
cristi_anit will solve my problems ...but if you want to do something very proffesrional i guess the program has to know from it;s xml default data if a country is eu or not no ?15:55
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cedkcristi_an: everything is not completly clear in my mind so I will post when I'll have a better vision16:06
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Timitoscristi_an: what we need is something generic. we need to analyse and create a new and better concept. it is better to think about first and than develop a generic solution.16:45
cristi_anmaybe is more about taxes then region.17:06
cristi_anyee but this is least for romania....17:08
cristi_another programs from here. just mark an invoice as inverse taxation...17:09
cristi_anmark the invoice ia the best since then is not dependent on country...assume next month some other countries come in eu (albania or croatia)17:13
cristi_anthen you do not have to do any change ...17:13
cristi_anif you mark the invoice as inverse taxation..17:14
cristi_anhowever maybe this is applied only for romania17:14
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cedkcristi_an: you inverse taxation is just a tax with two children taxes18:18
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #866/Translation: multiple models for module country: [resolved] Couldn't reproduce it in new database, neither in fixed old db18:24
cristi_ancedk: invese taxation here means: that you receive an invoice18:56
cristi_anbut you do not appliy taxes on it and you register withoput taxes18:56
cristi_anbut you have to evidence that tax in both journals18:56
cristi_anaccounting move is 4426 = 442718:57
cristi_an371 = 401 total without VAT18:58
Timitoscristi_an: you mean intra-Community acquisition?18:58
cristi_an4426=4427 Vat18:58
cristi_anintra comunity aqusition18:58
cristi_anunfortunately i do not knwo english terms for this accounts now but i wil found them18:59
cristi_anInput VAT = outputVAt :)19:00
Timitoscristi_an: this is what cedk means. you can do this with a tax with two childs. but i still need to check if this solution works as i had a problem with this last days. but i had not time to check yet19:00
cristi_anthat is the name of those two accounts19:00
cristi_ancool :)19:00
cristi_ani will be around here19:00
cristi_anwhen you have a solution plz let me know  thx a lot19:01
Timitoscristi_an: you can look on our account chart
Timitoscristi_an: there is such a tax solution defined19:02
Timitosthe tax is called: Steuerfreier innergemeinschaftlicher Erwerb mit UST-Id Nr.19:02
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cristi_anok thix19:32
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CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 3:c485b84e8cfe account_invoice_history/ ( de_DE.csv): Add translation for de_DE20:17
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CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1216:e03d8e5a2b1b tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/ Fix on_write name clash23:52
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1217:920881c768cb tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/ (6 files in 5 dirs):23:52
CIA-10tryton: Force call of on_write after action23:52
CIA-10tryton: Use a better reload behavior to group calls23:52
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1621:66099027209e trytond/trytond/ir/module/ ( module.xml): Add on_write on ir.module.module for issue81123:52
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #811/Modules: Refresh list automatically: [resolved] Fix with changeset 66099027209e23:52

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