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CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #717/Defaults for salable and puchasable on products created from invoices: [resolved] It is not a good idea because a product created on invoice is not necessary salable or purchasable.00:13
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cristi_ancedk: assuming i have like 10 clients and each of them need an update09:51
cristi_anto a certain module09:51
cristi_anhow can they do this update ?09:51
cristi_anwithout involving me ...09:51
cedkcristi_an: what do you call "update to a certain module" ?09:52
cristi_ansomething like accounting module is changed logic...because it has to calculate some taxes diferently09:52
cedkcristi_an: you must update the source code and run --update on the server09:53
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cristi_anit is like a have a new updated accounting module that has to end up on each of my customers09:55
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cristi_anthen to run --update ?09:55
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cedkcristi_an: I don't know what is your architecture09:59
cristi_ancedk: nothing the future i want to install tryton to some customers ,assume 1010:01
cristi_anamong modules installed on server side there will be acounting module , which in romania is exposed to a lot of updates10:01
cristi_andue to laws that are changing each time10:01
cristi_anso...i would like to find out a way that if i publich that updated module on my website10:02
cedkcristi_an: I don't think they change it every week10:02
cristi_annot every week10:02
cristi_anbut ...often belive me...10:02
cedkcristi_an: what is often ? once per month, per year...10:02
cristi_an1/ month10:03
cristi_anfor sure10:03
cristi_aneven if they chaneg the title of a report or so....officialy they rename it10:04
cristi_anor add a new report needed for reporting10:04
cristi_anstuff like this10:04
cedkcristi_an: one per month !!!10:05
cristi_ancheck it out on versions10:06
cristi_anand look on dates10:07
Timitosand /me thought that tax law of germany could not be beated by his complexity10:07
cristi_anthis changes are mainliy on salaries...i know you do not have a plan to do a module like that but here an erp must have taht10:08
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cedkcristi_an: I don't know because I don't understand what is those changes10:13
Timitoscristi_an: i need some more customers for this. if there is enough demand we can do this. but only if there is enough demand.10:13
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cristi_ancedk:  the ideaa was to show that updated are even more tehn 1 / month :)10:14
cristi_anvarious things...:(10:14
cristi_ani know it sucks...10:14
cristi_anbut i am not telling you bull shits10:14
cristi_anso the client has to be able to grab his module...and install it10:14
cristi_ansince i will not be able to go on each (i hope that i will have more them 10) to do the upgrade10:15
cristi_anor to connect on each server and do it10:15
cedkcristi_an: write a script that will do that for you10:16 it is possible10:21
cristi_anthat script to be executed by client10:21
cristi_ani was thinking to a action that can check a central repositiory from the client10:21
cristi_anand to update / replace the modules on demand...when a user10:22
cristi_anclcik on that10:22
cristi_andepending on current version ...10:22
cedkcristi_an: no, the client is not necessary on the same host than the server10:23
cristi_ani know but it cant push those changes or new modules to server ?10:23
cedkcristi_an: this is not a secure design10:27
cristi_ani ma sure you will face things like this...10:28
cristi_anso the customer has to be able to do the upgrade himsefl10:28
cristi_anif the module is put on some site10:28
cristi_ancommand line for a client is ....sking to much from him10:29
cedkcristi_an: I don't expect update an ERP often10:29
gadagacristi_an: why you don't create a mercurial represitory and on server side put a script that check the mercurial, update the module and restart the server?10:29
cristi_angadaga: that is something nice !10:30
cristi_angadaga: that is quite good10:32
cristi_anand it is done automatically ?10:32
cristi_anso the client does not even need to may be transparent to him10:33
cristi_ancedk: what do you thingk to gadagas solution10:34
gadagacristi_an: yes but you have a risk for restarting the server automatically10:34
gadagacristi_an: if you module have an error and you push it on the server and restart it, the server can not restart....10:35
cristi_anbut then i have to go to see ...10:36
cedkcristi_an: upgrade is always a dangerous process10:36
cedkcristi_an: you can not do it with warning the users10:36
gadagacedk: i agree10:37
cedkcristi_an: did you ever seen SAP upgrade automaticly ?10:38
cristi_anSAP nop10:39
cristi_anok..then ...but an action started from client on demand...10:40
gadagacedk: 2k3 server do that :D lol10:40
cristi_anthat call a server procedure10:40
cedkcristi_an: we will not do it in the standard version because I think it is too dangerous10:41
cristi_annow the architecture....look for modules upgrades on server side10:41
cristi_anis possible to check that also un a central repository ?10:41
cristi_anon other server10:41
cedkfor me the best is to have a script (it can be an exe) that make all the upgrade stuffs10:42
cedkin fact on Linux system, it must be the package manager job10:42
cedkon windows as there is no package manager, you must write your own10:43
cristi_anpackage manager ?10:43
cristi_anlike apt-get10:43
cedkcristi_an: yes10:45
cristi_ancedk: but using that you get latest server package...but you still nedd to run a script to update the database ...10:46
cristi_anor it is done automatically when server starts ?10:47
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cedkcristi_an: the package manager could do it for you10:48
cristi_an !10:48
cristi_anok thx for all this precious info10:49
cedkcristi_an: but as I say the simplier is to write a little python script (and convert it into exe for windows)10:56
cristi_anand that exe...will know how to download th module acees the linuz server copy new files there restart the server etc10:57
cedkcristi_an: if you write it of course10:59
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cristi_anis not rocket science11:00
cristi_anhowever there is a long way unitl i wil need that11:00
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cristi_anguyus do you know gnucash app ?17:01
cristi_ando you know by change what database it uses17:01
cristi_anby chance17:02
ikkscristi_an afaik, no db17:14
cristi_ani just discovered17:16
cristi_anflat file17:16
enlightxcristi_an: if you need to deal with gnucash, there's a openobject addon for that purpose you can customize (btw, never tried)17:17
cristi_ani see thx...just wondered about the backend it has17:20
enlightxif i remember correctly, it uses sqlite by default17:24
cristi_anjust files...17:27
cristi_ansimple files..17:28
enlightxah ok17:28
cristi_anwondered since it's size is17:28
cristi_an65 MB17:28
cristi_anit has  nice ui like tryton17:40
cristi_anguess uses GTk or somethign similar17:40
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vengfulsquirrelHave any changes been made to the left/right stuff in the week or two that would make updating it have a larger penalty than before?22:19
cedkvengfulsquirrel: not in the two last weeks22:26
cedkvengfulsquirrel: could you give more explaination on what is slowing down22:26
vengfulsquirrelWell maybe its been longer than that.  Is there a way to temporarily circumvent updating the tree while migrating?  Right now I'm just calling location_obj.create over and over.22:27
cedkvengfulsquirrel: no there is nothing implemented22:33
cedkvengfulsquirrel: but this functionnality is used for trees that will not change often22:35
cedkvengfulsquirrel: how big is your tree?22:38
vengfulsquirrelLike 1000ish I think.22:38
cedkvengfulsquirrel: and how long did it take?22:40
vengfulsquirrelWell that was taking an hour before but I'm doing the whole migration now in one script so its hard to tell what's the slowdown now.22:43
vengfulsquirrelThere are a lot of things going on so I could easily be doing something terribly wrong, ha never count that out.22:44
cedkvengfulsquirrel: you can disable to feature by patching the source and after call _rebuild_tree22:50
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