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CIA-48Timitos roundup * #1025/Translation: do not appear in ir_translation: updated07:50
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LordVanhow / where does one enter the uid tax prefix types?10:54
cedkLordVan: what do you call uid tax?10:57
LordVanust. id präfix10:58
LordVanlike ATU 23434510:58
cedkLordVan: what is the purpose of this uid?10:59
LordVanit's assigned to companies for VAT purposes11:00
LordVanin party page11:00
LordVansth about checking it with VIES11:00
LordVanis at bottom of screen11:00
LordVanbut if i enter sth it won't do a thing so i think they have to be set somewhere?11:00
cedkLordVan: ok, I undertand, you must select AT in country selection11:02
LordVanthat part is in bookkeeping tab11:02
LordVanit tells me i need current version of vatnumber11:03
LordVanthat should be a dep maybe in gentoo ebuilds?11:03
cedkLordVan: an option at least11:07
cedkLordVan: can you fill an issue11:07
LordVanon tryton.org11:07
LordVanhmm i wonder if i have a login already11:08
LordVancedk, shall i put in title that it should be dep for app-tryton/party right?11:10
cedkLordVan: yes11:11
LordVanbtw a component gentoo ebuilds would be nice11:11
CIA-48lordvan roundup * #1049/Gentoo ebuild for app-tryton/party should have dep for dev-python/vatnumber: [new] Gentoo ebuild for app-tryton/party should require vatnumber package (with local USE flag would be fine)11:11
cedkLordVan: what do you mean by compenent ?11:12
LordVanwell in bugtracker11:12
LordVancomponent: party11:12
LordVancould add gentoo ebuilds there11:12
cedkLordVan: ha ok11:14
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LordVananother thing ..12:58
LordVancustomers and clients of course already have customer/client numbers assigned .. is there a way to add them somewhere - preferrably searchable? cuz code is just increment afaik12:58
udono1LordVan: Hi, you are talking about the party code?13:12
udono1LordVan: Take a look at Administration > Sequences > Sequences, Party13:13
LordVani'll look thanks13:20
LordVanhmm i can't do it in the way i'd need it .. sucks13:22
LordVanour customer numbers are like 20<position of letter in alphabet>.<incremental 4 digit sequence>13:23
LordVanand for ppl who we buy off it starts with 30 and same pattern13:25
LordVanquite effective for searching13:25
LordVani recon that'd be difficult to implement13:27
LordVanor just make the customer number to entered manually?13:27
LordVanproblem is it is a requirement .. but if the code / customer number can be made unique but *not* sequence - ie be able to enter manually that woudl be ok13:35
carlosLordVan: What happens if you buy from and sell to the same party?13:39
LordVanthey have 2 numbers13:40
LordVanwhich is an issue i guess13:40
LordVaneach party can have a customer number and / or a supplier one13:40
LordVanthey are purpousely so that u can distinguish because they all start with 2 for customers and 3 for suppliers13:41
LordVanbut u r right 2 codes wouldn't work in current system now woudl it? ..13:41
LordVani mean i don't really care if the code is incremental or not as long as ic an store those numbers and pritn them on invoices,..13:41
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LordVani could add a field to the party model ..14:01
LordVanif it would let me but i guess that is intended?14:03
LordVanACTION pokes around to try to find out about adding extra fields to parties14:07
cedkLordVan: it can be done with a custom module14:12
cedkLordVan: you can extend any Model14:12
cedkLordVan: you can look at the module account_product, it adds some fields to product.product14:13
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LordVando i'd for example make one that extends party14:14
cedkLordVan: yes14:15
cedkLordVan: as you need a special way to store codes on party14:15
LordVani am wondering though if custom customer / supplier numbers wouldn't be good for the normal party module anyway - particularily for ppl who have pre-existing data14:15
LordVancedk, well implementing it so that it automagically will increment one for beginning letter is bit pointless imho, but uniqueness is important14:16
LordVanso i was thinking 2 optional fields14:16
LordVanwhich contain that data14:16
cedkLordVan: having to numbering for party doesn't feet well with the design of Tryton14:17
LordVancedk, well for initial import it is needed isn't it?14:19
cedkLordVan: it depends14:19
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LordVancedk, is it that unusual though that if a company is a customer and supplier to have 2 different numbers e.g. for bookkeeping,.. ?14:22
cedkLordVan: I don't see the useful14:25
cedkLordVan: in Tryton, you will type the first letter of the name of the party and it will search for you14:25
LordVancedk, i duno about it but currently that is how it works for us and customers of course know their numbers - well some of them ;)14:26
LordVanit was sth about bookkeeping with numbers 2xxx.xxxx being customers and 3xxx.xxxx suppliers14:26
LordVanduno about bookkeeping though14:26
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cedkLordVan: so if they have only one number, you can migrate the data14:28
LordVanwell they have 214:30
LordVani think in current bookkeeping each of the ones that is customer and supplier has 2 numbers14:30
LordVanalthough it's not too many of them that need 214:30
LordVanproblem is convincing bookkeeping ppl to change it - also doubt u can change it in current bookkeepign software :(14:30
LordVanalso bookkeeping person = boss's wife = my mum14:31
LordVancedk, basically if all of it including bookkeeping was migrated to tryton prolly not much of an issue i can export and merge those which have 2 and then somehow make them into 1 format .. but since i doubt they14:33
LordVan'd change bookkeeping software it is a bit of an issue..14:33
LordVani mean I have to say for finding things on paper and/or sorting having the number of the letter in the alphabet has advantages14:33
LordVanok i just got explaination14:36
LordVanit is bookkeeping internal number thing ..14:36
LordVanclass 2 customer14:36
LordVanclass 3 supplier14:36
LordVanthat y 2 / 3 at front of number14:36
LordVanthat mean anything to you?14:37
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cedkLordVan: I know that some softwares work like that but it is an old way inherited from the manual accounting15:00
LordVanprob when u try to get ppl who did it that way for 30 odd years to nto do it anymore .. ;)15:08
cedkLordVan: you simply add a checkboxes for suuplier / customer and append 2 or 3 to the code15:08
LordVananyway isn't there any way to just add 2 custom char fields to party without extending it?15:08
LordVancedk, well not exactly since the other part is letter in alphabet ie first customer starting with letter A is 2001.000115:09
LordVanthing is for now it'd be enough to be just able to print it on the invoices ..15:16
cedkLordVan: don't understand the numbering15:19
LordVan<bookkeeping code (20 customer, 33 supplier><ord(name[0]>.<%04d sequence>15:20
LordVanbetter? ;)15:20
LordVanwell not ord15:20
LordVanord(name[0])- ord('A')15:20
LordVan(assuming all r captials but u get the idea i assume)15:21
cedkLordVan: you can override the create function of and implement your own15:23
LordVanthe thing after the dot is just incrementing sequence starting at 1 . ;)15:23
LordVanstill won't solve my problem of having 2numbers ..15:23
cedkLordVan: for that you must have a two other fields that tells if it is a customer/supplier15:24
LordVanif it wasn't for the stupid 1 company having potentially a customer and supplier number it'd be fairly easy15:25
LordVancedk, but if i override i'd have problems with updated won't i?15:26
LordVani'll have to extend it and keep it working15:26
LordVanwell i guess for now i'd put that into the category it can be changed to what we want but there's no point until we are sure we really are going to use it dept ;)15:27
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carloscedk: hi, I would like to confirm a couple of things related with our conversation from last week about tax rules. Do you have some time now?16:40
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carloscedk: hi, did you see my request from this afternoon? Do you have some time to talk now?22:15
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