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CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1807:d26f0bb4f7dd trytond/trytond/tests/ ( Add unittest for Integer fields11:00
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carloscedk: ping12:04
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tapwagHello. I am thinking about switching to CentOS and was wondering if CentOS' Python 2.4.3 is sufficient for Tryton13:09
sharkcztapwag: both Python and PostgreSQL should be OK in CentOS 5, packages for tryton (no modules yet) exist in the Fedora EPEL repository13:12
tapwagsharkcz: Ah okay excellent. Thanks13:14
cedkcarlos: pong13:15
carloscedk: hi13:15
carloscedk: do you have some time to talk about tax rules on parties?13:15
carloscedk: I'm not sure whether you remember our conversation from last week13:15
cedkcarlos: yes13:15
carlosok, I just want to confirm that I'm going to do it in the right way13:16
carloscedk: I have two special cases13:16
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carlos1. Some parties need a second tax applied depending on the vat rate the product has13:17
carlosso we add an extra one, more than substitute the one assigned to the product13:18
carlos2. For parties that are members of the same company group, we need to use a different tax of the same rate, but that just stores the base amount and the tax amount in a different tax code for the tax report generation13:18
carlosFor 1. I'm planning to add a flag to Party that will reflect the fact that it needs such extra tax applied (a vat surcharge), also, at Rule.apply() I would check for such flag and depending on the tax I will return that tax and the linked surcharge tax13:21
cedkcarlos: I think it is simplier to add origin tax on tax rule lines13:23
carlosFor 2. I'm planning to do something similar, except that I'm not going to add an extra one, but to substitute it, just like it's done now.13:24
carlos What I'm not sure how to do is how to choose the corresponing tax13:24
carlosorigin tax?13:24
carloslet me check the code...13:24
cedkcarlos: it is not in the code13:24
carloscedk: so you mean that, If I add 16% VAT for a product B, add a tax rule line for the same 16% VAT tax?13:26
cedkcarlos: I don't understand13:26
carloscedk: I'm just trying to understand your suggestion13:26
cedkcarlos: I want to say adding a origin tax to the tax lines conditions13:27
carloshmm, ok, I think I got it now, however, to select the substitution in this case, I will need to add python code that will depend on the tax id in the xml code, am I correct?13:28
carlosor just take a look on rates and do the substitution based on the rate value13:29
cedkcarlos: yes, but I think it must be done in a generic way for tax rule system13:29
carloscedk: how would you see the option of adding the 'link' concept?, a kind of subgroup inside a tax group13:30
cedkcarlos: simply the adding the origin tax13:32
carlosso a tax rule line has, the group, origin and new tax?13:33
carloshaving origin tax as optional, and if it doesn't exist, the system works like it does right now13:33
carlosam I understanding you correctly?13:33
cedkcarlos: yes13:34
carlosok, last doubt, if you use origin tax, would you be able to have another rule line without an origin tax in the same tax rule ?13:35
carlosor the system should not allow a mix mode for the same group?13:36
carlosa mix model works for me, because simplifies the Spanish tax definition, however, not allowing it is also valid for me13:36
cedkcarlos: mix is ok, the lines are sorted and the system stop at the first matching13:37
carlosthat's my point, if that algorithm is going to be the same, the mix model will not be useful, given that only the one without origin will be executed (assuming that the sorting puts the null value first)13:38
carlosgroup = 'services', origin='16% VAT', substitution='16% VAT company group'13:39
carlosgroup = 'services', origin='', substitution='7% income tax'13:39
carloswith current algorithm only one will be used, right?13:40
cedkcarlos: yes but we don't care13:41
carlossure, but I need to be sure so I define it correctly. I only need that if origin != NULL, it takes preference over origin == NULL always13:42
carloscedk: I think I have enough information, thanks for your input13:43
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cedkcarlos: the apply function of tax.rule can already handle this, it is just a matter of adding field and fill it when calling apply13:46
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carloscedk: thanks for your input13:52
udono1hi all, anyone experienced in installing open-office-headless version 3.x on debian lenny?14:01
pantheraudono1: backports work fine; what's the problem you're facing?14:03
udono1panthera: in backports I have no -headless package14:04
udono1panthera: and backports tells me strange problems...14:05
pantherait appears it doesn't build -headless.., will see why14:06
udono1panthera: talking about Version 3.x ...14:07
pantherawell, the issue you're having in that paste is14:07
pantherabecause you're tryting to install 2.4 over 3.014:07
pantherathat's normal.14:07
udono1panthera: hmmm...14:07
udono1panthera: yes, I see, it seems its because of the missing 3.0 headless package...14:08
pantheraoh, i just saw.. is now
pantheraso just install and you're fine.14:09
udono1panthera: yeah, that's it. thanks a lot for support!14:11
pantherayou're welcome14:12
panthera.oO(and feel free to highlight me next time if you've got any debian related problems, i just saw your question by 'accident')14:13
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