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IvanStepaniukHi there, at our SMB we are triying to choose an accounting software. I was testing tryton and perhaps someone could help me with this; Our previous invoicing software allowed the user to add arbitrary lines to the order, wich once added to the order are automatically added to the products table. I know this can be problematic but in our every day work, it is very common to  sell things that are never going to be sold agai12:51
IvanStepaniukWe do service and manufacturing of electronic equipment. We also sell spare parts or equipment on demand, no stock, and seldomly the same part twice.12:53
cedkIvanStepaniuk: the interface allow to create product from the sale line12:55
IvanStepaniukcddk: Is there a way to avoid adding the taxes to the product? we allways have to ad VAT12:56
IvanStepaniukcddk: automatically, i mean12:56
cedkIvanStepaniuk: You can right-click on the field and "Set as default"12:57
cedkIvanStepaniuk: it will be the default value for new records12:57
IvanStepaniukcedk: I see, very usefull12:58
bechamelcedk, IvanStepaniuk: it's also possible to define products like "standart product with (non-)default VAT" which will complete automaticaly the vats's and force another description with the real product name13:00
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IvanStepaniukcedk: this speed ups the line creation. This was my main concern since it is normal to have to make the invoice with the customer waiting for you13:01
cedkor not use products13:01
IvanStepaniuk┬┐not use products?13:01
cedkIvanStepaniuk: product on sale line is not required13:02
cedkIvanStepaniuk: only if you don't use the stock module13:03
IvanStepaniukI was clicking on the product field everytime! sorry13:04
IvanStepaniukcedk: our stock is very complicated, we have things we make from 300~400 parts, I don't think the software will be usefull for us in this sense, as we normally end up with 20 assembled units13:07
cedkIvanStepaniuk: I don't speak about production but stock module can be used to make shipments13:08
IvanStepaniukcedk: thank you very much for your time, we will review tryton again, i think is our best choice13:09
cedkIvanStepaniuk: you're welcome13:12
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IvanStepaniukHi again. I have installed trytond on my test server, everything went fine except that i get a WARINING from trytond stating "Unable to import vatnumber. VAT number validation disabled". When triying to configure my company, the dropdown to select the country is empty. What is missing?19:53
cedkIvanStepaniuk: vatnumber python module19:54
IvanStepaniukcedk: thanks!, but the country list is still empty. Is because i need some other module?19:57
IvanStepaniukcedk: (the country list  for the VAT setup)19:58
cedkIvanStepaniuk: did you restart the server?19:59
IvanStepaniukthe warning message is not showing now19:59
cedkIvanStepaniuk: did you close and re-open the party view?20:01
IvanStepaniukcedk: it is showing!, I reopened the client (perhaps i left open something i shouldn't)20:02
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IvanStepaniukcedk: thanks again for your help. Installing was quite easy, The difficult part will be to learn how to use all this!! hehe20:08
IvanStepaniukcedk: I wrote my own script for init.d, but i know there is a tryton package in debian unstable, I will borrow the script from there I guess20:09
IvanStepaniukto get PDF reports, do i need to have python-uno?20:36
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IvanStepaniukI got  Exception: ('ImportError', 'No module named unohelper'), so i guess I do need the uno libs... It's a lot of dependencies though, in debian it installs things like gstreamer :(20:45
cedkIvanStepaniuk: yes, it uses Ooo to convert odt into pdf20:56
cedkIvanStepaniuk: but it is not necessary required20:57
IvanStepaniukcedk: I figured that out, but I'm not very sure about installing Ooo in the production server, Sending emails with PDF will be necesary, I will try to find another method for the conversion on the client side... tomorrow21:00
IvanStepaniukcedk: the client PCs have Ooo already, I don't think it will be a big problem21:01
IvanStepaniukcedk: bye and thanks again21:01
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cristi_ancedk: is fifo stuff available in current release ?22:32
cedkcristi_an: not yet22:34
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