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CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1831:2c7743f5346f trytond/trytond/tests/ ( Add unittest for Float fields10:43
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1832:12a3980b53bd trytond/trytond/tests/ ( Add unittest for required Integer and Float fields10:43
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CIA-48tapwag roundup * #1035/KeyError: 'res.user': I had the same error after upgrading "tryton" and "trytond" to version 1.2 using easy_install. I forgot to update the database though. After updat ...10:47
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CIA-48matb roundup * #1067/Translated error message displayed untranslated: [new] Error message: You try to bypass an access rule! (Document type: Account) is displayed untranslated, but exists in ir/de_DE.csv: error,ac ...13:42
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CIA-48Bertrand Chenal <> default * 56:bce837a61462 project/work.xml:14:46
CIA-48Improve work view:14:46
CIA-48- Move state on top14:46
CIA-48- Move comment to the first tab14:46
CIA-48Bertrand Chenal <> default * 57:6ba3aeea5597 project/ Added help on effort and total_effort14:46
CIA-48Bertrand Chenal <> default * 58:4547cc5d1bae project/ Use model method for search_parent14:46
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cristi_anTimitos: udono21:44
cristi_anhow is going with tryton in germany ?21:44
udonocristi_an: Hi21:44
cristi_angood news from there ?21:45
udonocristi_an: it is working very well on its basic level21:45
cristi_anbasic level ?21:46
udonocristi_an: yes, using only released modules.21:46
cristi_anof course21:47
udonocristi_an: how is on your side21:47
udonocristi_an: haven't read you on #tryton21:48
cristi_anwell the crisis...forced comany i work for to accept projects with tight terms21:49
cristi_anso my free very short.21:49
cristi_anbut i stay close to tryton...21:50
cristi_an"close" is too much21:50
cristi_anno new persion from Romania here ?21:55
cristi_ani gave the link to several people21:55
cristi_ansince if i can succed what you did in germany it would be easier21:55
cristi_anto gather at least 3,4 people around21:56
udonocristi_an: we have released our charts of accounts21:59
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cristi_anok but you well no22:03
udonocristi_an: of course, you can find some on intuxication. Read the google-groups...22:04
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