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KovertI can not  create the database in tryton01:18
Kovertit asked me for a password01:18
Kovertbut won ttake any of the ones I belive I have set01:18
azazelincrease the verbosity of both the server and postgres and see what they say01:30
Kovertit says wrong password01:30
Koverthow can I set it?01:30
Kovertmaybe I missed that?01:31
KovertI can not create the dtatbase01:31
azazeli know, you have said that already01:32
Kovertso is there a way to reset the postgres database password01:32
Kovertor create it in the forst place01:33
azazelwhich os are you using?01:33
Kovert9.01 kubuntu01:33
azazelso, have you stricly followed the istructions for setting up the server that are on the README.Debian file?01:35
Kovertyes and they arent very good01:35
KovertI thing the de version has the missing step but I dont speak german01:35
azazelthe instructions are in english01:36
Kovertyes the german install instructions seem to have more then the english01:36
azazeli don't see any file in german01:37
KovertI think I am missing the instructions to set the inital password for postgres01:37
Kovertthey are on the site01:37
azazelopen this file: "/usr/share/doc/tryton-server/README.Debian" and follow its instructions01:37
Kovertdont have that01:40
azazeldo you have installes tryton-server package?01:41
KovertI installled it all as pre the docs on the site01:41
azazelif you have installed it, the file should be there01:42
Kovertok it isnt01:42
azazeldunno about the docs on the site01:42
Kovertit isnt a apt pkg01:42
azazeloh, so i don't know how to help you01:42
Kovertdid not see a pkg for tryton01:42
Kovertok thanks anyway01:42
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CIA-48Timitos roundup * #1068/unable to select uom in product view: [new] i tried to creat a new product with newest changesets. when i click on search button for default_oum there is nothing shown in the selection ...11:29
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CIA-48matb roundup * #1069/Unmet dependencies, but modules are in path and registered: [new] [Sun May 31 18:48:45 2009] INFO:database:connect to "test56" [Sun May 31 18:48:48 2009] INFO:modules:ir:registering classes [Sun May 31 18:4 ...18:56
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