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azazelhi all12:02
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azazeli get an exception while trying out tryton in debian12:02
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azazel  File "/relatorio/templates/", line 237, in insert_directives12:03
azazel    self._handle_relatorio_tags(tree)12:03
azazel  File "/relatorio/templates/", line 397, in _handle_relatorio_tags12:03
azazel    parent.attrib.pop(office_valuetype, None)12:03
azazelAttributeError: 'etree._Attrib' object has no attribute 'pop'12:03
cedkazazel: this is a relatorio issue12:03
azazel i've already updated lxml python-elementtree and python-celementtree to the latest versions avaiable (in debian sid)12:04
azazelany insights?12:04
cedkazazel: which version of lxml have you?12:05
cedkazazel: and which version of relatorio?12:05
azazelpython-lxml is version 2.1.512:06
azazeland python-relatorio is version 0.5.112:06
cedkazazel: and python ?12:16
azazelcedk: 2.5.212:17
cedkazazel: I have lxml 2.1.112:20
cedkazazel: I think it is an issue with new lxml12:21
cedkazazel: I'm trying with last lxml12:21
yangooncedk: azazelI am running Debian testing with python-lxml 2.1.5-1, python-relatorio 0.5.1-1 and do not have the issue12:27
cedkazazel: i tried with lxml 2.1.5 and bo issue12:28
cedkazazel: which report are you printing?12:28
yangoonazazel: do you have only packages with apt installed or also with easy_install?12:29
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azazelcedk: yangoon, i'm trying to get a report for an invoice12:53
cedkazazel: report the issue on
cedkazazel: did you customize the invoice report?13:07
azazelcedk: ok, and no, i don't have customized it13:27
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1319:219d1614d806 tryton/ (bin/tryton tryton/ tryton/ Set environ settings into bin/tryton13:31
cedkazazel: you could point me the issue when you create it?13:35
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azazelcedk: how i can customize reports?17:28
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cedkazazel: there is 3 possibilities:18:23
cedk- edit the odt file in the module (it is bad practice)18:24
cedk- set a new odt file in the database by editing the content of "Administration>User Interface>Actions>Reports"18:25
cedk- write a module that replace the report18:25
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1320:ef9b12be61af tryton/ (bin/tryton setup-single.nsi setup.nsi Let py2exe packages the gtk dll and copy in dist_dir gtk configuration18:29
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CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1321:d69051b46a92 tryton/ Run makensis if find in PATH19:03
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