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vengfulsquirreludono: it allows me with two other additional modules to extend stock roughly like this:
vengfulsquirrelgotta run, bbl00:06
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yangooncedk: bechamel looking at the code I am unsure how domain strings should finally look: should it be a list of tuples or of strings?
cedkyangoon: in 1.3 it must be a list of tuple15:45
cedkyangoon: and tuple can be a string that will be evaluated to return a tuple15:46
yangooncedk ok, thx15:46
cedkyangoon: it is a change to allow to extend easily domains15:52
yangooncedk: IC, why does it have to be ['OR', "('company', '=', company)", ('company', '=', False)] in ?15:55
yangoonone string, one tuple?15:55
bechamelyangoon: because in "('company', '=', company)" the second company will be evaluated and replaced by the id of the company16:15
yangoonbechamel: thx a lot!16:16
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CIA-68bch roundup * #1096/Record edition in many2many widget:18:15
CIA-68[new] A record edited in a many2many widget is not saved when the parent is saved.18:15
CIA-68How to reproduce: open one party, (add a category if there is ...18:15
CIA-68C?dric Krier <> default * 344:de9457a13bf1 website/ (6 files in 5 dirs): Add fr and es groups18:37
CIA-68Timitos roundup * #1097/party_vcarddav does not work with zideone any more:19:58
CIA-68[new] i am working with pywebdav 0.9.3 and changeset 9b1ad8c73536 of party_vcarddav19:58
CIA-68this versions does not work with zideone outlook connector. ...19:58
CIA-68Timitos roundup * #1098/cannot add new contacts from evolution:20:06
CIA-68[new] i can access the carddav data with evolution.20:06
CIA-68but i cannot add new contacts.20:06
CIA-68i only get an unknown error from evolution.20:06
CIA-68this is the ou ...20:06
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