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Koverti have installed tryton but i am having issues creating the database01:28
Kovertit is going me user auth errors01:29
Koverti created a database in mysqladmin01:29
Kovertmade my self a user01:30
Kovertand I belive game my self all rights01:30
Kovertno module named yaml?01:34
Kovertfixed that still no auth01:44
bechamelKovert: tryton works with postgresql not mysql01:44
Kovertforgot that01:46
Kovertwhats the admin for that?01:46
bechamelKovert: I don't know, I always use the command line01:48
bechamelKovert: you can try "createuser the_user_that_run_tryton"01:49
Kovertinstalling pgadmin01:53
Kovertthink my postgresql isnt running01:58
CIA-70Bertrand Chenal <> default * 166:b3cc1045b43c company/doc/index.rst: Improved doc02:09
Kovertis there a standard postgres password02:14
bechamelKovert: the default behaviour is that logged-in can use the local database without password02:34
Koverti can not create the database03:04
Kovertit keeps giving me auth errors03:04
Kovertfo rthe user who is me03:04
Koverti know postgres is running03:05
KovertI made my self a super user in it03:05
Koverti  game my self the abitities to creade databases03:05
KovertFATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user "bozo"03:07
Kovertdo i need to create the container first?03:09
bechamelKovert: are you on a linux box ?03:10
bechamelif yes you can try "creatuser your_username", then "createdb test" and "/pathto/bin/trytond -d test -iall"03:13
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KovertI iwll try03:18
Koverthow do you get in to postgres to do that03:20
Koverti used the gui03:20
Kovertpsql -c "createdb test" like this03:24
Kovertpsql -c createdb test  (like this)03:25
Kovertok got that03:28
Kovertno "-c"03:28
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CIA-70Timitos roundup * #1099/function of field 'blocked' from account.move.line:11:02
CIA-70[new] what function does have this field?11:02
CIA-70i did not find any function of this field.11:02
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CIA-70htgoebel roundup * #1100/Patch: code cleanup for client [new] Enclosed please find some patches for cleanup of client They simplify the code, remove redundancies and -- for py2app -- remove mo ...15:19
CIA-70htgoebel roundup * #1101/Patch: code cleanup for client py2app spawned shell script: [new] enclosed please find a patch removing a shell script from Instead of building a long string containing the shell script, do more i ...15:51
CIA-70htgoebel roundup * #1092/Patch: code cleanup for all modules Well, so feel free to replace all occurrences of 'trytond < %s.%s' with one containing a single space prior to applying the patchset. :-)15:53
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KovertI am having trouble creating the database in trytron...18:33
Kovertpostgre is running18:33
Kovertbut whenet auth errors it try to create it I g18:33
Kovertauth errors18:33
Kovertrinningt kubintu 9.0418:34
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carlosKovert: does your tryton db user have rights to create databases?18:41
KovertI will check18:42
KovertI am the user18:42
Kovertboth "tryton and I have" the rights according to pgAdmin18:43
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Kovertthis is the most fustrsating program to install18:53
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cedkKovert: what are you doing exactly?19:02
Koverti belive iu have installed everything made sure postgres is running and I am trying to create the data base19:03
Kovertwhen i do using my self as the user I get a auth error19:03
Kovertboth tryton and my self has the right to creat databases19:05
cedkKovert: how?19:09
Kovertin pgAdmin I have my self and tryton listed as superuser wiith rights to create19:10
Koverti am at the loginto tryton cleint screen19:10
KovertI am the user with my default password19:11
cedkKovert: which default password?19:11
Kovertand thenwell the user is me and the password is mine19:11
Koverti go to create database19:12
cedkKovert: which user, password ? Because you said that you have not created database19:12
Kovertwell i go to the create database screen19:12
Kovertcreate new database19:12
Kovertadmin for the tryton server password give the name of the database as tryton19:13
Kovertand the admin passowrd for postgres19:13
cedkKovert: you must not enter admin password for postgres19:14
cedkKovert: in fact, I don't know what you mean19:14
Kovertok i iwll describe screen19:14
Kovertit says create new database19:15
Kovertit in in tryton client19:15
cedkKovert: what is exactly the error message?19:15
Kovertlet me get it19:16
Kovert back in 10 min19:17
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KovertFATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user "joe"19:50
Kovertsorry about the interuption19:50
yangoonKovert: is it on database creation?19:57
yangoonKovert: if you are using IDENT authentification, then the user running the client must be the same as the postgres user for tryton databases20:00
yangoonKovert: and it should be on the same machine20:00
yangoonKovert: client and postgres20:00
Kovertit is and joe is my login name to the machine20:01
yangoonKovert: depends on the distro and postgres configuration you are running20:01
Koverti havde made a postgres user named joe20:01
Kovertkubuntu 9.0420:02
cedkKovert: the trytond server can not login to postgres20:03
Kovertok how do i fix this20:03
cedkKovert: if you have setup a password into postgres, you must configure it in trytond.conf20:03
cedkKovert: you can test with this command: psql template1 -U joe20:04
cedkKovert: you can read:
Kovertpsql: FATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user "joe"20:06
cedkKovert: so you can not connect to postgres with this user20:06
Kovertso what do i do?20:07
cedkKovert: configure postgresql20:07
cedkKovert: this can help:
Koverti have made this user in pgAdmin20:08
cedkKovert: doesn't seem to work as you can not connect20:08
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Kovertit's alive!20:17
Koverthod do i add modules20:18
carlosKovert: put them at trytond/trytond/modules directories20:18
carlosrestart tryton and activate them from the Administration menu20:19
carlosAdministration / Modules20:19
Kovertwhere do i get them20:19
carlosall tryton_* are modules20:21
Koverti see20:22
carlosI mean trytond_*20:22
Kovertwhere is the base tryton installation i sytarted this so long ago20:24
carloswell, it depends on how did you install it20:25
carlosthat's how did you get it20:26
carlosbtw, the modules could be download also using Mercurial20:26
Kovertoh how so20:26
Kovertwhat is the ifffference between 1.2 and the unnumbered20:28
Kovertnoit numbered unstable20:28
Koverti can install them automajically20:34
carlosKovert: right, the one without number is the development series20:39
carlosKovert: If you are using Mercurial for installing Tryton, I recomend you to follow the guide at
Kovertso i am almost done20:40
carlosKovert: the Automatic Way section provides you a script that will download Tryton and all the modules20:41
Koverti got threm all working20:41
carlosKovert: also, is better if you stay with 1.2 if you are going to use it on production20:41
Koverthoiw can i get tryton as a menu item in kubuntu?20:41
carloseither you install the client20:44
carlosor you copy the tryton.desktop file into /usr/share/applications/ and either you have tryton client in your system path or you update the .desktop file to point to the executable location20:45
carlosyou are welcome20:50
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CIA-70Hartmut Goebel <> default * 3:17d0d3d807c6 tryton-windows/
CIA-70Added ugly hack to complete installation of GTK runtime: The 2.12.921:50
CIA-70package is missing libgio. Thus we need to download the glib package21:50
CIA-70and extract the files there.21:50
CIA-70Hartmut Goebel <> default * 4:36de68fd36be tryton-windows/ ( simplified download()21:50
CIA-70Hartmut Goebel <> default * 5:8afa7e9a6610 tryton-windows/ download in chunks of 10000 bytes21:50
CIA-70Hartmut Goebel <> default * 6:eccc3a4a4d49 tryton-windows/ ( install eggs et al. with --always-unzip to allow py2exe accessing the files21:50
CIA-70Hartmut Goebel <> default * 7:d641e711c4df tryton-windows/ keep download urls for librsvg and Co. for reference21:51
CIA-70Hartmut Goebel <> default * 8:1f47519b96ed tryton-windows/ fixed one missing import22:01
CIA-70Hartmut Goebel <> default * 9:297495b64ab4 tryton-windows/ removed onClick-Hack for Sourceforge, which is useless now since SF changed page layout22:08
CIA-70Hartmut Goebel <> default * 10:38c2b984ebcb tryton-windows/ added handling of new Sourceforge download pages22:39
yangoonessich: hi22:41
essichyangoon: hi22:41
yangoonessich: also says ' The Tryton Client can be found in C:\Python25\Scripts'. This of course is true, but probably this should be for ther server?22:42
yangoonessich: since the scripts are fixed for a version, shouldn't they better be also in tagged as such in the name?22:43
CIA-70Hartmut Goebel <> default * 11:7e89fbfe6d80 tryton-windows/ fixed docstring22:43
essichyangoon: fixed :-)22:43
yangoonessich: fast, faster, essich|cedk22:44
essichyangoon: maybe. I'm not quite sure how this will work out at all.22:44
essichyangoon: these are not really installern, but are setting up some kind of development environment22:45
essichperhaps I'm going to merge the two scripts22:45
yangoonessich: just thought, because requirements1 and PACKAGES will always be fixed for VERSION22:46
yangoonessich: great, will test soon22:47
essichyangoon: fixed to version, since I IMHO the avarage user should not use the development branch but the stable version.22:49
paepkehas someone already tested to create .msi packages for the windows installation? tryton is using the setup-tools, so that would be a good solution. or i'm missing something?22:57
essichpaepke: client or server?23:28
paepkeessich: basically both.23:30
paepkeespecially for the client the primary distribution type should be msi, not exe. it can be easily deployed in an windows environment.23:32
essichpaepke: for the client you will propably have problems, since you need to include a lot of other files (GTK)23:34
paepkerelating to the discussion about the community mail. an installer of the windows envirionment with nice "next" and "finish" buttons would be cool, too.23:34
essichpaepke: please check out he new installer scripts I'm working on23:35
paepkeessich: yes, i know about gtk. but hey, we are programmers ;-)23:35
paepkeessich: i'm currently at an linux only environment :-/23:35
paepkeessich: for msi-deployment you can deploy both, gtk and tryton. but as i remember, thera are a couple of packages on windows which depends on gtk. and the have a solution in their installer. for example pidgin and gimp23:37
CIA-70Hartmut Goebel <> default * 12:0f9f32b95db2 tryton-windows/ added support for ...-setup.exe (required fir nsis)23:37
CIA-70Hartmut Goebel <> default * 13:7b1220c2eed7 tryton-windows/ ( added download/installation of Nullsoft Scriptable Installer (nsis)23:37
paepkeessich: i  saw your scripts, thats why i'm giving my two cents23:38
essichpaepke: I'm coming from Linux, too. And getting a usefull setup for GTK on Windows took mee several days.23:38
essichhere is no such thing like apt, yast or urpmi23:39
essichfor gtk there are no .msi available at all23:40
paepkei know, i tried it too. finally it ended up in installing the needed gtk libraries everytime again specially for the application.23:42
paepkei don't see a gtk-installation which fits the needs of the different applications which depends on it on windows.23:43
essichfor a development environment one could use the 'bundle', but expects to find gtk-demo on the path. So you would have to set %PATH% somehow. It's akward!23:43
paepkecause the linux-distribution compiles every program against the distribution-provided gtk everythin works fine. but on windows you have different sources of the provided programs23:44
essichthis is why every application brings it's own gtk runtime :-( THis kills theming23:44
paepkeessich: yes. its like some java-based products on windows.23:45
essichpaepke: yes. and we have to decide whether we should bring python with tryton or not. Same problem23:46
paepkeand cause of that: why not providing the necessary libraries whith the tryton msi installer23:46
essichpaepke: if you are able to make this work: go for it!23:47
essichI suggest stating with the client :-)23:47
paepkefirst i need windows :-)23:47
paepkei'm afraid i cannot do this at the moment. but i'll take a look in it23:48
paepkepython deployment: py2exe is bad cause of the loadable modules?23:50
paepkeloadable modules of tryton23:50
essichNot really :-)23:51
essichFor an ERP a company wants to deploy a freezed version23:51
paepkeok, before i discuss more about this, i should take a look on the sourcecode23:52
paepkeessich: ack23:52
essichwhat cedk ist talking about is for some kind of extentable end-user server.23:53
essichin this case we would have some "base application" (tryton framework) and would need some way to add modules.23:53
essichthis is not easy :-)23:53
essichbut perhaps your .msi comes for help23:54
essichokay, have to leave now23:54
essichbay, CU23:54

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