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CIA-70Timitos roundup * #1102/error when i try to create a new record from a many2many field.:11:31
CIA-70[new] Traceback (most recent call last):11:31
CIA-70File "/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/", line 95, in _sig_add11:31
CIA-70ids = ...11:31
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CIA-70Timitos roundup * #1102/error when i try to create a new record from a many2many field.:15:22
CIA-70[invalid] was my fault.15:22
CIA-70i returned a int as default for the many2many field.15:22
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KovertI have a fully functional tryton server and client thanks cedk and carlos18:09
Kovertnow.... is there a end user manual?18:09
Kovertthe on line is too technical for an end user18:09
carlosKovert: you are welcome18:09
carlosno, as far as I know, there isn't one yet18:10
Kovertthat is bad :-(18:10
Koverthow about a rough draft?18:10
Kovertin english or de?18:10
Koverti guess I will have to figure it out18:12
Kovertdo you use it in production  carlo?18:12
Koverti need purchase & inventory most of all maybe work orders as well18:13
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carlosKovert: well, I think some people talked about start writing one18:28
carlosbut I'm not sure whether it's started18:28
carlosyes, I'm using Tryton in production18:28
Kovertok so can i ask you some questions18:30
Koverti need A LEARNING PATH18:31
Koverti order equipment for a non for profit18:31
KovertI get a request ticket18:32
KovertI order the items some times i get extra or parts18:32
Kovertthen when i release the item I need to keep handle on stock18:32
Kovertand where i ordered it from in the forst place for billing18:32
Kovertan example is i could be asked for a memory upgrade18:33
Kovertso i give hom 2 chips froim stoc18:33
Kovertwhen it comes time to bill I need to know what po it was ordered on18:33
KovertWhat I am asking is how would I go ablut learning how to do this in Tryton18:34
carlosI didn't start using it to handle orders, however it's something I'm planning to do soon18:34
carlosI'm using it mainly for accounting and invoicing18:34
Kovertso first i guess I need to set up a com[pany18:35
Kovertbut next is  PO's?18:35
carlosyeah, then an accounting plan18:35
Kovertpurchase orderes18:35
Kovertaccounting plan? not sure what that is18:36
KovertI dont need tbudget numbers to chargeo account but i do have18:36
Kovertsorry I dont account but I have budget numbers I charge18:37
Kovertfor items18:37
carlosdon't you need to issue invoices and keep track of the invoiced amounts?19:10
Kovertwell yes19:10
Kovertbut the invoices are internal19:11
Kovertso keeping track of them is unimportant19:11
carlosI see19:16
carlosthen, you would need to define categories and products19:16
Kovertok thats is done where?19:17
carlosand then, you should be able to start using purchase/selling orders19:18
carlosKovert: activate the Products module19:18
carlosand you will get a new Product menu entry19:18
Kovertgreat I iwll start there19:19
Kovertso if i buy memory is it a product?19:20
carlosyou can set a product as a good to buy or to sell19:21
carloshowever I'm not sure how will it work if you don't set an account plan, you may need to adjust the default or use the default basic accounting plan19:21
carlosgiven that the whole system is tied to the accounting module19:22
Kovertso how do i understand the accounting plan19:22
carlosaccounting plan is what your tax agency asks for19:26
carlosat the end of each fiscal year19:26
Kovertnot my field of expertise19:26
carlosso you keep track of the VAT, Incomes, etc...19:26
Kovertnope I dont do that19:26
Kovertthere frew others for that19:27
carloswell, from what I know, all companies are supposed to have it19:27
KovertI juts want my dept19:27
carlosI see19:27
KovertI am sure they do19:27
carlosthen I guess the easier way to do it is to use the default 'minimal accounting plan'19:27
carlosso you don't need to modify Tryton19:27
KovertI am assunming I can use tryton as a sophisticated purchase system19:28
carloshowever, I suggest that you talk with cedk about it, he may give you an easier solution, given that he knows Tryton internals better19:28
carlosmaybe you need to do some development for your needs, but yes, you may use it for it, however, usually companies are able to handle it more efficiently when all the business logic is handled in the same system19:29
carlosso you don't need to encode invoices, they are generated based on the purchase/selling orders19:30
Kovertnever going to hapen tey are going oracle it is too big to get whagt I need19:30
TimitosKovert: there are some basic docs in de here:
KovertTimitos thanks19:36
TimitosKovert: you are welcome19:36
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