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marl_scothi, can someone help me with this? Im trying to enter sales into tryton, but cant work out how to get it to put a sale strait to invoice, rather than having to go draft-quotation-shipment-invoice , is there a simple way to enter a sale for invoice? like when im charging for only labour time ro remote support?14:32
paepkemarl_scot: doesn't this work: financial_management - invoices - invoicec - new_invoice ?14:39
paepkemarl_scot: you can send directly an invoice without attaching a sale.14:40
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marl_scotthat still sets the initial state for the invoice as draft14:44
marl_scotok, am getting a wierd error 'the value of the field "Journal" on "Invoice" is not valid according to its domain.'14:47
marl_scoti got that when entering sales as well, and thought it was something to do with trying to change to invoice without shiping goods14:48
paepkemarl_scot: does it work with shipping goods?14:50
marl_scotdont have any goods other than labour at moment14:51
marl_scotmanaged to do 2 other invoices a couple of days ago14:51
marl_scothow can i find out which field is named : Journal ?14:53
marl_scotah, ok think i might know whats gone wrong14:54
yangoonmarl_scot: did ou already set a journal while paying an invoice?14:54
marl_scotunder my journal entry i have one journal type and that is revenue14:54
paepkethe fiscal years and sequences?14:54
marl_scotok, am now lost, as far as i can tell ive set everything :( journal is set as type revenue, sequence is default account journal14:59
marl_scotGOT IT15:02
marl_scothad 2 revenue journals set up, one name 'revenue' and one named 'Revenue'15:02
paepkemarl_scot: can you change that journal to both of them?15:03
marl_scotremoved the 'revenue' journal, and reset the invoice to 'Revenue' and it worked ok15:04
marl_scotmust be something getting confused with the upper/lower case string15:04
marl_scotis there a way to customize the layout when printing invoices etc.? like being able to add a logo15:05
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paepkemarl_scot: you can edit the corresponding .odt file on the tryton-server15:49
marl_scotah, thanks, didnt relise that was where they were15:50
paepkemarl_scot: just for the first start. to do this right you have to write a small module which overrides the filename of the report. for example invoice.15:50
marl_scothow do u mean jsut for the start? does it cache the odt files after they are used?15:55
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paepkemarl_scot: sorry for the misunderstanding sentence. just for the start of your tryton-project. you can change the .odt directly. but when you upgrade your installation. for example to an 1.4.2 the form could be overwritten.16:01
paepkemarl_scot: so its better to make a copy of your form and define it with a custom module. just for a quick start of your project you can edit this directly.16:02
paepkemarl_scot: anyway: if the invoice have been rendered you will have a copy of the rendered form in your database and the changes of the invoice-template will not apply to the document.16:03
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paepkecedk: do you have an plan how to translate and deploy translated documentation with tryton. like the documentation under trytond/doc ?21:06
paepkei'd like to see some german documentation.21:07
juanferpaepke, cool, there are some docs that you could translate to german.21:33
paepkejuanfer: well. helping to translate ;-) don't wanna steal yangoons very good job21:34
juanferI don't understand you! what mean yangoons?21:36
paepkeyangoon. a german developer here21:38
juanferAh, well, you could help, you don't need a developer to make documentation!21:39
juanferand as you could see there are a lack of documention21:40
paepkejuanfer: yes, i know. i'm currently starting to use tryton. and i'm documenting my progress anyway.21:40
paepkei talked to some german developers at and now wanna ask the core team what they think about language-specific documentation inside the main source code.21:42
juanfercool, exelent, I do the same, by the way, made your documentation, not for you, instead make it for others, in such a way that it could be part of the future documentation. Me and my team made it.21:42
juanferwell, send it to the list, may be it could begin a threath, and all could aport ideas.21:43
paepkejuanfer: yes, that was the idea.21:43
juanferI think, that Tryton need a documentation on line, but may be others have some different ideas.21:44
paepkei had some different ideas about that. writing a walk-through in form of a "book". but the basic tryton-application has to be documented the same way. and i don't like that there is no translation of the rst files provided in the doc directory and under
paepkewith "documentded the same way" i mean "transated"...21:47
paepkewow. two typos. i'm getting old today..21:52
juanferwell send the mail, with the idea21:59
paepkei send it through the tryton-dev list. it documentation, but i see it more dev related.21:59
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