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monkeytowercedk: back home i had a closser look on the buil process of the client. unforunately i am stuck with 64Bit snow-leopard, and i can not build it. (see could you build the client for 1.5 for me please, so i can take part in testing on mac os?00:08
cedkmonkeytower: ok I will do it tommorow00:11
monkeytowercedk: thanks. and thanks again for a nice day!00:11
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cedkmonkeytower: hi, I see you put the tryton-dev script in the wiki09:58
cedkmonkeytower: it is a bad idea because it will be unmaintainable09:59
cedkmonkeytower: please, use a link to the repo09:59
cedkmonkeytower: and remove the page09:59
CIA-78Hartmut Goebel <> default * 2:0fb5e5c295e9 tryton-dev/ Added tryton-dev implemented in Python.10:12
CIA-78Hartmut Goebel <> default * 3:3c2bfb98529c tryton-dev/tryton-dev.rst: Added man-page (ReST format)10:12
CIA-78C?dric Krier <> default * 4:637862a02747 tryton-dev/ Make executable10:12
CIA-78ced roundup * #1132/tryton-dev implemented in Python: [resolved] Applied10:13
cedkmonkeytower: I do it10:19
monkeytowercedk: yes, much better to link to it. i did not even know it exists in the repository. thanks.10:45
cedkmonkeytower: I re-though about the MacOSX client10:57
cedkmonkeytower: what you can do is to use the 1.4.0 and inside tryton.app10:58
cedkmonkeytower: there is a directory tryton with all the python code10:58
cedkmonkeytower: you can try to replace it10:58
cedkwe need someone to update the wiipedia page of Tryton to increase release number and date11:00
CIA-78ced roundup * #1256/The value "needs-action" for the field "status" is not in the selection:11:29
CIA-78[invalid] It is an issue of iceowl as you can see:
CIA-78Allowed status for event are: TENTATIVE, C ...11:29
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CIA-78C?dric Krier <> default * 299:26543efa9570 party/party.xml: Add cursor attribute on contact_mechanism form in party view.14:51
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CIA-78ced roundup * #1239/Wiki link on [resolved] Fixed15:00
CIA-78Mathias Behrle <> default * 14:5dc956b2cc56 ldap_authentication/INSTALL: Adding missing depend for trytond_ldap_connection.15:04
CIA-78ced roundup * #1254/Missing depend: [resolved] Applied15:06
CIA-78ced roundup * #1220/Missing menu entry to add a new Category for a Product: [chatting] You can provide a patch?15:07
CIA-78ced roundup * #1156/Naming of neso package: [resolved] Fixed15:08
monkeytowercedk: the only tryton directory inside on Mac OS is inside pixmaps. here is the full content : which files should i replace and from where would i get them?15:21
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cedkmonkeytower: it is in
cedkmonkeytower: I think you can unzip it, it will still work15:29
CIA-78ced roundup * #1142/Installation of module dependencies on update: [chatting] You could provide a patch15:31
CIA-78ced roundup * #861/Display of number of selected records: [chatting] You can propose a patch15:33
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