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gouri read the wiki page about LDAP integration in tryton and it mentions e.g. "general party attributes" to be connected with LDAP service. now i'm curious about stuff like e.g. credit-card data of the paying customers and/or stuff like date/place/time_of birth which we would need to store in some (custom) module extending/inheriting from 'party'. does it make sense to store stuff like that under LDAP or it is16:24
gourmore suited for storing in a tryton's database?16:24
cedkgour: for now, there is no module that store party data on LDAP16:26
yangoongour ldap integration currently means 'user adminstration', not 'party adminstration'16:26
gourcedk, yangoon: i'm of it, but i'm thinking about the future...the wiki page speaks, afaiu, about more possibilities16:27
gours/of it/aware of it16:27
cedkgour: not sure this is a good idea to store party data on LDAP16:27
cedkgour: I think the need of party in LDAP is to share it with other application16:28
cedkgour: so I think it would be better to have like the CardDAV but for LDAP16:28
gourcedk: well, i'd have need to share (aka: use) some basic party data in another application16:30
gourCardDAV for LDAP...hmm, that's something new for me16:31
cedkgour: no, I mean implement the LDAP protocol on top of Tryton16:35
cedkgour: it is always better than a sync mechanism16:35
gourcedk: ahh, now i understand...yes i agree, having ldap is better than syncing16:39
cedkgour: with perhaps twisted16:42
cedkgour: like we already talk about imap protocol16:43
gouryes, i remember that...however, it is still way above my head...for now i'm just thinking about the possible ways to deploy tryton effectively16:45
gourand as far as ldap is concerned, we'll use it to have shared addressbook for claws mailer16:49
cedkgour: is claws mailer know CardDAV?16:55
gourcedk: i think it doesn't. it knows ldap and there is vcard plugin16:57
cedkgour: CardDAV is based on vcard16:57
gourACTION used lot of mailers...starting from pine...then, kmail, evolution, mutt, gnus...anod now i'm again back to claws16:58
gourcedk: here is the info about plugin -
gourclaws is quite robust (unlike evolution which could not handle my mail reqs) and still friendly enough for gui users17:00
cedkgour: this is not CardDAV17:00
gouryeah, i assumed so17:00
cedkgour: what is the vCard you talked?17:01
gourclaws can import vcard entrie17:04
cedkgour: as you can access to vcard through web:
cedkgour: but claws doesn't seem to make syncronisation with vCard17:06
gourcedk: right. import only...that's why i'm thinking about using ldap17:07
cedkgour: the difficulty is that LDAP protocol is quite complex17:08
cedkgour: but perhaps you can work with a subset17:08
gourcedk: that's true...however but i would not like to go back to evolution ;)17:08
gourotoh, never tried thunderbird, but do not believe enough in, not many options left ;)17:09
gourso, ldap in tryton will stay within the scope of user-ath only?17:10
gourwiki page speaks about 'LDAP Party'17:12
cedkgour: Personally, I will not spend freetime on it17:16
gouri'll also spend my freetime to update tryton pkgs for arch 1st17:22
cedkgour: perhaps it will be simplier to write a CardDAV plugin for claws ;-)17:23
gourcedk: huh, this would involve C coding :-D17:24
cedkgour: there is a python module :-)17:26
gourcedk: hmm, but claws plugins are all C stuff17:27
cedkACTION bbl17:31
udonogour: hi18:00
udonogour: about LDAP, I think I know two ways to integrate into tryton, a good and a bad.18:01
gourudono: hello...tell me about the 1st one ;)18:02
udonoYou have a running LDAP Server which provides an addressbook scheme18:05
udonoIn Tryton all create, read, write, delete actions bypass the tryton database and are stored directly in the LDAP Server.18:06
udonoMaybe we need to pimp the standard addressbook scheme for Ldap to collect all Data from Tryton.18:07
udonoIf a Tryton module provides extra attributes to party and address, you need to change the LDAP Scheme for the special Module...18:08
gouryes, that's the feeling i got after reading wiki page that it could be done this way...but have you seen that cedk won't work on it...who knows if he would even allow to have it in tryton :-)18:08
gourotoh, i'm aware of the need to pimp the schema and, being very new with ldap, i'm not aware if it is worth go this route18:09
udonogour: If the Implementation ist straight forward, Iam sure cedk will support it.18:09
udonopaepke: and me talked about this stuff in the past. I think he works a lot with LDAP and kwows many stuff18:11
gourudono: what do you think if, in general, such approach is ok - putting data from the database into ldap?18:11
udonogour: I think it is ok, because LDAP ist made specially for this. And it is better to have the data not redundant.18:12
udono... in tryton and LDAP18:12
gouri agree18:13
udonogour: only problem is direct database acces via optimized SQL Statements from Tryton. This will fail, because the tables for party entity in Tryton will be empty.18:14
udonogour: this can only be catched by the bad way I mentioned...18:15
gourudono: ahh, this is the catch :-)18:15
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udonogour: not realy for me, because there are not this much SQL Statements directly in Tryton... And I don't know if they all are in Combination with Party table...18:17
gourand here is the boss ;)18:17
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gourcedk: python stuff in claws is quite new, but it does not allow to write 'plugins' but it is ' more for GUI automisation tasks'...there is no plugin api in claws18:20
cedkgour: you can make a CalDAV sync script18:21
gourcedk: ok...still, there are more pending tasks for me concerning tryton :-)18:24
paepkegour: i'll be back later to discuss some things about ldap if you want19:33
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gourpaepke: ok19:56
paepkegour, i'll read fast the irclog. give me some minutes20:00
gourpaepke: sure20:00
paepkegour: now i'm back.20:07
gourpaepke: i've to go afk for 10mins...20:07
paepkegour. ok. maybe tomorrow morning?20:08
paepkegour,  where are you from?20:08
gourpaepke: ok20:09
gourpaepke: croatia20:09
paepkegour, ok, so my morning is your morning ;-)20:09
paepkegour, cu tomorrow20:09
gourpaepke: good20:10
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