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gourpaepke: ping09:20
paepkegour good morning09:20
gourpaepke: morn09:20
gour :-)09:20
gournow i've ~30mins...hopefully enough09:21
paepkegour: ok some thoughts about ldap?09:21
gourpaepke: well, i read wiki page and was thinking whether it makes sense to put party and some inherited (aka custom) data under ldap?09:22
gourpaepke: since i use claws-mail as mailer, i'll definitely setup shared ldap addressbook for it, but wonder if/whether tryton could also share some of its data09:23
gouror is it better to stay with rdbms?09:23
paepkegour: for me i think one of the best solution would be to synchronize. cause when the ldap-server gets wrecked you will have a problem in tryton cause you cannot access the data.09:24
paepkemirroring the ldap server on the same host like your tryton server works NOT for mixed setups like openldap and active directory or other solutions.09:24
gourpaepke: i instead of depending on ldap to serve the data, it would serve for not doubling the data09:25
paepkeon the other hand the ldap protocol supports the possibility to serve a part of the ldap-tree from a different host.09:25
gourin my case we, fortunately, do not have need for running m$ stuff09:26
paepkeso you could have dc=users,dc=yourcompany,dc=local from the primary ldap server while serving dc=parties,dc=yourcompany,dc=local from tryton.09:26
paepkewith the mirroring stuff you (or the framework) will not be flexible09:26
gourhmm how would tryton serve the parties data?09:27
paepkegour: i'm currently not aware of the sql data-structure of the party tables in postgres. i had for testing purposes an openldap server running on an mysql-table.09:28
gouri also wonder if ldap is suitable when one needs complicated 'queries' or it best suits fetching of simple data only?09:29
paepkeyou can map that easiely. if the party data is on different tables (what i assume) you could write a view on the postgres-server to give the openldap server the right virtual table so serve that data09:29
gourahh, interesting09:29
gourin any case, what would be advantage of involving ldap into the game?09:30
paepkeldap is perfectly suitable for complicated queries. but its kinda different from the sql approach. you have an ldap tree, and not "flat" tables09:30
paepkequick'n'dirty write an view on the postgres and export this to your open-ldap-server as a backend.09:31
gouryeah...i'm thinking about it 'cause i'd need to inherit from parties to extend our data models and then do kind of 'research' queries on that data (within some other app)09:32
paepkegour but beware: ldap is not common used to write at. i know only a few special ldap clients which WRITE data into the server. so for mail-clients (thunderbird, outlook) i'm sure there is only read-access.09:33
gourpaepke: calws-mail can write to ldap09:34
paepkegour: better solution: one way sync from tryton to openldap-server. writing an app to export the data in ldif-format and import this into openldap. (cron-job)09:34
paepkegour, claws-mail: wow!09:35
gouras far as 'other app' is concerned, it is my 'long-ago-pending project' to be written in haskell (which has bindings for openldap)09:35
paepkegour, way better solution (future): having a ldap-server via twisted and export a part of the tree to an other ldapserver.09:36
gourpaepke: i'm interesting if having parties in ldap is something which will be developed, or it is more custom-solution not to be incorporated in tryton?09:37
paepkegour: you could write an backend to openldap to access the carddav data on the tryton server.09:37
gourpaepke: huh, lot of possibilities....i need to resolve how much i want to have on ldap to be used in tryton (besides shared addressbook filled by claws)...09:38
gourbut even before that, i have to become somewhat proficient with tryton in general...e.g. to write my own module extending parties data model etc.09:39
paepkegour, imho its a framework related thing. there can be solutions which uses that kind of integration. like identity federation or as simple address-book export. (multi-function copy machines commonly use ldap for query the email-adress or a surname)09:39
gourpaepke: right. tryton looks as nice framework and as i will become more familiar with it i can add stuff to it according to our needs09:40
paepkegour, for me tryton is the basis of ALL company data. if something has to be changed it should be changed centrally in tryton. after that it should be directly accessed (ldap server implementation on tryton) or synced to another source.09:40
gourit does not have to be everything at once09:41
paepkegour: yes. there is a lot to do. but tryton is on a very good way to archieve that.09:41
paepkegour, i'm not a friend of having basic functionality like databases on a "foreign" server and not in the primary database.09:43
gourpaepke: excuse me...i was i have to go out, will think about the points you've made and will return back with some more questions later09:54
paepkegour,  ok10:20
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cedkgour: this must be a good starting point14:40
cedkgour: it seems there is a LDAP server in ldaptor14:40
cedkbased on Twisted14:40
gourpython-ldap is bindings-only?14:41
cedkgour: it is client only14:42
gourin any case, lot of learning ahead of me14:42
gourfirst to start with the tryton itself14:42
gourmy new machine still needs some more love to tweak everything...14:42
gourthere is package for archlinux :-)14:44
CIA-17matb roundup * #1265/Missing migration code for renaming of occurence -> recurrence:15:04
CIA-17[new] Migration for is missing:15:04
CIA-17Traceback (most recent call last):15:04
CIA-17ced roundup * #1265/Missing migration code for renaming of recurrence -> ocurrence: [testing] Did you run an update?15:22
CIA-17matb roundup * #1265/Missing migration code for renaming of recurrence -> ocurrence: [invalid] Sorry, seems, it was a cache problem.15:28
CIA-17Timitos roundup * #1266/search for party code with search_rec_name does not work: [new] patch attached16:26
CIA-17ced roundup * #1266/search for party code with search_rec_name does not work:16:29
CIA-17[chatting] The patch contains more than needed.16:29
CIA-17Explain what the patch is supposed to fix?16:29
CIA-17Timitos roundup * #1266/search for party code with search_rec_name does not work:16:35
CIA-17when i search in a many2one field which is related to search_rec_name also allows to search for the party code field.16:35
CIA-17the search arg ...16:35
CIA-17ced roundup * #1266/search for party code with search_rec_name does not work:16:41
CIA-17I don't agree with the patch.16:41
CIA-17Post it on codereview.16:41
CIA-17Timitos roundup * #1266/search for party code with search_rec_name does not work:
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