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gouris tryton suited to serve non-python apps?10:26
carlosyou mean as a client?10:35
gouryeah...e.g. non-python app to access party data in tryton10:40
carlosyeah, it's possible10:45
carloshowever, you cannot use netrpc10:45
carlosbut xml-rpc10:45
gourahh. ok10:45
carlosnetrpc is python specific10:46
gouris it much better than xmlrpc?10:46
carlosit's faster, because it's a binary protocol10:46
gourwhat about json-rpc?10:48
carloswhat happens with it?10:49
carlosI think json is also XML based10:49
gourhow it compares with xml-rpc?10:49
gouri.e. tryton will stay with netrpc/xmlrpc?10:49
carlosit doesn't mean is bad, is just that it needs more information to be exchanged, so it's slower in some situations10:50
carlosI don't know10:50
carlosthat's something to be asked on the mailing list10:50
carlosI guess is ok to add a new protocol if someone provides a patch10:50
gourand dbus?10:51
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carlosfor dbus I think is better to write a client for tryton that exposes the API over dbus10:52
carlosso we don't add the dependency on dbus always10:52
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carloscedk, they just published it14:08
cedkcarlos: great14:13
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gourhmm, strange thing...restarting trytond-1.4.1 has effect on deskbar-applet, i.e. killing it. anyone running gnome-2.28 can confirm?18:54
cedkgour: I don't see how it could be possible19:02
gourcedk: well, it's reproducible here19:07
gourevery invoking of trytond restart, brings dialog with: Deskbar" has quit unexpectedly and option to reload/dont_reload19:08
cedkgour: trytond has nothing to do with deskbar nor gnome nor X19:09
gourcedk: yeah...still i figure it out by accident...are you on gnome?19:10
cedkgour: no, I don't use bloated application19:11
gourcedk: he he...i had plain xmonad+xmobar setup for quite a long time, but not being the only desktop-user on the machine, switched to gnome19:13
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carloscedk, Is there any reason for not being able to remove with an upgrade from 1.2 to 1.4 ?19:32
cedkcarlos: don't understand19:33
carloscedk, I removed some tax rule templates for the 1.4 version of the spanish chart of accounts but I get an error saying that is not able to remove it because there are still some references to it19:33
carloscedk, which is true, but with a delete on cascade, and a regular delete SQL command it's removed without complains19:34
carlosThis is the error I get:19:34
carlos[Sun Nov 01 19:30:05 2009] ERROR:convert:Could not delete id: 3 of model
carlosThere should be some relation that points to this resource19:34
carlosYou should manually fix this and restart --update=module19:34
carlosException: Traceback (most recent call last):19:34
carlos  File "/opt/tryton-1.4/trytond/trytond/tools/", line 983, in post_import19:34
carlos    model_obj.delete(cursor, user, db_id)19:34
carlos  File "/opt/tryton-1.4/trytond/trytond/model/", line 1076, in delete19:34
carlos    }, context=context)19:34
carlos  File "/opt/tryton-1.4/trytond/trytond/model/", line 940, in write19:34
carlos    self._validate(cursor, user, ids, context=context)19:34
carlos  File "/opt/tryton-1.4/trytond/trytond/model/", line 2170, in _validate19:35
cedkcarlos: don' copy pqste19:35
carlos    super(ModelSQL, self)._validate(cursor, user, ids, context=context)19:35
carlos  File "/opt/tryton-1.4/trytond/trytond/model/", line 972, in _validate19:35
carlos    context=context)19:35
carlos  File "/opt/tryton-1.4/trytond/trytond/model/", line 444, in raise_user_error19:35
carlos    raise Exception('UserError', error)19:35
carlosException: ('UserError', u'The value of the field "Company" on "Tax Rule" is not valid according to its domain.')19:35
carlosI thought it was short enough to not use a pastebin. Sorry...19:35
cedkcarlos: it is unreadable19:35
gourwhatever you say, trytond crashes deskbar-applet here...strange19:36
cedkgour: so it is a bug of deskbar19:36
gourcedk: yeah. it could be...i'm not using it normally, just wanted to try something and then restarted trytond...anyway, will take a look at it preparing tryton*-1.4 stuff for arch19:39
cedkcarlos: could you try with this patch:
carlossure, let me reset the database19:50
carloscedk, it works now, or at least I don't get any complain for it19:54
carloscedk, thanks. I need to leave now, should I file a bug about this with a link to your patch? or are you going to submit the patch right now?19:55
cedkcarlos: i will fix19:56
carlosok, thank you19:57
carlossee you later!19:57
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gourparty module does not require country module any longer?21:07
cedkgour: why do you say that?21:08
gourcedk: preparing pkgs for arch21:10
gouroops, misreading21:11
gourmea culpa :-/21:12
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cedkOpenERP plans to imple;ent the same way then us for the rules22:35
cedkalso adding CalDAV :-)22:40
cedkfunny thing is that 1 year ago:
cedkWebDAV was too slow :-)22:42
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carloscedk, that's a confirmation that Tryton it's doing it quite good in some fields ;-)23:18
cedkcarlos: yes of course23:18
cedkcarlos: but I will be curious on how it will be done23:19
cedkcarlos: and if they will use PyWebDAV23:20
carlosI guess they will reuse most Tryton modules23:20
carlosrelated with caldav23:21
carlosthey are short of resources so unless someone pays them for it, I doubt they will write it from scratch, which I don't think is a bad thing, the idea is to reuse as much as possible23:22
cedkcarlos: I don't think23:23
carloscedk, btw, I had to apply the same patch you provide me this evening for the Tax model's company field23:23
cedkcarlos: I think they will want to have the copyright on the code23:24
cedkcarlos: yes, I will push tomorow a complet patch because there is some module with the same issue23:24
carlosmaybe, I guess it makes sense for their plan to move to AGPL23:24
carlosand I'm still looking for another one, but I'm not sure whether this one is a bug or bad data from an alpha chart of accounts module23:25
cedkcarlos: AGPL doesn't require that all the code is under it to apply23:25
cedkcarlos: it extend to GPL code included in it23:25
cedkbut it seems they don't understand well the license23:26
carloscedk, sure, but that means that some parts would remain under GPLv3, so they will not be able to block the SaaS usage23:27
cedkcarlos: false, AGPL extend GPL code23:28
cedkcarlos: you delete tax group ?23:29
cedkcarlos: it is normal that it doesn't work23:29
carlosmy previous module was using a set of groups to workaround the missing field we added for tax substitution on 1.423:29
carlosbut all accounts are moved to the new tax groups23:30
carlosor at least that should be the case23:30
cedkcarlos: it is not account the issue23:30
cedkcarlos: you have current tax rule line that are linked to the group23:31
carlosand I modified also the tax rules23:31
carloswell, in fact... I just did a manual removal of all tax rules23:31
carlosafter taking care that no sensible information is lost23:31
carlosI know it's not a usual use case, that's why I'm not sure it's a bug in Tryton, but bad data in my database23:33
cedkcarlos: I think you can not delete tax group23:35
cedkcarlos: or it must be an improvement to use template or a custom set null23:36
carlosI'm removing two tax group templates, and thus, the two tax groups associated with them23:38
carlosACTION is confused and debugging23:42
carlosI think I'm getting lost in terminology23:42
carlosI found the problem23:51
carlossome tax rule lines left behind without a template (I guess a remove using NULL instead of CASCADE)23:51

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