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cedkcarlos: your post brings about thousand visitor on the site09:02
carlosnice ;-)09:02
cedkcarlos: could you ask to the guy that ask for an exe for linux how to do it?09:03
carlosmost "complains" are the lack of web client (some people already answered that it's not really a must) and the lack of end user documentation, which other people answered that Tryton is targeted to integrators more than end user directly09:03
carloscedk, I was wondering that too09:04
cedkcarlos: when people ask me for webclient, I say how to enter thousand of invoice per day?09:05
carloscedk, the good thing is that it's still the top post, so all people that come back to the office today will read it so I expect the number of visitors will increase this morning09:05
carloscedk, btw, I have two Tryton servers running right now, one for 1.2 and another for 1.409:07
carlosand with a 1.2 client I'm able to connecto to the 1.2 server using the 1.4 database09:07
carlosaren't we supposed to prevent it?09:07
cedkcarlos: no09:08
cedkcarlos: by the way, I made an install last week of tryton inside Citrix09:09
cedkit works like a charm09:09
cedkbut I don't know opensource solution like citrix09:10
cedkcarlos: to prevent your database mix, you can use different user09:11
carlosit's not an issue, I just have two databases and I only migrated one, so the plan is to migrate the other and kill the 1.2 one09:11
carlosbut I did a mistake and found it ;-)09:11
cedkcarlos: and by the way on the post I read (perhaps translation error) that people talk about heavy client09:12
carloscedk, btw, unless that guy at barrapunto provides us with a solution, I guess we could do it in the near future with the new FatELF format (if I'm understanding it correctly)
cedkcarlos: indeed, tryton is a thin client09:12
cedkcarlos: except that tryton is not a binary09:14
cedkcarlos: we need soething like py2exe and py2app09:15
carlosbut from the fast read I did a while ago, I think it also allows to store resources, so we may use it as the pyexe output09:15
carlosabout your heavy client, yeah, that's the argument for the guy asking for the web client09:16
cedkcarlos: thin client means no busines logic inside09:19
cedkcarlos: there is
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carloscedk, I already answered to that part too09:20
carloscedk, nice09:22
carlosI will not use it, but is nice to know it exists already09:22
cedkcarlos: otherwise I asked to add Tryton in click2try:
carlosI didn't know about it09:23
cedkcarlos: I think it is better than trying to create an exe for linux09:32
cedkcarlos: because there ismore complex than an exe for windows or apple due to the number of different linux distrib09:33
paepkecarlos: a replacement for citrix is nomachine or thinlinc. both are commercial products. google made an replacement of nomachine which can only use X-Protocol Terminal Servers. Its called neatx. thats under GPLv209:33
carloscedk, is it a kind of critrix for testing purposes?09:34
carlospaepke, so the only solution for us would be the one from google09:35
paepkecarlos, well, there is the freeNX project which implements the whole nomachine stack. but its a lot of bash hacking. i talked to the guy who made that a couple of years ago.09:37
cedkpaepke: isn't it like a vnc?09:37
paepkecarlos, yes, its a possible solution if you only go to linux as backend. but with neatx you lack some features like printer redirection and samba-drive redirects09:38
paepkecedk: no. it "compresses" the x-protocol. so its very fast. you can tunnel vnc or rdp through the NX-protocol, too.09:39
cedkpaepke: I see you can make desktop session or single application09:39
paepkecedk, where are you currently? nomachine, freenx or neatx09:39
cedkpaepke: anywhere as it is the same protocol no?09:40
paepkecedk, yes, but with different features. the base X-redirect is the same.09:41
cedkpaepke: does it work also for windows?09:42
paepkecedk, you can try the two-user version of nomachine-NX for free.09:43
paepkecedk, you can use windows as client and connect via the nx-server to an rdp-windows server (not neatx)09:44
cedkpaepke: I see there is a nx client for windows so I guess you can use the server of google with the client of nomachine09:44
paepkecedk, yes. you have to use the nx-client from nomachine to connect to every nx-server available. sometimes its very version specific. i have only run nomachine and freenx-server in the past. i did not avaluate the google version09:47
udonocedk: paepke: there is another one based on nx: x2go09:48
cedkwould be good if someone tests tryton through nx and report it09:50
paepkeudono, thanx. i didn't remember that one09:50
paepkecedk, i will have my testing server up again next two days and can report it.09:51
udonopaepke: yes, it has the best reputation in the last test of linux magazine09:51
paepkeudono: i have an abbonement of that magazine, but can't remember the test :-/09:51
cedkpaepke: good09:51
udonopaepke: and additional support for printing, sound, local cd drives (even an eject Button for Mac os users) etc.09:52
paepkeudono, sounds good, but only for linux-servers?09:53
udonopaepke: think so09:55
udonopaepke look at linux magazin (german edition) No. 07/09 p 79 and 11/09 p 6209:57
paepkeudono, thanx. i'll take a look at it when i'm back home09:57
udonocedk: some time ago we talked about client freeze over internet connection behind a firewall. Did you found any solution for this?10:12
cedkudono: no10:13
udonocedk: but you have seen this behavoir?10:14
cedkudono: no10:14
carloscedk, I just did a Windows install of the Tryton 1.4.0 client but it lacks the Tryton icon so I guess something is missing on that build10:25
carlosACTION fills a bug report10:25
CIA-3carlos roundup * #1267/Windows client lacks the tryton icon for the launcher: [new] I just did a Windows installation for the Tryton client (the setup executable not the single exe file) and the launcher link was missing the ...10:31
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CIA-3matb roundup * #1268/Release page outdated or inexact:12:29
CIA-3[new] is outdated:12:29
CIA-3- modules general: applies to new modules. If already released, they cur ...12:29
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CIA-3webwurst roundup * #1269/Problems with WebDAV and CalDAV:16:48
CIA-3[new] I'm using latest trytond from
CIA-3I can access webdav through firefox http://ubuntu-server.local:80 ...16:48
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filperhaps a provocative question, but asked out of genuine curiosity, and because I'm _seriously_ considering jumping ship out of frustration:   So, why should I use Tryton rather than continuing to struggle to get OIpenERP working for me?  (I want something to use for the accounts of my one-person consultancy, based in the UK, and wouldn't mind selling that thing to others once I know it)19:07
yangoonfil :) you answer yourself: you don't want to struggle any more19:10
filwell, I thought I'd make it easy for you :-)19:15
udonofil: hi, what is your problem with openerp?19:18
filI've had a lot of trouble (perhaps mostly due to my lack of accountancy background) getting a useful chart of accounts for the UK with OpenERP -- this was certainly not helped by the fact that all the modules that I've found with the words chart and uk in their names are broken to some extent, which was very frustrating -- so how am I going to fare with Tryton?  is there a UK chart of accounts?  (as it happens, I've probably learnt enough to create my own by now19:18
udonofil: Sorry, we do not have an account chart for UK. But if you have deeper knowledge of taxes and accounts and so on, we surely help you to create a chart of accounts.19:22
udonofil: we have a rudimentary how-to for creating a chart:
filthe main problem is that several small bugs have ensured that every time I load my data into OpenERP, it either fails to add the sums up correctly, or it renders the backups I've taken along the way useless, or both -- the bugs are minor, but I've found it very hard to discover the right place to report the bugs, and over the months, have the feeling that I'm not alone in that, so there are trivial bugs that have existed for ages are still there to bite newbies19:23
udonofil: ... and not better with Version 5?19:24
filas a _long_ time Free Software contributor, this is a symptom that makes me uneasy about contributing further, so I'm looking around for alternatives -- Tryton failed to come to my attention when I was looking before for some reason19:25
filthis was with version 5 -- I found it hard enough to work out whether I should be using 4 or 5, but thought I might as well go for 5, rather than learning something that was being end-of-lifed19:27
udonofil: so welcome to Tryton ;-)19:29
udonofil: did you already test Tryton?19:29
filNot yet, so I suppose my first question should be:  If I just apt-get install the packages out of Debian squeeze is that my best bet, or should I be using the latest from Hg, or some such?19:30
udonofil: are you a developer?19:30
udonofil: ... then use the hg repositories, because they will serve your needs. Just deploy Version 1.4 and additionally the tip.19:31
filI'm a DD (Debian Developer) but I'm not that familiar with python, so am mostly read-only when it comes to python (but that's liable to change, as I'm supposed to be writing a web-site in Pyjamas/Django in the near future)19:32
udonofil: so try out or
udonofil: BTW for testing you do not need to install the server stuff, just take a look at:
filat the moment, I want something that will just work (tm) so I can calculate my quarterly VAT and compare it with the numbers I first thought of -- am I going to notice a significant difference by being lazy and simply installing the packages?19:37
yangoonfil installing squeeze packages solves all deps for you19:38
yangoonfil: but be aware that you can run only one tryton version, if it is installed19:38
filcool, that's what I wanted to hear -- just chacking that I wasn't going to be told "Oh, you should have ignored those packages, they're a disaster" in a few weeks time -- one version should be completely fine for now19:39
udonofil: so trust yangoon, because he made the squeeze packages with panthera19:40
udonoACTION appologies not to be a debian user ...19:41
yangoonfil: and since it is apt, you can easily remove them, if you want to run trunk...19:42
filyangoon: sure, of course -- I'd expect nothing less19:48
yangoonfil so you have just to install tryton-client|tryton-neso and tryton-modules-all and you should be done19:51
filyangoon: tryton-neso? should that not be tryton-server?19:56
yangoonfil tryton-server is automatically pulled in by modules or neso19:57
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filah, I don't see -neso -- is that actually in the archive? -- ah, it's still in the NEW queue by the looks of it19:58
CIA-3udono roundup * #1270/IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'c:\\dokume~1\\user\\lokale~1\\temp\\tryton_fcrjg2\\Rechnung/Gutschrift - 12121.odt':20:00
CIA-3[new] Error on windows Client: Can not print out Invoice.20:00
CIA-3Traceback (most recent call last):20:00
CIA-3File "tryton\gui\window\view_form\view\list.pyc ...20:00
yangoonfil yeah, sorry, neso is still in NEW20:00
FWiesingI got the same issue - can't print account-sheets20:01
FWiesingI made some screenshots and I'm just writing an eMail to udono (in german) :-) with a short description20:02
filyangoon: np -- -neso is the stand-alone version anyway, no?  I'm after client/remote-server anyway, so not bothered about that20:03
yangoonfil exactly20:03
filyangoon: BTW I note that the README.Debian has the same createuser -q bug that's in openerp's README.Debian20:07
yangoonfil is already fixed and uploaded20:08
filyangoon: Hmm, having said that, I just tried it with the -q option, and it worked -- what's going on?  I thought the bug was that -q wasn't an option20:10
yangoonfil the bug manifests with postgres 8.420:11
yangoon8.3 silently discards the option20:12
filah, ok -- must have been running it on another server last time -- thanks for clearing that up :-)20:12
CIA-3C?dric Krier <> default * 534:c9ac47a6fea8 account/ ( Fix company context domain when company is not in context20:14
CIA-3C?dric Krier <> default * 387:632e5834a32b account_invoice/ Fix company context domain when company is not in context20:14
CIA-3C?dric Krier <> default * 179:58960f088171 company/ Fix company context domain when company is not in context20:14
CIA-3C?dric Krier <> default * 15:b8ca28108b07 product_price_list/ Fix company context domain when company is not in context20:14
CIA-3C?dric Krier <> default * 354:b6f05a256391 purchase/ Fix company context domain when company is not in context20:14
CIA-3C?dric Krier <> default * 225:bd5b84915e07 sale/ Fix company context domain when company is not in context20:14
CIA-3C?dric Krier <> default * 628:b83a1a1f2351 stock/ Fix company context domain when company is not in context20:14
CIA-3C?dric Krier <> default * 211:e4e4dc860975 stock_supply/ ( Fix company context domain when company is not in context20:14
filyangoon: also in the README.Debian  /etc/init.d/trytond vs. /etc/init.d/tryton-server20:15
udonoFWiesing: is your bug the same then the one I reported in ?20:16
yangoonfil thx, fixed it20:17
FWiesingyes it's the same20:17
FWiesingbtw - thx for yesterday - update finished20:17
FWiesingthe issue happens on windows and debian 5.03/Lenny20:17
FWiesingI use postgesql 8.320:18
FWiesingthe document is buildt in /temp/..... - the application will start (you see the startup-icon for 2 sec about) and then the messagebox appears20:19
FWiesingit takes very long time to print out and create the document for printing accounts20:19
FWiesing... but the document will be created. You can open it, if you know the path20:20
FWiesingand it seems at first sight that it is completly build20:20
FWiesingShould I send you my screenshots?20:22
udonoFWiesing: best is to collect all informations at the issue self:
filso, what's happening here?
udonoFWiesing: because I can not test Windows. So anyone else needed to take a look at the Error.20:23
FWiesingI tested it under a windows client with windows7 environment - the same20:23
udonofil: ... a bug. File it on https://bugs.tryton.org20:25
paepke_FWiesing, maybe the / in the document name?20:26
udonoFWiesing: it seems a problem in the windows client.20:26
FWiesingI don't think so - the same issue is seen on debian AND windows-backend20:27
udonoFWiesing: I do not have this issue on gentoo20:27
paepkepython / gtk interpreting the foldername..20:27
paepkeFWiesing: on client side20:27
paepkei don't know how this gutschrift/rechnung... filename is beeing generated20:28
FWiesingmy filename has no "/" - and it happens the same - see the screenshot on case 127020:29
CIA-3C?dric Krier <> default * 2077:bf3b74163ce4 trytond/trytond/backend/sqlite/ Handle extract with SQLite20:29
CIA-3ced roundup * #1269/Problems with WebDAV and CalDAV: [resolved] Fix with changeset bf3b74163ce420:30
FWiesingit seems that there is a problem when the need to be started20:30
FWiesing.... but20:30
paepkeFWiesing, sorry, i didn't update my browser20:30
FWiesingpaepke: noprob20:31
paepkeFWiesing, well there are german umlauts in the filename. maybe an unicode decoding error which happens with the "/" as folder-divider, too20:32
paepkeFWiesing, i'm just dumping my brain.20:32
FWiesing... but I wonder - the print of my accounts takes a lot more time to create the odt-file - approximatly factor 520:32
FWiesing.... and opening this odt-file is very slow20:33
CIA-3FWiesing roundup * #1270/IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'c:\\dokume~1\\user\\lokale~1\\temp\\tryton_fcrjg2\\Rechnung/Gutschrift - 12121.odt': (log message trimmed)20:38
CIA-3[chatting] My environment:20:38
CIA-3Server: debian 5.03 Lenny20:38
CIA-3Postgresql 8.320:38 2.4 (on debian)20:38
CIA-3Windows7 and trytonclient 1.4.020:38
CIA-3FWiesing roundup * #1270/IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'c:\\dokume~1\\user\\lokale~1\\temp\\tryton_fcrjg2\\Rechnung/Gutschrift - 12121.odt':20:42
CIA-3I correct myself20:42
CIA-3The path is /tmp/.....20:42
filyangoon: so, squeeze is 1.2, sid is 1.4 but depends on packages stuck in NEW -- is there a repository where I can grab 1.4 and dependancies, or should I stick with 1.2?20:46
fil(or should I grab the source and build locally, which would be fine too)20:47
yangoonfil moment, just looking for the bug you discovered20:47
filthat was as installed from squeeze20:47
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yangoonfil if you apt-get install all currently available modules separately instead of modules-all, it should work20:51
filyangoon: ok -- so use 1.4 from sid, and ignore the missing bits, right?20:54
yangoonfil the modules in NEW just were released two weeks ago, you can work without them20:55
yangoonfil I cannot reproduce your error on my machines, neither 64bit nor 32bit chroot21:04
yangoonfil do you really have installed version 1.4* of tryton packages21:06
filyangoon: no, that error was a squeeze install (so version 1.2) -- am having better luck with 1.4 now21:23
yangoonfil ok21:24
filyangoon: BTW, just ran the client, and got:  Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module": cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory  --  is this indicating a missing Depends/Recommends against: libcanberra-gtk-module ?21:25
filmake that libcanberra-gtk0 -- installed that, and the error's gone21:27
fil(this is with Version: 1.4.0-1)21:28
yangoonfil strange, tryton-client just depends on python-gtk221:28
CIA-3udono roundup * #1270/IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'c:\\dokume~1\\user\\lokale~1\\temp\\tryton_fcrjg2\\Rechnung/Gutschrift - 12121.odt':21:31
CIA-3@Fwiesing: The error you reported seems not to depend to this one.21:31
CIA-3Try: Preferences > File actions (German: Einstellungen > Dateiaktionen)21:31
CIA-3an ...21:31
CIA-3webwurst roundup * #1269/Problems with WebDAV and CalDAV:21:44
CIA-3[testing] Thanks for the fast patch!21:44
CIA-3I don't get the exception anymore, but authorization still does not work.21:44
CIA-3This is the trytond.log:21:44
CIA-3[ ...21:44
FWiesing@udono: unable to change something in "Dateiaktionen" - the link is not activ22:10
udonoFWiesing: lets change to german channel...22:12
FWiesingok :-)22:12
pantherafil: for sid repository, see bottom of
CIA-3ced roundup * #1269/Problems with WebDAV and CalDAV:22:20
CIA-3[resolved] It seems nautilus doesn't send authentication.22:20
CIA-3For sunbird, I think the url is wrong: /dbname/Calendars/test/ -> /test01/Calendars/test/22:20
CIA-3ced roundup * #1270/IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'c:\\dokume~1\\user\\lokale~1\\temp\\tryton_fcrjg2\\Rechnung/Gutschrift - 12121.odt':22:24
CIA-3[resolved] @udono: your issue must be fixe with quote (as already stated in previous issue)22:24
CIA-3@FWiesing: please open an other issue as it is an oth ...22:24
CIA-3FWiesing roundup * #1271/Unable to print out accounts: (log message trimmed)22:36
CIA-3[new] My environment:22:36
CIA-3Server: debian 5.03 Lenny22:36
CIA-3Postgresql 8.322:36 2.4 (on debian)22:36
CIA-3Windows7 and trytonclient 1.4.022:36
CIA-3webwurst roundup * #1269/Problems with WebDAV and CalDAV:22:38
CIA-3[chatting] Thanks for the hint.22:38
CIA-3When i try to create an event with Sunbird, i get the following error: "MODIFICATION_FAILED"22:38
CIA-3This is trytond ...22:38
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CIA-3ced roundup * #1269/Problems with WebDAV and CalDAV: [need-eg] What is the content of the event?22:43
CIA-3webwurst roundup * #1269/Problems with WebDAV and CalDAV:22:52
CIA-3in sunbird i clicked "new event" and then save.22:52
CIA-3Title: "New Event"22:52
CIA-3Start: 11/02/09 23:0022:52
CIA-3End: 11/02/09 0:0022:52
CIA-3no description22:52
CIA-3ced roundup * #1271/Unable to print out accounts: [testing] Could you try with this patch?22:59
filyangoon: re the libcanberra-gtk0 thing -- I was suggesting that it should depend on libcanberra-gtk0 but doesn't, given that it throws an error if that's not installed -- alternatively, perhaps this indicates that it's been unnecisarilly linked against that library because it's autodetected during the build, say23:03
CIA-3ced roundup * #1269/Problems with WebDAV and CalDAV: Could put the output of the server with this patch in calendar module?23:03
cedk_fil: did you ever run other GTK application?23:06
cedk_fil: before23:06
filcedk: erm, maybe -- I don't run gnome, so there's not a vast amount of gtk stuff around on this machine23:08
cedkfil: so I guess it is a missing dep of something else then directy tryton23:09
cedkfil: because this lib is used by gnome to handle sound event23:09
cedkfil: and tryton doesn't use at all and could not be linked to it because it is python only23:10
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filah, right -- it didn't make much sense that it should depend on that, so that sounds reasonable23:12
cedkfil: you can try to uninstall it and see which other package it tries to remove23:15
CIA-3webwurst roundup * #1269/Problems with WebDAV and CalDAV:23:15
CIA-3Output with patch:23:15
CIA-3* Starting Tryton Application Platform trytond23:15
CIA-3[Mon Nov 02 23:14:49 2009] INFO:server:using /etc/trytond.conf as configura ...23:15
filcedk: remove what? the missing library was, erm, missing -- until I just installed it -- so clearly nothing else on the system depends on it23:17
cedkfil: I suspect that it is not because you have runtime error23:18
CIA-3webwurst roundup * #1269/Problems with WebDAV and CalDAV:23:21
CIA-3When i try to create an event with evolution i get this:23:21
CIA-3[Mon Nov 02 23:17:43 2009] ERROR:webdav:Exception:23:21
CIA-3Traceback (most recent call last): ...23:21
filcedk: ok, that's purged -- nothing else touched, as predicted, and running tryton now gives:23:22
filphil@palm:~$ tryton23:22
filGtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module": cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory23:22
cedkfil: what have you in /etc/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules23:23
cedkfil: and in ~/.gtkrc-2.023:23
filfirst doesn't exist, although  /etc/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules.32 does, don't have the second, although I do have ~/.gtkrc-1.2-gnome223:25
fil(this is on an amd64 system, btw)23:26
cedkfil: and there is a ref to canberra?23:27
CIA-3ced roundup * #1269/Problems with WebDAV and CalDAV: Create separate issues.23:29
filcedk: not in either of those files, no23:30
cedkfil: for me it is a config somewhere in gtk that forces it to load this module23:37
CIA-3webwurst roundup * #1272/WebDAV error when creating file with Nautilus:23:54
CIA-3[new] Creating a new folder on webdav works fine:23:54
CIA-3::ffff: - - [02/Nov/2009 23:45:07] "MKCOL /test01/Namenloser%20Ordner/ HTTP/1.1" ...23:54

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