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CIA-40reihle roundup * #1308/Wrong default in company_work_time: [new] The field for yearly work time ("Stunden pro Personenjahr" in german) defaults to 4800 - should be something between 1920 and 2000.00:09
CIA-40reihle roundup * #1309/Translation of field title in party_comment: [new] The title of the field "notes" is o bviously not translated to German - I'd suggest "Notizen". It's a more neutral term than "Bemerkungen", ...00:14
CIA-40ced roundup * #1309/Translation of field title in party_comment: [chatting] Assigned to matb00:31
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CIA-40reihle roundup * #1310/unresolved dependency in module party_role: [new] Trying to install module party_role ends up in an error pointing to a missing module role that canĀ“t be found on nor on intuxication10:55
CIA-40reihle roundup * #1310/missing packages for module party_bank: [chatting] The download section for module party_bank misses tags for packages (bz2, zip and tar), only the list of files is visible.10:56
CIA-40Timitos roundup * #1310/missing packages for module party_bank:11:04
CIA-40[resolved] this is the role module:
CIA-40party_bank is fixed now.11:04
CIA-40matb roundup * #1308/Wrong default in company_work_time: [chatting] You are perfectly right, that this default won't meet any standard. While it is impossible to give a correct default due to regional di ...11:35
CIA-40C?dric Krier <> default * 18:dd2f48452440 company_work_time/
CIA-40Fix default hours per work year for issue130811:46
CIA-40It must be: hours per work month * 1211:46
CIA-40ced roundup * #1308/Wrong default in company_work_time: [resolved] Fix with changeset dd2f4845244011:46
filI'd like to create a UK chart of accounts, but I don't really know where to start (despite reading the HowTo) -- anyone with clue willing to do some hand-holding?11:53
Timitosfil: i think i can help you a little bit11:57
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filTimitos: ah, cool -- first off, am I better off just using the front-end to define the accounts and taxes I need, or is the only useful approach to define a new module, and write XML to create the taxes etc.?12:09
CIA-40matb roundup * #1309/Translation of field title in party_comment:12:11
CIA-40It is nice to get assigned the task of world translator...;)12:11
CIA-40I am assuming basically the translation of stuff on Module party_comme ...12:11
filif the latter, is there a useful defaut chart that would give me a starting point?  BTW I've got an OpenERP 5.0 instance with the minimal UK chart, plus local tweaks to make it somewhat useful -- does that help?12:11
Timitosfil: i think it would be better to create a module12:12
Timitosfil: there are two charts on account_be and account_de_skr0312:12
Timitosfil: i don't think that an openerp instance will be usefull for such a project. but maybe the chart module you mentioned could be helpful. you maybe can take information about the accounts and account types from there.12:14
Timitosfil: but it would be better to ask an accountant about a valid account and account type structure12:15
filI'll have a look at the .be and .de examples, and see if I can work out what's needed -- if I do that, and then in use, discover that I've made an error (on OpenERP for instance, the uk_minimal chart is set up to add input and output tax, rather than treating one as negative) -- so, let's say that I've messed up like that ...12:19
filis there a way of fixing the bug in the module, and then loading that such that it fixes the resulting calculation, or is it a case of starting from scratch entering the data?12:20
Timitosfil: fixing such an error would not be so easy. i would recommend to do some intensive testing the new account charts before using it in production12:22
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filalso, if I've got a load of partners, invoices, bank-statements etc. can I dump them out to a file, fiddle with the chart, and then (perhaps after tweaking the dump to match) load the data into a new database?  (I'm getting fed up with repeatedly loading data into OpenERP when I find such bugs -- elepecially when it's clear that the bug was first mentioned months ago, and I've reported it as a bug since, with the trivial patch, but noone seems keen to apply it)12:29
Timitosfil: in such a case i would make a dump of the database for backup and try to solve the problems by a sql query. this is possible but the recommended way is to create a well tested module to prevent such problems ;-)12:32
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filTimitos: I detect a slight chicken&egg problem here -- especially when one is also trying to learn the system as one goes along. --- A wishlist bug is probably in order:  to be able to save all the data in the database, and then load it back in, but with all the invoices & statements set to draft -- would be helpful for fixing general cock-ups12:36
CIA-40ced roundup * #1309/Translation of field title in party_comment:13:01
CIA-40[invalid] Ho, I did not see it was for an external module.13:01
CIA-40So this issue is invalid because it is not part of Tryton.13:01
CIA-40@reihle: you can ask dir ...13:01
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