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Ephedraxtop all.11:26
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CIA-40ced roundup * #1311/KeyError: u'\u0421': [need-eg] On which operation?12:16
CIA-40ced roundup * #1311/KeyError: u'\u0421': [resolved] Fix with changeset 8f4dadbd79c012:28
CIA-40C?dric Krier <> default * 1445:8f4dadbd79c0 tryton/tryton/common/
CIA-40Fix encoding in mailto for issue131112:29
CIA-40urllib.quote accept only string12:29
CIA-40C?dric Krier <> default * 1446:8c30be6b39a8 tryton/share/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/ ( tryton.po): merge12:29
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akraemerhallo zusammen13:36
Timitosakraemer: hi. this is an english channel ;-) the german channel is on da bin ich auch13:37
akraemerkann trython bereits mit datanorm daten oder ähnlichem umgehen um sich die arbeit bei der angebotserstellung mit großhändlerpreislisten zu erleichtern? bzw ist es geplant soetwas zu integrieren13:37
akraemerjoin #trython.de13:38
akraemerjoin /#trython.de13:38
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cedkI have made an update of lighttpd on the website, now redirect to the prefered language page14:22
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cedkikks: how do you want to proceed with the translations?18:45
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ikkscedk still we have to check everything of the translation converts to the formatsok21:03
ikksI would be adding a comment in the code on the rst or the po21:04
ikksthe way the translation is handled in Debian21:04
cedkikks: don't understand22:07
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ikkscedk for now I want to check if the things done by juanfer "compile"22:14
ikksI mean are able to generate html22:14
ikksthen we should have a way to know when the translated are synced with the english version22:15
ikksAnd for the later, I was thinking to use an approximation like the one is used in the debian translation22:15
ikkswhere there are marks as comments to know which translations are up to date22:15
ikkscomparing the version of the original english files and the comments on the translated22:16
cedkikks: all is handle with po files22:17
juanfercedk: yes22:17
juanferI was use poedit22:18
ikksok cedk, we have to review if the po actually build html outputs22:21
cedkikks, juanfer: the best would be to update to handle translated docs22:37

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