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sharooncedk: do you have any comparison between Open ERP & Tryton?12:23
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yangoonsharoon: diff;)13:36
sharoonyangoon: :-D13:37
yangoonsharoon: nothing objective and detailed and actual to my knowledge13:37
sharoonyangoon: found an Open ERP forum topic and a link on B2Ck website but its very old13:38
yangoonsharoon: yes, it is old and was not very 'balanced'13:38
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cedksharoon: we do no more keep comparison uptodate, it is too much work15:32
cedksharoon: and it happens frequently that OpenERP makes some changes and goes back latter15:33
cedksharoon: and it is difficult to know what are the new development of OpenERP as they don't have a roadmap15:33
sharooncedk: i would like to correct you: 'they don't have a roadmap' -> 'they are aimless'15:38
cedksharoon: at least not public15:46
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sharooncedk: is it possible to stop the server from outputting to STD IO?18:03
cedksharoon: >/dev/null18:03
sharooncedk: not sure I understood,!!!:18:04
cedksharoon: there is no option for now but you can redirect output into /dev/null18:05
sharooncedk: ok, how do i do that?18:06
sharooncedk: when i start the server? i am using tryton as a module18:06
cedksharoon: if you use it in a python script you can modify the default logging option18:07
sharooncedk: thanks18:07
cedksharoon: I think it will work18:08
sharooncedk: that dint work :(18:10
sharooncedk: i modified server.py18:12
sharooncedk: lets make this a command line argument18:13
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sharooncedk: even after changing the type of report in Administration >> User Inerface >> Actions >> Report it still continues to generate ODT19:40
cedksharoon: which report? Invoice?19:48
sharooncedk: yes19:48
cedksharoon: invoice reports are stored when openned19:49
sharooncedk: i called print_invoice again19:49
cedksharoon: it doesn't care
sharooncedk: any issues in clearing the field/19:58
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cedksharoon: I don't understand20:03
sharooncedk: what hapens if i clear the invoice_report binary field?20:03
udonosharoon: hi. Just clear the invoice_report field in the database. Then automatically a new report is generated20:05
sharoonudono: thanks20:05
sharoonudono: a new error: ('Error', "Can't connect to (bootstrap)")20:10
cedksharoon: do you have Ooo installed on the server20:11
sharooncedk: yes20:12
cedksharoon: with pyuno?20:12
sharooncedk: checking20:12
Timitossharoon: maybe this is helpful for you:
sharoonTimitos: udono: cedkno luck :(20:25
cedksharoon: give more information: Ooo version, OS etc.20:29
sharooncedk: >>> import unohelper # installs import-hook20:30
sharoon>>> import openoffice.interact20:30
sharoon>>> import openoffice.officehelper as officehelper20:30
sharoon>>> from openoffice.streams import OutputStream20:30
sharoon>>> from import PropertyValue20:30
sharoon>>> desktop = openoffice.interact.Desktop()20:30
sharoonTraceback (most recent call last):20:30
sharoon  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>20:30
sharoon  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/openoffice_python-0.1_r34_20090228-py2.6.egg/openoffice/", line 75, in __init__20:30
sharoon    ctx = Context(pipename=pipename, host=host, port=port)20:30
sharoon  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/openoffice_python-0.1_r34_20090228-py2.6.egg/openoffice/", line 28, in __init__20:30
sharoon    host=host, port=port)20:30
sharoon  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/openoffice_python-0.1_r34_20090228-py2.6.egg/openoffice/", line 158, in bootstrap20:30
sharoon    context = connect(connectString)20:30
cedksharoon: have you Ooo headless20:32
sharooncedk: yes20:32
sharoonthe soffice becomes a zombie process and shows defunct on ps ax20:33
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cedksharoon: it seems like it can not listen21:12
sharooncedk: yes :(21:12
sharoondecided to install open office from source21:13
cedksharoon: you are on which Gnu/Linux distribution?21:19

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