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cedksharoon: hi, I did not well understand your tweet about Tryton and website21:26
cedksharoon: can you explain me?21:26
sharooncedk: i use tryton as a module for our website backend. Our customers can track status of a project and other details using the django app... but accounts and invoice was missing. We started using tryton for accounting last month and now i have interfaced it to django... so customers can see their invoices online21:27
sharooncedk: right now building the paypal payment feature so i can quickly get payments also21:27
cedksharoon: ok, I understand21:28
sharooncedk: the only screwup still remains not being able to generate pdfs21:28
cedksharoon: if you want you can make a news for the tryton website about your usage21:29
sharooncedk: i will write it up and snd you21:29
cedksharoon: great21:29
cedksharoon: yesterday, you did not answer me about your OS for pdf generation21:29
sharooncedk: ubuntu 9.1021:30
cedksharoon: is uno module compiled for the right python version?21:30
sharooncedk: i installed using apt21:30
cedksharoon: by the way, I think about adding your sale_opportunity module on the roadmap21:31
sharooncedk: :-)21:31
cedksharoon: sometimes I got issue with python interact because of dead soffice process21:32
sharooncedk: i am trying to figure out the issue, but did not have much time yesterday21:33
cedksharoon: so I need to kill soffice to get it works again21:33
sharooncedk: will let you know of any updates21:33
cedksharoon: it is sad that Ooo doesn't provide a library to make format conversion21:34
cedksharoon: but it seems it is a work in progress, I saw a talk at fosdem about ODF tools21:35
sharooncedk: agree, and inspite of the popularity PDF conversion is still a pain21:35
sharooncedk: great to hear that21:35
cedksharoon: but they progress very slowly because ODF is a big stuff21:35
sharooncedk: ok21:35
cedksharoon: so I think we can not expect something before 2 years21:36
sharooncedk: thats very long...21:36
cedksharoon: Ooo is developped by very few guys21:36
sharooncedk: ok21:36
cedksharoon: and I don't know how Oracle will handle Ooo21:37
sharooncedk: agree21:37
cedksharoon: perhaps we should look at koffice or abiword21:37
sharooncedk: never tried abiword21:38
cedksharoon: I just checked it seems they don't handle correctly ODF21:39
sharooncedk: :(21:39
cedksharoon: I also already thought about improving the current report engine to have more output format21:41
cedksharoon: because Ooo has really a lot of input/output format21:42
sharooncedk: i there no other way of converting to PDF after rendering be relatorio?21:42
sharoonbe* by21:42
cedksharoon: I have looked longtime but did not find anything21:43
sharooncedk: i wish there was some alternative21:44
cedksharoon: I wish ODF became a well know standard :-)21:46
cedksharoon: any way according to this
sharooncedk: i was surprised to see that office 2007 supports it... it opens an ODT21:47
cedksharoon: we will need to be able to generate directly pdf for very long report21:47
cedksharoon: yes it was announced, but according to the sun guy (at fosdem) there is no way to verify if it handles correctly21:48
sharooncedk: agree,21:48
cedkACTION go to lunch21:49
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mlhameltryton and zc.buildout22:28
mlhameldid you try it ?22:29
mlhamelI have a small problem with trytond's script22:29
mlhamelit seems that the bin dir is not packaged correctly22:29
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mlhamelbuildout bug... sorry22:47
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cedkmlhamel: what was the issue?23:36
mlhamelno problem it's just a bug in zc.buildout, the trytond scripts was not correctly copied in the bin dir23:37
mlhamelyour file was correctly made23:37
cedkmlhamel: don't know zc.buildout23:37
cedkmlhamel: ok fine23:37
mlhamelbuildout is build/deployement system in python23:38
mlhamelvery cool, and simple, which is something not common for a tools made by some zope guys23:38
mlhameloh by the, I was evaluation tryton for my company, very cool, and very clean23:39
mlhamelbut we really need a web interface23:39
mlhameldo you think it's something "easy" to port etiny for tryton ?23:39
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cedkmlhamel: I will not encourage to start from etiny23:40
cedkmlhamel: we have made some preparation for a coming web client23:41
mlhameland do you have a timeframe ?23:41
cedkmlhamel: we have perhaps the possibility to write one (not yet confirm)23:41
mlhamelI may be available for help if needed23:42
cedkmlhamel: what is your need for a web client?23:42
mlhamelIn fact, we are evaluating the possibility to replace our old erp system, and we need to be able to acces it from different sources23:42
mlhameland different computer23:42
mlhameland installing a software on all machine is not necessarly possible23:43
mlhamelin fact my boss ask to taked a look at openerp23:43
sharoonmlhamel: you have an update on
sharoonmlhamel: looks like your bug made it to the serious list, otherwise it would have been into the bin23:44
mlhamelyeah this is before i discovered tryton23:44
cedkmlhamel: sharoon had made some connection between tryton and a django website23:44
sharoonmlhamel: if you really want to use tryton as a system web for some limited functionality then its a 5 mins job once you have some html and css... just use tryton as a module23:45
mlhamelyou mean, sharoon created a kind of simple concept of web application in django23:45
sharoonmlhamel: i dint create a concept i used:
mlhamelyeah but I think I don't have a complete idea of the complexity to develop a equivalent client23:46
sharoonmlhamel: maintaining two clients according to me isnt a good idea23:46
cedkmlhamel: I have made a prototype with GWT and I estimate a full feature web client will take 2 months23:47
sharoonmlhamel: lot of pain like what Open ERP has... the webclient just sucks... can share some client abuses with you ;-)23:47
mlhamelyeah maybe you right but in fact I was contemplating the idea of having the less posible logic in the client and to make every needed parts23:47
cedksharoon: I started by making it working exactly the same as the GTK one23:47
mlhamelyou mean tryton client was not just a fork, you re-coded ?23:48
cedkmlhamel: we made some changes since openerp fork, to fix stuffs23:49
sharoonmlhamel: it 'was' a fork, but today tryton as a framework is much better than openobject, the framework that Open ERP works on.... technically much superior23:49
mlhamelyes this is exactly what I saw on your website that i liked23:49
cedksharoon: for me openobject is not yet a framework :-)23:49
mlhameleach module/component in a egg23:50
cedkmlhamel: everything is not yet fine but it is a work in progress23:50
mlhamela real python application and corretly package23:50
sharooncedk: sent something interesting to your mail23:50
cedkmlhamel: I wanted it (I'm a gentoo dev and I know how it can be difficult to distribute application)23:51
mlhamelhey  guys I have to go but I'll come back later cause I may have some other questions for you23:51
cedksharoon: not yet receive but we have greylisting23:51
cedkmlhamel: I think we will know for the webclient in one week23:52
mlhamelcool and as I says, if we can help...23:53
cedksharoon: received23:54
cedksharoon: what is the interesting part?23:54
sharooncedk: arent fables interesting?23:55
cedksharoon: always the same marketing blabla23:55
cedksharoon: I find the sun joke very funny23:56
sharooncedk: nothing serious anyway, just something to laugh about23:56
cedksharoon: ok did not understand you at first :-)23:56
sharooncedk: wanted to reply: rewrite 'Sun' by oracle23:57
cedksharoon: did you see my question about lock with mysql?23:57
sharooncedk: its a known issue right, and no solution yet23:57
cedksharoon: I thought about locking all tables23:57
cedksharoon: so it will behave like the sqlite backend23:58
sharooncedk: MySQL --- not for an ERP atleast!23:58
sharooncedk: even sqllite makes sense to me and same with NESO... but not sure if mysql is such an important idea23:59
cedksharoon: yes, I will not recommend it for large stuff23:59
sharoonnot even sure of its future23:59
cedksharoon: it was 1.5 days of dev and I found it was funny to do it at the same time OpenERP announce sun partnership with a SA branch that doesn't work23:59

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