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cedkplaes: I don't see what is your problem with the current translation process?00:14
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damieI am having trouble seting up Tryton can not find server, what am I doing wrong ?17:16
bechameldamie: check if posgres is running, test if the user running trytond can access postgres, check if trytond is running, check that the client try the correct host:port17:18
timitosdamie: how did you install tryton?17:19
damieI installed it by Ubuntu package manager17:21
damiewho do I check if these things are running ?17:21
damieI am quite new to ubuntu too17:21
timitosdamie: there is one problem with ubuntu packages. the installation cannot create the tryton user on postgres17:22
timitosdamie take a look in /usr/share/docs/tryton-server17:22
timitosdamie: hopefully there should be a README.Debian17:23
timitosin this document the creation of the tryton user in posgresql is described17:23
damieyes found it and now reading17:25
damiecan I come back if I get stuck17:25
damiethank you for the help17:25
timitosdamie: you are welcome17:25
damieI do not seem to have /etc/init.d/postgre* there17:30
plaesdo you even have postgresql installed?17:31
damieI think that may be true17:31
damiehow do I check?17:32
timitosdamie: which version of ubuntu is it? 9.10?17:32
damieubuntu 9.1017:32
timitosdamie: i think that postgresql is installed as you installed tryton with the packagemanagement17:32
timitosdamie: you need to have a look in /etc/init.d/17:33
timitosyou should look for something like postgresql*17:33
damiedo not have any thing like that17:34
timitoshm. strange17:34
yangoondamie: are you familiar with the command line?17:34
damienot that well but i'll have a go17:35
yangoonthen you could as root: dpkg -l|grep tryton17:36
yangoonand post the result to
damiePaste #18992917:38
yangoonhm, at least it shows that ubuntu is hanging quite back with package actualization...17:41
yangoondamie: you have to install postgres yourself17:41
yangoondamie apt-get install postgresql17:42
damieok thank you here I go17:42
yangoondamie or you configure your package manager to install Recommends, too.17:43
damiehave a problem Paste #18993417:44
timitosdamie: yangoon: i just tested the installation of tryton on ubuntu 9.10. it seems that postgresql is not installed automatically when tryton is installed17:45
timitosdamie: you need to install postgresql first17:45
damieok i'll uninstall tryton and start install postgre first17:46
yangoondamie you don't need to uninstall tryton17:46
timitosdamie: no do do not need to uninstall tryton17:47
bechamelalso, tryton != trytond, first is the client, second is the server17:53
damiewhere ?17:57
timitosbechamel: the package of trytond in ubuntu and debian is called tryton-server17:58
bechameltimitos: yes17:59
damieI just installed postgre and tryton-server still no luck18:05
timitosdamie: did you do the things from README.Debian?18:07
yangoondamie: did you do the configuration steps in README.Debian18:07
yangoonand restart the servers?18:07
bechamelyangoon vs timitos 1:1 :)18:07
damierestart  ok18:08
damiewill go and do that next back soon18:09
damieThank you all for putting up with this thick person (Damie-me)18:09
timitosdamie: np18:10
damieRight getting further but can on do postgres commands fron line commarnd18:21
damieam I making a meal out of it ? should it be straight forward ?18:22
timitosdamie: you need to put a "sudo" before the postgres comand: "sudo su - postgres -c ".....18:25
damiesorry why putting sudo and than su ,I removed su and replaced it with sudo18:28
timitosbecause only with sudo you can su to postgres18:30
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