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paepkecedk, had you read the last entry in mozilla bugilla regarding calendar issue? i can't answer that question: For the tryton server the inbox and calendar uri is the same. When deleting the10:37
paepkeitem, i saw that normal items also have isInboxItem = true. Is this correct? Or10:37
paepkeare there more issues?10:37
paepkecedk, sorry, the last three posts should be only one.10:39
cedkpaepke: I don't know what is "isInboxItem = true"10:39
paepkecedk, me neither...10:40
cedkpaepke: do you have a link to the patch commited?10:41
paepkethey have the patch attached to the last entry.
cedkpaepke: we put the inbox in the same uri than the calendar10:44
cedkpaepke: it is allowed by the spec for what I understood10:45
cedkpaepke: like you can see there is a comment about SOGo in the patch10:46
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paepkecedk, i don't think they have a problem with the inbox. they are wondering about the isInboxItem. well maybe its the same cause of the inbox and calender sharing the same uri.11:01
paepkecedk, anyway. i just applied the patch to my testing vm and it worked. i can now delete the appointments. the slash is not in the delete request11:02
paepkecedk, is now in the delete request.11:02
paepkecedk, sorry, typo.11:02
cedkpaepke: isInboxItem is not something that comes from the CalDAV spec11:06
cedkpaepke: so I don't know what it is nor what is his purpose11:07
cedkpaepke: but if it works with the patch, I think we could assume the issue is fixed11:07
paepkecedk, maybe the isInboxItem should change after being parsed by the tryton server?11:11
cedkpaepke: Tryton server will never saw this11:12
paepkecedk, i just asked this question at bugzilla. waiting for answer.11:12
paepkepaepke, not?11:12
paepkecedk, not?11:12
paepkecedk, but it will parse the .ics file.11:13
cedkpaepke: "isInboxItem" is not part of the ics format11:14
paepkecedk, oh. sorry.11:14
paepkecedk, but where did they get that from? maybe another issue with lightning?11:15
cedkpaepke: I don't know, I think it is an internal variable of sunbird11:16
cedkpaepke: could you update the issue1385?11:16
paepkecedk, yes, i'll do11:17
paepkecedk, closed or invalid?11:18
cedkpaepke: closed with the link to the patch11:21
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paepkecedk, ok. done.11:23
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Timitoscedk: i struggling a little bit with unittests15:52
Timitoscedk: i would like to use a wizard in my test. but the RPCProxy does not support this.15:52
Timitosso i need a the session to use the wizard over net-rpc15:53
Timitosbut it seems that i have some problems to fetch the session correctly into my test skript15:53
Timitoscedk: could you just give me a hint how i can do such thing in an easy way?15:54
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Timitoscedk: forget it. i saw that this is only for 1.4 a problem.16:41
cedkTimitos: here is an example of wizard call:
Timitoscedk: yes. i already saw this17:03
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Damie_good afternoon18:17
Damie_I am still working hard18:17
Damie_I seem not to have trytond installed how do I install it18:17
udonoDamie_: hey18:18
udonoDamie_: what is the problem?18:18
Damie_I get this message "bash: /etc/init.d/trytond: No such file or directory"18:19
udonoDamie_: how did you try to install?18:19
udonoDamie_: was it ubuntu?18:19
Damie_postgresql then tryton-client then tryton-server18:19
Damie_yes 9.1018:20
Damie_can tryton use mySQL18:20
yangoonDamie: you must use '/etc/init.d/tryton-server start' to start the server18:21
Damie_server started18:22
udonoDamie_: yes, you can use mySQL. But mySQL is the youngster of trytons databases. So expect some isues.18:22
yangoonudono: he has 1.218:22
udonoDamie_: btw. which Version of Tryton you use18:23
udonoyangoon: Damie_: oh, so no mysql, sorry18:23
Damie_1.2 I think18:23
cedkDamie_: mysql support only for trunk and it is slower then postgresql or SQLite18:24
Damie_I have MySQL running but I want the most stable18:24
udonoDamie_: so choose postgres18:24
Damie_is there a better distro to use for this18:24
Damie_than Ubuntu to18:25
yangoonDamie_: tryton packages in ubuntu come from debian, they are much more up-to-date in debian18:27
Damie_thank you18:29
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cedkDamie_: if you want packages here is the list of known distribution packages
cedkDamie_: if you don't care about package, you can use any distribution that has package for dependencies18:36
udonoDamie_: When starting with Tryton the most stable version is always the latest release (which is for now version 1.4 and next month version 1.6). anyway cedk is maintaining some older releases (including your 1.2) of Tryton, too.18:39
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