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checheI am trying to test Tryton, but I am not able to connect to the server localhost:8070. Do I need to create a databse using postgres?11:47
chechetryton 1.511:47
cedkcheche: you can create it from the client11:48
cedkcheche: did you run the server?11:48
checheyes i did on another console11:48
cheche[Mon Apr 05 11:46:50 2010] INFO:database:connect to "template1"11:48
chechethis is what i get11:48
cedkcheche: so you must have a "create" button in the login windows11:49
checheok. lets resume. Download code using hg. run "python install"  for both trytond and tryton11:49
chechecedk:  under database I have create, but it ask for the tryton server passwd11:50
cedkcheche: default is "admin"11:51
checheok. testing...11:51
checheok. found the issue11:53
chechein other of tryton to work you need to run it as postgres user11:53
checheor a user with enought permissions.11:53
cedkcheche: you must configure in etc/trytond.conf the database access11:54
chechecedk: there is not a single hint on the INSTALL file.. checking that file right now.11:55
checheok. I have create a prueba database thanks cedk. how do I create a company?12:05
cedkcheche: in the menu "Party>Configuration>Company"12:06
chechecedk: I think that I must miss some modules... do I need to install the company module?12:09
cedkcheche: yes12:10
chechethere is no something like basic pack right?. What would be the basic modules for sales12:18
cedkcheche: sale12:18
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checheis this the right way of installing modules:12:40
chechecasa:/home/cheche/projectos/tryton/modules# rsync -av * /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/trytond-1.5.0-py2.5.egg/trytond/modules/12:40
cedkcheche: I don't understand12:42
cedkcheche: if you go with the installation process, just install modules you need12:42
chechehow do you install modules?12:42
checheI copied withtin trytond/modules, but they do not get installed.12:43
cedkcheche: like you install trytond and tryton12:43
checheso copied to /usr/lib/pythond/site-packages12:43
checheok. testing12:43
checheupsss sorry, I thought that they were to be something diferent12:45
cedkcheche: no, run python install12:48
chechecedk: thanks, I think that I got it working. I want to redo a fresh install, how do I uninstall it?12:51
cedkcheche: but it is not necessary required to install Tryton to run it, see
cedkcheche: there is no uninstall with setuptools12:51
chechewell, I guess that rm -r /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/tryton* should be ok right?12:57
cedkcheche: I think13:02
cedkcheche: but it is better to use the package manager of your distribution (if it provides Tryton)13:03
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chechecedk: the trouble is that debian only has the tryton package on testing, and I am in stable.13:47
dbacheche: how urgend to you need it?13:54
checheoh, I am just testing Tryton. I used to be the project lead for openerp but I could really use it. I am using right now but I am not 100% with the way things are going...13:56
checheso I wanted to test tryton that is all.13:57
dbacheche: if you wait about 30min, i'll push the lenny backports to tryton.debian-maintainers.org13:57
yangoondba: :)13:57
dbai've worked on that yesterday, but didn't finished it before going to bed :)13:57
checheI can wait.13:58
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dba.oO(works now.. uploading, and test-installing.)14:26
dbacheche: it needs a couple of other backports (python-setuptools, python-vobject),14:45
dbathose you can, until they are in the repository, directly take from unstable without rebuilding,14:46
dbaand the tryton packages are in the repository for lenny listed at
dba(or use pinning, and you'll don't need to do anything by hand)14:50
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chechedba: well, I must have something wrong, because it worked like a charm! I did not need to update  the python-setuptools, python-vobject, is there anyting I can do to ensure that i did right?16:19
dbacheche: well, you didn't install any modules..16:36
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chechedba: I did, but I did not reported on the page... doing right now..18:00
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chechehow do I change the workflow to simplify the sales managment?19:54
cedkcheche: it depends, it is quite hazy as question20:00
chechehazy > lazy?20:00
checheI am testing tryton as a simple sales managment app20:00
checheI want to create invoices an print them20:00
cedkcheche: so perhaps use directly invoice instead of sale20:02
checheI can Create a sale quoation > then sale confirmed > then inventory mangement...20:02
checheI think that I want to skip the inventory managment.20:02
cedkcheche: so use only invoice20:03
cedkcheche: sale exists to link accounting and stock management20:03
checheok, I have to deinstall tryton-modules-sale then20:04
chechejejeje, I am first:
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udonocheche: Hi, you can modify the invoice.odt for state Proforma to a sales order like invoice.22:23
checheudono: I have got a bit confuse  about the tryton workflow. for customer sale I would expect:  Quote, Proforma and  invoice22:28
checheAfter the invoice, I would expect the payment workflow22:29
checheWhere the payment could be cash, wire transfer and diferent dates and % of the total invoice. I do not know If you know what I mean.22:30

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