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checheI am trying to print my first invoice but I get an error saying "no period defeind for this date"13:13
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yangooncheche: you can do it under 'Fiscal Years'13:14
checheyangoon: thanks, BTW what are those secuence all about?13:19
checheIt complains about debit account on journal missing.13:21
checheIs there a way for me to donwload the Open chart of accounts and Chart of taxes for Spain?13:22
paepkecheche, the sequences are for invoice numbers and stuff. to have the different vouchers separated.13:31
paepkecheche, spain chart of accountd don't know.13:31
chechepaepke: what is the meaning of Post Move sequence?13:33
udonocheche: hi,13:34
checheI do understant customer invoice and supplier invoice. but I am not sure what is the meaning of credit note sequence13:34
chechehi udono13:34
paepkecheche, credit note is when you get back some supplied goods. and you have to pay back the customer. and vice versa.13:35
checheah ok.13:36
udonocheche: Post move sequence is the numbering format of the accounting moves. A move contains one or more move lines. moves are like the atoms of accounting. Their balance must be zero.13:36
chechegot it.13:36
yangooncheche COA for Spain -> aks to carlos13:36
chechecarlos at ?13:38
yangooncheche:  yes13:38
checheyangoon: ok, I have drop him and email13:40
checheudono: how do you import that module under tryton?13:44
udonocheche: go to and download them as zip or tar.gz13:45
udonocheche: then you need to put the modules into the trytond/modules folder13:46
checheudono: I guess that the right folder is this one: /usr/share/python-support/tryton-server/trytond/modules/13:48
udonocheche: I don't know, but it looks good13:49
yangooncheche: you didi install by, correct?13:49
checheno, I used the debian packages that dba set up yesterday.13:51
udonocheche: ... and be warned: these modules are not released yet. Expect any kind of problems...13:51
checheudono: I am just evaluating the program13:51
checheI want to know: How easy is to replace as a sales managment.13:52
chechefor a small company13:55
checheI found very very easy to setup tryton with those packages. but I got a bit lost, my intention is at least docummented on my blog ... so no worries if something does not quite work13:57
udonocheche: where to find your blog?13:59
udonosorry, Ic14:01
checheI do not know how to install that account module14:04
checheI have got this error:14:04
checheerror: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('trytond<0.10')14:04
checheERROR:modules:account_es_2008:Module not found!14:05
udonocheche: so the module seems to old14:06
udonocheche: are you willing to edit text files with an editor?14:06
udonocheche: which version of tryton you use?14:07
checheTryton 1.4.314:07
udonocheche: edit modules/account_es_2008/ and replace 'version'... with 'version': '1.4.0',14:08
udonocheche: but I am unsure if the containing data in the module really work for trytond version 1.4.0...14:09
checheerror: Setup script exited with error: build/bdist.linux-i686-py2.5_ucs4/dumb/egenix_mx_base-3.1.3-py2.5.egg-info: Is a directory14:11
checheudono: just a question... to create and print an invoice is this Chart needed?14:12
udonocheche: which you are using: account_es_abbreviated or account_es_regular ?14:12
udonocheche: no, you always can use the included minimal account chart14:12
udonocheche: you need a localized chart only for serious bookkeeping...14:13
checheudono: account_es_abbreviated as I thought that could be more simple14:13
checheok, udono, if I want to print an invoice what should be the standard procedure that I need to follow.14:14
checheAfter you install all the requiered modules14:14
checheI create the company info14:15
udonocheche: ok. So when you only want to test invoice, just create a fiscal year and create sequences and periods.14:15
udonoall be done under Financial Management > configuration > fiscalyear14:15
checheI just did that14:16
udonocheche: ok, do you have a customer party?14:16
checheI did one for testing14:16
udonocheche: create a payment term for this party under the parties tab accounting14:17
udonocheche: sth like 10 days net14:17
checheI did a cash payment 0 days and 100%14:18
udonocheche: the percentages are used for partial payings. better use for the beginning: remainder 0 days, Net days14:20
checheok. diferent ERP use diferent way to achive the same.14:21
udonocheche: did the party have account_payable and account_receivable setup?14:21
udonocheche: also in tab accounting14:22
checheok. I am creating a new database with all your steps... sorry if I am a vbit slow.14:23
udonocheche: o need for a new database... but if you like.14:24
checheudono: thanks, But mostly I want to documented what is supposed to be the correct procedure14:25
chechecreating a user is a must?14:26
udonocheche: yes14:27
udonocheche: Great when you document the first install procedure for creating an invoice in Tryton !14:28
udonocheche: applying a company and a chart of accounts and the default accounts in the first install wizard is also highly recommended14:30
checheok. just one question when create an invoice what is the account Main cash?14:32
udonocheche: where to find?14:33
udonocheche: main cash is the account of your bank or cash book for payments.14:34
checheFinancial M > New Invoice14:34
udonocheche: you mean on tab Other Info, Account14:35
checheon Invoice Line for each product you have an account14:36
udonocheche: ah, ok. Here you put main Revenue14:38
udonoACTION hopefully14:39
checheudono: ok, is just that looks odd14:39
checheI think that on the first setup wizard the fiscal years should be added.14:40
checheok. I am going to get a break... come back later.14:41
udonocheche: see you14:41
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checheWhat is the meaning of: The debit account on journal is missing!15:28
checheDo I need to create a debit account?15:29
udonocheche: journal is Revenue?15:35
checheHow do I find out? I can click on journal an 4 types of journals are created.  Cash; Expense; Revenue ; Stock;15:39
checheFinantial M> Configuration> Journals15:40
checheI get this error when I am trying to get an invoice pay I select Cash as the payment15:41
checheBut I have not define any Default credit account of Default debit Account15:43
checheBut I have not define any Default credit account of Default debit Account on the Type of Payment15:43
udonocheche: so you can post an invoice?15:51
udonocheche: the problem coms on pay invoice?15:51
checheudono: the problem comes on pay invoice.. To fixed I need to go to open the Cash Journal and select Default credit account15:57
checheWhat should be the right value on Default credit account?15:58
udonocheche: yes, I understand. Our rule of thumb is to have for each bank account or petty cash you use, creating an own cash journal with own default accounts.15:58
checheso I need to create another Journal for Cash/Bank account right?16:00
udonocheche: yes, this would be good16:01
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checheThe only way of translate invoice.odt is modifing that file right?17:24
udonocheche: no17:41
udonocheche: try to play with the language of your customer party, and create a new invoice with him17:42
udonocheche: tryton has a very sophisticated translation process for reports.17:42
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udonocheche: spanish language is already included in the report translation.17:44
checheudono: ok. Learning right now.. What is the meaing of invoice on the party form?17:44
udonocheche: "of invoice on the party form" has no meaning ;-)17:44
udonocheche: ah, ic17:45
udonocheche: it has a meaning: an adress marked with invoice will be used as invoice adress17:45
chechegot it17:46
udonocheche: but try out the language selector below and create a new invoice or print a draft invoice.17:46
chechestrange wording anyway. you have as well on addresses:" Set to default value; Set as default; "  a bit misleading17:47
udonocheche: this is explained in the client doc17:48
udono/is/should be/17:49
checheudono: sorry about that... I am asking too much.17:49
cheche is not finished yet.. but close..17:50
checheis in spanish sorry....17:50
udonocheche: having the sam in german language :-)17:50
udonocheche: after release we could try to put our stuff together in english language.17:51
chechesure!, I mean, I can write in english that page as well, but creating the images is a bit tedious.17:51
udonocheche:  you can set user side defaults for all fields in forms. So "set as default" set the actual content of a field as a default for this fild in further use.17:52
checheplus, I am only trying to test this software for basic usage17:52
udonocheche: yeah, no problem.17:52
checheudono: thanks for the tip there... Well I think that "invoice" need to be expanded for people to understant17:53
udonoSet to 'default value' can be used when you have put other contents to a field and want to re-set the default value.17:53
udonocheche: yes, we need a lot of tooltips17:54
checheudono: do you think that i can open a bug for this?, I think that only expand it to "use for invoice" should be enough17:55
checheudono: still not able to see the invoice in spanish...17:57
udonocheche: Iam unsure. As a field name I find invoice enough. As a tool tip it could be 'Mark this address as the invoice address'17:57
udonocheche: did you create a new invoice?17:57
udonoit must be in state draft.17:58
udonocheche: an already posted or paied invoice will not be changing17:58
checheudono: well, somehow I need the invoice to be in spanish.. I want to print something that makes sense to customers :)17:59
udonocheche: It is no problem in Tryton. Iam very sure it works, since I used it last week on the open Expo exibition.18:00
udonocheche: what is your language you use in tryton?18:01
udonocheche: and the client shows everything in spanish?18:02
chechewell, I have change so I can explain to you the names.. maybe I need to logout18:02
udonocheche: which language you choose at database creation?18:02
chechepufff..... not sure... I have create a few data bases...18:03
checheSpanish... is on the image on the blog..18:03
udonoCheck Administration > localisation > languages. Spanish need to have set the translatable flag.18:03
checheyes, it has18:04
udonocheche: looks spanish to me18:05
checheok... maybe I have screw up somehow... hold on18:05
udonocheche: choose on the party language español, save the party and try to create a new invoice.18:06
udonocheche: other possibility is that you need to start Administration > localisation > Set report translations18:07
checheThe party did not have any language...18:08
udonocheche: on party, tab 'general' there is a selection 'idioma'18:09
udonoin spanish language...18:10
udonocheche: afk bbl18:13
checheudono: ?18:16
checheudono: looks like is working now the invoice in spanish18:18
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chechejeje, is on google:
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udonocheche: that's quick18:35
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chechehow do you import products/invoices on tryton?20:31
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chechecarlos:  I have sent you an email...23:55
chechewhat is the right procedure to change the invoice document, It looks a bit basic.23:56

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