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carloscheche, I'm leaving to sleep, however, you can see an example about how to change the invoice document with the module:
carlosthat's my prefered way to do it00:21
chechethanks carlos00:21
carlosthere is another way, which is doing it directly on the database00:21
carlosbut I don't remember the details now00:21
chechewell, it is mostly putting a logo and some colour... plus the observations.00:22
carloscheche, for the logo00:23
carlosyou should override header_A4.odt00:23
carlosso it's reused in several documents00:23
chechecarlos: ok00:24
carlosas an example, I have a custom module named 'company_pemas' with the customisations for my company00:24
carloswhich basically is the header and the invoice override to match our image style00:24
checheok, I see but that is on the company module00:25
chechedo you open with oowriter?00:25
carlosyeah, I edit in in OpenOffice00:25
carlosthose are templates editables in openoffice00:26
carloswith relatorio 'code' that extracts the data from the database00:26
chechehow do edit those without know that you screw up00:27
carloswell... being careful and check it first on a staging/development server00:27
checheok. you know that odt is xml so I thought that you were editing some how00:28
carloscheche, just as an example, this is the invoice.xml file I use in my company_pemas module to override the header and the invoice templates:00:29
carloscheche, I'm not so crazy ;-)00:29
checheok... learning.00:29
carlostime to sleep....00:30
carlossee you tomorrow!00:31
checheokk bye!00:31
carloscheche, btw, welcome, I was feeling alone working/using Tryton in Spain  :-P00:31
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dubskiHello,  I'm having trouble running trytond.  Getting address already in use error.  Have searched for a while and can't find a solution.  IPV6 is listening on the port but disabling that only causes IPV4 to take over.  This is on Ubuntu 10.04 Any ideas?01:06
udonodubski: maybe tryton or open-erp is already running?01:27
dubski/etc/init.d/tryton-server status says trytond is not running.01:28
dubskinot running open-erp01:31
chechedubski: test using netstat -an | grep LISTEN01:31
dubskitcp6       0      0 :::8070                 :::*                    LISTEN01:32
dubskithat's the only thing on that port.01:33
chechethen something is there...01:34
chechenetstat -anp | grep LISTEN | grep 807001:34
checheit will tell you the process id01:34
chechedubski: ok, so that process is running...01:35
dubskiah ha01:35
checheso the status command lies01:35
checheyou can kill that process01:35
checheyou can kill that process if you llike01:36
dubskidone.  thanks.  that has fixed it for me.01:36
dubskiwell, fixed that part at least.  Server is running but client won't connect.01:39
chechedubski: what is the error?01:41
dubski"Database: Could not connect to server!"02:23
dubskido I need to manually create DB? or is there a setup script?02:24
udonodubski: you can create the database with the tryton client. But first you need to connect.02:26
udonodubski: is there a firewall between server and client?02:27
dubskiah ha.  OK.  it's trying to connect to localhost:8070 so that seems correct.  server says it's running. login window is giving the connection error.02:28
dubskino firewall.  unless Ubuntu 10.04 comes standard with one.  I'll check.02:28
chechedubski: are you able to check this file: /usr/share/doc/tryton-server/README.Debian02:29
cheche     # su - postgres -c "createuser --createdb --no-createrole \02:29
cheche          --no-superuser --pwprompt tryton"02:29
cheche Adjust /etc/trytond.conf to reflect the setup of your system02:29
dubskicheers.  I'll take a look.02:30
dubskiuncommented "netport = 8070" , restarted server.  same problem.  I was unable to auth when I tried the su command above.  postgresql is installed.02:36
dubskialso netstat is telling me that python is listening on that port again.  no mention of Tryton.02:42
udonodubski: can you paste your server log on paste.pocoo.org03:52
udonodubski: what gives #ps aux|grep trytond03:52
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udonodubski: or #ps aux|grep python03:53
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dubskiGTG.  Thanks for your help guys.07:50
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chechehow do yu0o import invoice /customer data from other erp?14:19
checheudono: I saw that page, but I guess that I need to dig a bit more..14:36
udonocheche: BTW I promise importing invoice data will be very hard. Since all accounting software I know use different models for accounting and invoice, and all are still complex.14:39
checheok, but customer data is easy right?14:40
udonocheche: yes, they could be much easier14:41
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