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cedkpaepke_: windows exe to test10:32
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cedkpaepke: did you see the link to test win exe?12:32
paepkecedk, no. just read the irc log. i'll give it a test.12:33
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Mayank_OLI have tryton 1.4 on my system. I want to upgrade it to 1.6 .12:54
Mayank_OLI used hg fupdate for doing this. Now when i try to start the tryton-server i get an error:12:54
Mayank_OLfrom trytond.pyson import Bool, Not, Eval12:54
Mayank_OLImportError: No module named pyson12:54
Mayank_OLhow can i get this pyson module??12:54
yangoonMayank_OL: how did you do the whole update?13:01
paepkecedk, bad news. i cannot run the 1.6-windows client. when running from command prompt i got straight back to the command and some seconds with an hourglass.13:01
Mayank_OLyangoon: i had changed the version in to 1.613:02
Mayank_OLand than i ran it in terminal13:02
paepkecedk, tested on two machines. both had already a 1.4 client installed13:02
yangoonMayank_OL: if you downloaded with tryton-dev, you have to do first hg fpull13:03
yangoonthen hg fup13:03
yangoonthen update your databases after server and client restart13:04
Mayank_OLyangoon: i have done hg fpull and hg fupdate13:06
Mayank_OLyangoon: but now on starting server i get the erro of pyson13:07
yangoonMayank_OL: exact error? do have installed python-simplejson?13:08
Mayank_OLyangoon: no13:09
Mayank_OLyangoon: i have installed it now, and on starting server13:10
Mayank_OLfrom trytond.pyson import Bool, Not, Eval13:10
Mayank_OLImportError: No module named pyson13:10
yangoonMayank_OL: please paste whole log on a pastebin13:10
yangoonMayank_OL: did you download in the same directory as the previous 1.4?13:14
Mayank_OLyangoon: yes13:14
yangoonMayank_OL: release is not yet finished13:15
yangoonprobably you have still 1.4 modules in this installation13:15
yangoonyou should download a new release to a diferent place anyway13:16
Mayank_OLyangoon: what should i do to install 1.6 version13:16
yangoonMayank_OL: wait until release, if you need modules not yet released13:16
yangoonMayank_OL: or use trunk, which currently == almost 1.613:20
Mayank_OLyangoon: if i use trunk , than can i use my old 1.4 repository13:22
yangoonMayank_OL: repository?13:22
Mayank_OLyangoon: sorry, directory13:22
yangoonMayank_OL: if you move out all 1.4 related stuff, yes13:23
cedkpaepke: ok I think it misses simplejson13:35
cedkMayank_OL: I think you should wait that I finished the release because for now the repositories are not all at the same version13:37
cedkMayank_OL: I should finish it tonight or tomorrow13:37
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paepkecedk, ping me, when you have the new windows clients ready to test14:04
cedkpaepke: done at the same urls14:04
paepkecedk, ok. i'll try it now14:04
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cedkpaepke: I upload a new one14:12
paepkecedk, ah good. cause it didn't work. i was investigating some proxy-issues.14:12
paepkecedk, this one works. it just came up. i'm clicking around14:13
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paepkecedk, everything looks good. both binaries14:25
cedkpaepke: ok14:30
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cedkudono: I can not publish release on pypi for account_de_skr0322:57
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