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cedkudono: I can not publish release on pypi for account_de_skr0313:24
udonocedk: ok, I'll do13:25
cedkudono: or you can give me access13:25
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cedkudono: you must register the right version13:26
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udonocedk: yes, thanks13:26
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udonocedk: I give you maintainer access to account_de_skr03.13:50
cedkudono: ok thx13:51
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cedkpaepke: could you test again the exe17:27
cedkI have tried better fix then previously17:28
paepkecedk, ok. give me a second.17:29
paepkecedk, do i need to check something special? or only if it starts17:32
cedkpaepke: if it starts17:33
paepkecedk, ok. both binaries start or installs & start17:35
cedkpaepke: thx17:37
cedkpaepke: I will have also neso to test17:38
paepkecedk, ok. gimme a  link17:38
cedkACTION generate neso exe17:40
paepkecedk, doesn't start18:02
paepkecedk, really 1.5?18:02
cedkpaepke: it is not the issue18:03
paepkecedk, ok. i can't get any error out of the .exe18:06
cedkpaepke: uploaded a new one18:12
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paepkecedk, doesn't work18:15
paepkecedk, bbl. just send me a pm and i'll test neso.18:55
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cedkincore: hi23:18
cedkincore: good to see you here23:18
incorecedk: hello back, it's my first time in irc for almost 10 years23:18
cedkincore: I find it is a better place to discuss then on twitter23:19
incoredefinitely! it's kinda hard to express things in 140 chars23:20
incorewell - would you have a minute for a principal question?23:20
cedkincore: I use twitter because some people are only there otherwise I will never23:20
cedkincore: yes23:21
incorecedk: OK, as you might have read from our previous messages and tweets, we're about to implement a patient record and time scheduling system for physicians23:22
incorecedk: in fact, that was our motivation to look into the Medical module for OpenERP23:23
cedkincore: yes23:23
cedkincore: and I suggested you to port it on Tryton23:24
incorecedk: ..while Medical is great for the situation in developing countries, it is not really suitable for use within the EU - that's due to national social insurance regulations23:24
cedkincore: what is wrong?23:25
incorecedk: that's exactly what I would like to do, but in a much more lightweight fashion23:25
incorecedk: well, in Austria for for example you have to implement a certain Java-based API into _every_ medical system that should/could be sold to a physician23:26
cedkincore: are you sure of that? I find strange to link to programing language23:27
incorecedk: that is because the whole financial administration of any medical treatment is done centrally within the national social insurance system23:28
incorecedk: yep, they have published an API23:28
incorecedk: ..but that's not my point23:28
cedkincore: yes, I understand that it requires to export data in a specific format but it must not be linked to Java23:28
cedkincore: do you have links to API?23:29
incorecedk: yup -you're right, you don't have to implement it in Java. what I wanted to say is that the API itself is java-based23:29
incorecedk: yes, in principle I have some documentation for that API (however I don't have it available now)23:30
incorecedk: so linking that API is a future project23:31
incorecedk: what I sould like to do as a start is to simply implement a patient record together with a time scheduling system for physicians23:32
incorecedk: what we did so far is that we started implementing it as a module for OpenERP but we got stuck with the time scheduling23:33
cedkincore: that is doable in Tryton23:33
cedkincore: you should extend party to include patient data23:33
cedkincore: and you can use CalDAV for scheduling23:33
cedkincore: CalDAV means calendar module23:34
incorecedk: the thins is that the system needs to be as simple as possible for the physician's assistants, ie somebody calls the physician, wants to fix an appointment for - say in a week's time-23:34
incoreand the assistant has to process the appointment, the kind of treatment and (if not already available) the patient's data23:35
incorecedk: so my problem is that I need a simple application that can fulfill these requirements.23:36
cedkincore: I suggest you to use CalDAV with CardDAV like that you will have patient information in the address book23:36
incorecedk: I really like the idea and principle of CalDAV, but in my understanding that would mean that the assistant would have to switch forth and between different appications?23:38
incorecedk: ie processing the patient data within tryton, while managing the appointments within any calendar tool that speaks CalDAV23:38
cedkincore: it depends23:39
cedkincore: if patient data is only contact information then it can be done with CardDAV23:39
incorecedk: in OpemERP the assistant has only one application - the client that has the calendar integrated23:39
incoreno it's not, it also holds all information on previous treatments, insurance etc.23:40
cedkincore: except that in OpenERP the calendar is a crappy stuff23:41
incorecedk: I hope my explanation was not too confusing for you.23:41
incorecedk: YEP. I totally agree with you.23:41
incorecedk: there we had the problem hat usually a treatment takes 10-15 minutes23:42
cedkincore: so I prefer having two application opened then one crappy23:42
incorecedk: but the OpenERP calendar does not allow to stretch the time axis in a way that one can really distinguish these short appointments in day view23:43
cedkincore: and people are familiar to switch into calendar application23:43
cedkincore: like for emails23:43
cedkincore: yes that is why it is better to have a real calendar application which was build for this purpose23:44
cedkincore: like sunbird or evolution23:44
incorecedk: ok, assuming we use CalDAV, is there a way to give different categories to events?23:45
cedkincore: or even outlook if works23:45
incorecedk: we need that to distinguish different treantments23:45
cedkincore: yes, do you have sunbird or lightning ?23:46
incorecedk: yup, every now and then I use sunbird to check Google Calendar events23:47
cedkincore: so you will have the same event windows to edit23:47
incorecedk: so I would need to associate CalDAV events with a) a distinct patient and b) a certain type of treatment23:48
cedkincore: treatment could be categories23:49
cedkincore: and patient will be linked by attendees (email)23:49
cedkincore: so the system shoudl generate an internal email for patients23:50
incorecedk: sorry, I did't get that23:50
incorecedk: treatment -> category OK23:50
incorecedk: patient ?23:51
cedkincore: in CalDAV world to link an event to external people it uses attendees23:52
cedkincore: and attendees are generaly identified by their email addresses23:52
cedkincore: but I think it can be any string23:53
incorecedk: ok, I understand23:53
cedkincore: but calendar application propose email autocompletion bases on address book23:53
cedkincore: so with the party_vcarddav you will retrieve patient in address book23:54
incorecedk: ok...23:54
cedkincore: but as you will need an email and I guess that physicians do not have it, Tryton will need to generate one for internal purpose23:55
incorecedk: yep23:55
incorecedk: does the party_vcarddav update the address book automatically upon adding a new party?23:56
cedkincore: yes of course23:56
cedkincore: but you need a calendar client that supports carddav also23:56
cedkincore: lightning will do23:57
incorecedk: ok, i've only tried lightning once on linux. i guess windows binaries are available23:57
incorecedk: ..because all this stuff has to run under windows23:58
cedkincore: ligthning is in 1.0beta123:59

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