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cedktryton for macosx to test:
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cedkTimitos: hi, do you know if udono has progressed on the demo database?11:48
Timitoscedk: sorry. i do not know anything about that. he will be back tomorrow11:50
cedkTimitos: ok I will use the current one and we will update it later12:33
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cedkudono: has you progresses on the demo database?16:18
udonocedk: ?16:19
udonocedk: I don't understand your question.16:19
cedkudono: you told that you will build a demo database16:20
udonocedk: you mean ?16:21
cedkudono: yes16:22
cedkudono: it could be used for the demo server16:22
udonocedk: I didn't get a comment about this, so I skip the idea for later discussion on the milinglist.16:24
cedkudono: ok16:26
cedkudono: I have starting to think about a python library that could act like a client16:26
cedkudono: it could be used to write a python script that fill the database16:26
udonocedk: sounds good.16:27
cedkudono: so for the release I will update the demo database of 1.416:28
udonocedk: Yes, this is the best solution for now.16:29
cedkACTION uploading neso-1.6.0.dmg on personal webpage17:42
cedkneso on macos to test:
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