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cedkincore: it works with thunderbird 3.100:00
incorecedk: just checked the website. should run on windows.00:00
incorecedk: so the workflow would be as follows:00:01
cedkincore: I use previous version for caldav every day (not yet upgrade)00:01
incorecedk: patient calls, assistant enters patient data in tryton windows client, then switches to thunderbird and checks next available date for a treatment00:02
incorecedk: once they agreed on a date and time, assistant enters appointment, assigns a treatment category and the patient as attendee00:03
incorecedk: would you agree?00:03
cedkincore: yes00:04
incorecedk: cool. so that should work relatively straight out of the box with tryton.00:05
incorecedk: the onlu thing we need to extend is party00:05
incorecedk: and implement a module for the treatment and insurance stuff.00:06
cedkincore: and I suggest also to make a relate button from party to event related00:06
incorecedk: yup, having a treatment and appointment history is a good point.00:08
cedkincore: you can also historize changes on patient00:08
incorecedk: the other issue was related to managing the assistants' time sheets and leave plans00:09
incorecedk: we had planned to do that with OpenERP's hr_ modules00:09
cedkincore: I suggest also to use an inherits to extend party instead of adding fields to party00:09
incorecedk: yes, of course. inherit is always better than extend...00:10
cedkincore: I'm not sure you understood what I mean00:10
cedkincore: I said store patient data in an other table then party_party00:10
cedkincore: but any way, we could help by reviewing00:11
incorecedk: yes, that is what we also had in our OpenERP version of the module.00:11
cedkincore: could you explain more about the timesheet?00:11
cedkincore: what is required?00:11
incorecedk: what they want is a timesheet record of the physician's assistants, ie when did they come to work, when did they leave00:12
incorecedk: and in addition to that a schedule for the assistans' holidays00:13
incorecedk: ...which is in my understanding exactly what OpenERP's hr_timesheed module does00:14
cedkincore: first one is not a timesheet but an attendance if you just need to know signin/signout00:15
cedkincore: for holidays, you can simply create a calendar for it00:16
incorecedk: ok, at the end of the the month they want a list of all assstants with sign in/ sign out times and total hours worked00:16
incorecedk: ideally comibined with # of treatments they assisted for every day00:17
cedkincore: how do you know treatments assistance?00:19
incorecedk: treatment assistance is an optional feature, it should be possible to assign an assistant to each treatment record, so once the patient is here the status of the appointment changes from "scheduled" to "done" and one assistantis assigned to that specific treatment00:21
incorecedk: but that's not necessary for the beginning, could be implemented later00:22
cedkincore: ok, you need to implement an attendance system00:23
cedkincore: Tryton doesn't have one yet00:23
cedkincore: but it is a tiny dev00:23
incorecedk: as for the attendance sheet it is only required to have this overview function at the end of the month00:23
incorecedk: ok00:23
incorecedk: for us it probably is a big dev as we're not to into the code as you are.. ;)00:24
incorecedk: but it's a good chanche to get to know the system00:25
incorecedk: anyway - thank you very much for all this valuable info. I'll discuss it with my colleagues tomorrow and let you know00:27
cedkincore: ok00:29
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abmHi all10:41
abmI've a big problem10:42
abmyesterday, I notice, tryton doesn't show my invoices10:42
abmOne week ago all works fine10:43
abmIn the database, all records seems to be ok10:43
abmI can select all invoices10:44
abmAnd I cannot remember to to anything dangerous or experimental..10:44
cedkabm: did you changed the code?10:44
cedkabm: which version?10:45
cedkabm: is there any error message on the sever side or client side10:46
abmcedk: in server side, nothing10:48
abmcedk: in client side, nothing10:48
abmtaxes also disappear10:48
cedkabm: is your user still in the company?10:48
abmI've been using admin as user10:50
cedkabm: it doesn't change, your user must be in the company to see acconting stuffs linked to company10:50
abmand now, it wasn't associated with my main company...10:51
abma lot of thanks..cedk10:52
paepkecedk, have you fixed the neso 1.5=10:52
cedkpaepke: not yet10:53
cedkI'm also battling with GTK on MacOSX10:53
paepkecedk, with the wrong button language?10:54
cedkpaepke: I'm waiting to have real life access to the windows on which I create exe10:54
cedkpaepke: not that one, I have update GTK version and I have issue with libgio10:54
cedkpaepke: missing linking to libresolv on my old mac10:54
paepkecedk, i'd like to help, but the problem is, as i already mentioned i cannot build the exe by my own. a weird svg issue i cannot fix10:55
paepkecedk, i thought in the past gtk would be easier ;-). i'm facing a lot of problems since i'm using it more and more10:58
cedkpaepke: I think it is common issue for any GUI lib10:59
paepkecedk, i don't wanna bash gtk. i think the libs ok. but i thought it would be easier. i'm not experienced in developing gui applications.11:05
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cedkI progress with the windows neso issue14:25
cedkit runs without any modules14:25
cedkso there is one module that breaks neso14:25
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cedkit is calendar_classification that is guilty14:35
cedkI guess it is missing email module14:36
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cedkwindows neso exe to test:
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paepkecedk, ok. i'll test it this evening19:24
cedkpaepke: ok we will announce release tomorrow19:37
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paepkecedk, works. created database, printed a letter.20:04
cedkpaepke: ok thx20:05
cedkACTION works on macosx client and perhaps neso20:05
paepkecedk, neso for mac? i saw it at your
cedkpaepke: yes I will try20:06
cedkpaepke: if I succeed to fix all issue20:06
paepkecedk, good luck!20:07
paepkecedk, have you fixed all open issues on mac client?20:07
cedkpaepke: no20:07
cedkpaepke: still gtk translation issue and drag and drop disable20:11
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