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Frogzilla232hi there13:39
Frogzilla232where can i found information on tryton usage examples?13:40
Frogzilla232i've installed tryton, created some test data, account plant, fiscal year, etc. I've made an invoice, paid it, everythong feels quite intuitive, however i can't understand how to cancel an invoice13:42
Frogzilla232ie: an invoice with N+1 secuence has been created, but the N invoice is not valid13:45
cedkFrogzilla232: you must create a credit note13:53
cedkFrogzilla232: once invoice gets a number you can no more change it13:54
cedkFrogzilla232: it is a legal requirements in almost all coutries (at least all I know)13:55
Frogzilla232thanks, it is different from our current system13:55
cedkFrogzilla232: from which country are you?13:55
Frogzilla232then the "reference" on the credit note will be the original invoice?13:55
Frogzilla232i'm also triying to recreate the spanish starndad account chart, i couldn't find it anywhere13:56
cedkFrogzilla232: you should try to look at
cedkand #tryton-es13:57
cedkthere is some guys from Spain13:57
Frogzilla232i'll give it a try13:58
Frogzilla232i'm not an accountant, i have to get some advices first13:59
cedkFrogzilla232: I can answer you about general concept of accounting13:59
cedkFrogzilla232: but not about specific requirement for Spain13:59
Frogzilla232thanks, we have our accounting done by an external company, however  i'll like to use tryton to manage our sales.14:03
Frogzilla232let's say, having the accounting part "right" is a plus14:04
Frogzilla232i just don't wanna have it wrong, i'm, still not sure about using the minimum plan, or to include the spanish standard. it seems like a lot of work14:06
Frogzilla232accountants are like programmers (my case), they wanna keep things complicated to avoid losing their jobs ;)14:08
cedkFrogzilla232: agree for accountants (but not for programmers :-)14:08
cedkFrogzilla232: there is parhaps arlready someone who is working on spanish account plan14:09
cedkFrogzilla232: but if you go with minimal plan, you could still later use a real one14:09
Frogzilla232thanks yangoon!14:14
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bellHeadHi. Does tryton offer any document management capabilities?20:58
dsg_Hello, came accross diffences in concurent write detection between oERP/tryton  (i.e. LP #314696 / set 923 af52e79df675)21:04
dsg_can someone tell a if we've to expect a differnce in use cases where data input (possibly w/dupes) occurs from many clients burst wise like on auction dead line hours?21:10
cedkbellHead: yes based on WebDAV21:32
cedkdsg_: Tryton uses implicit lock based on timestamp21:33
cedkdsg_: I think it is named "Optimistic locking"21:35
cedkdsg_: I'm not sure to understand your example21:49
dsg_OK then the detection mechanism is fine, I think. Every bet has to be made before the race, and those on paper are entered by hand at multiple locations/gtk-clients,22:00
dsg_dupes and sequences of adjustments/changes can exist. Of couse if the operators loose the changes thay tried to enter that would be less nice than ifl they are able to see/resolve any conflict.22:04
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dsg_cedk: Thank you for clarifying. With what I've read on the web now, I think it's worth I look into module cration.23:00
dsg_Actually, I apprecated much of everything I found out about tryton so far. Only the use of goo-groups sticks out.23:15
cedkdsg_: you should be careful to the design to reduce as much as possible concurency issue23:30
dsg_Maybe I'll have to just save all "paper forms" entered (separately) first and then have module logic uniq/sort/apply/ask about them in a second step, I'll think about it. Bye, and thanks again.23:39

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