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2010-05-25 07:37 <bellHead> Morning cedk, thanks for the answer on document management last night. You'd gone by the time I got back to my PC.
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2010-05-25 21:50 <Carlitoxic> Hello. I am testing Tryton and cannot understand how the company and party modules interact. I see only one secuence, this means our company, employees, customers and providers will share the same secuence?
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2010-05-25 22:02 <Carlitoxic> If I add a company, a party with the same name is "added" (?) , with the accounting info included. But if I add a party with accounting information, a company is not created. Companies do not seem to have any code or ID, i am completely lost!
2010-05-25 22:13 <Carlitoxic> I'm not that lost anymore, I got that in company there should be just one company (our) in most cases, I hope i'm right.
2010-05-25 22:18 <Carlitoxic> However, we already have a customer numbers, how can we keep our cutomer codes within Tryton?
2010-05-25 22:22 <udono> Carlitoxic: hi, party is the base model in Tryton to collect *all persons and organisations which are related to the enterprise (=company). company is based on party and extend it with features of your own company.
2010-05-25 22:23 <udono> Carlitoxic: You can see party as a generic container.
2010-05-25 22:24 <Carlitoxic> udono: thanks, I understand that already, I was quite lost at first.
2010-05-25 22:25 <Carlitoxic> But i'am affraid that there is no such a thing as a customer code field, other than it's party secuence number
2010-05-25 22:27 <Carlitoxic> udono: is that right?
2010-05-25 22:32 <udono> Carlitoxic: there is no difference between party types implemented for Version 1.6. There are some prototype moules around for 1.4. But nothing official.
2010-05-25 22:32 <udono> Carlitoxic: and there is only one sequence or all parties.
2010-05-25 22:33 <Carlitoxic> udono: I think I would be quite difficult to migrate to tryton as our customer base have numbers assigned, do you have any ideas?
2010-05-25 22:34 <udono> Carlitoxic: yes, you can import sequences, which are at least strings, as you like
2010-05-25 22:35 <udono> CaCarlitoxic: its late here, I go sleep. You may ask your questions on google groups, to answer later.
2010-05-25 22:36 <Carlitoxic> udono: thank you very much
2010-05-25 22:36 <Carlitoxic> udono: and good night!
2010-05-25 23:19 <cedk> Carlitoxic: hi
2010-05-25 23:19 <Carlitoxic> cedk: hi
2010-05-25 23:19 <cedk> Carlitoxic: in Tryton there is no difference between customer and supplier because we think that one party can be both
2010-05-25 23:20 <cedk> Carlitoxic: but if you want to keep your old numbering, you can write a little module that make code writable
2010-05-25 23:20 <cedk> Carlitoxic: but you should define the rules for numbering
2010-05-25 23:21 <cedk> Carlitoxic: or you can add two new field to take the customer/supplier numbers
2010-05-25 23:21 <cedk> Tryton is a business software that is highly customizable with few code
2010-05-25 23:22 <Carlitoxic> I saw that the code is rather an arbirtrary field, ie: if I change the sequence (from party config/seq.) i can add a party with some other kind of seq. then change the seq. back...
2010-05-25 23:23 <cedk> Carlitoxic: yes it is possible as soon as the code stay unique
2010-05-25 23:24 <Carlitoxic> adding a "customer code" field would be perhaps more practical tough
2010-05-25 23:25 <cedk> Carlitoxic: I can not help you to take the decision as I don't know the usage of this code
2010-05-25 23:25 <Carlitoxic> I don't think changing the sequence back and forth is something our users could live with
2010-05-25 23:25 <cedk> Carlitoxic: I don't think too
2010-05-25 23:28 <Carlitoxic> i have found a lot of docs on how to install/setup/modify tryton, but none on general usage, was i looking in the wrong place?
2010-05-25 23:31 <Carlitoxic> cedk: is there a user manual or something similar?
2010-05-25 23:33 <cedk> Carlitoxic: no
2010-05-25 23:34 <cedk> Carlitoxic: our main issue is that Tryton is a generic business software
2010-05-25 23:34 <cedk> and even more a platform to develop your own business software
2010-05-25 23:34 <cedk> Carlitoxic: so the usage is very multiple
2010-05-25 23:35 <cedk> but we try to keep GUI intuitive
2010-05-25 23:35 <Carlitoxic> cedk: I understand, it would be quite difficult to have a manual because of the broad application field
2010-05-25 23:35 <cedk> Carlitoxic: but you are welcome to ask question on tryton mailing list
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2010-05-25 23:39 <Carlitoxic> cedk: thanks

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