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wedoanyone can help here?06:49
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cedkwedo: yes07:37
cedkwedo: but you can ask directly your question07:37
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wedoHello i have a problem with the account module, when I click on the account to review its configuration I got a message say :16:04
wedoYou try to read records that don't exist anymore!16:04
wedo(Document type: Account Type)16:04
wedocan anyone help me to export the accounts chart to a new db?16:13
cedkwedo: is your user in a company ?16:14
wedoyes I have created a company and i'm the admin16:15
cedkwedo: ok but is the admin user linked to the company ?16:28
wedocedk: i dunno but how can i check that16:29
cedkwedo: go on admin>user16:30
wedocedk: the current company is my company16:33
wedocedk: i did not remove or delete anything I just changed the account type to another root account16:41
cedkwedo: it is hard to say like that16:42
wedocedk: does it means that i have to recreate the account chart ?16:43
cedkwedo: no, you have an issue with access right16:45
wedocedk: I can see the accounts and the move lines from the open chart option, but when i try to add new line or open the accounts menu i get the error message16:48
wedoaccount selection window*16:49
cedkwedo: you must have change the company of an account type16:55
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cedkwedo: but it is hard to debug without access17:02
wedoi have the access17:04
cedkwedo: but not me17:06
wedohow can i grant you this access17:06
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cedkwedo: you can put a dump somewhere17:29
wedocedk: database dump?17:32
cedkwedo: yep17:33
wedocan i send to ur email? cedk17:33
cedkwedo: cedric.krier at b2ck.com17:34
wedothank you cedk17:35
wedocedk: in its way17:39
wedodid u get it cedk17:50
cedkwedo: yes17:51
wedoso is there anyway to repair it?17:52
cedkwedo: I will check17:53
wedoThank you17:53
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wedowb cedk18:52
cedkwedo: which version ?19:00
cedkwedo: what is the admin password ?19:02
cedkwedo: find the passwd in the email :-)19:06
wedocedk: I sent u the user and password19:12
cedkwedo: there is some account type that has been deleted19:14
cedkwedo: did you made SQL queries?19:14
wedoi know a little about sql but i can do queries19:15
cedkwedo: I checked, it is because ON DELETE RESTRICT doesn't work on sqlite19:17
cedkwedo: so you deleted account types that some accounts use19:18
saxahey, is there a way to get all official modules installed in one step ? I mean one big unique tarball ?19:18
cedksaxa: no19:18
saxadon't you think would be good to have a basemodules.tar.gz sources :)19:18
saxagzipped together, and installed in one setup.py19:19
saxabuild command19:19
saxaI mean the modules which are on download.tryton.org19:19
wedocedk: yes i have deleted them19:19
saxajust like an option, fr whom wants to install them all in one step19:20
cedkwedo: the only way to get database working is by updating type on account_account for all missing account_account_type19:20
saxaso I will solve that with a bash script :)19:20
cedksaxa: no19:20
saxathx, and sorry for interrupting ;)19:20
cedksaxa: because we don't want people install all modules19:20
wedoso how i can do so plz cedk19:21
cedksaxa: best is to use OS package19:21
saxafor slackware ?19:21
saxaI want to build one , thats the thing19:21
cedkwedo: the fast way: update account_account set type = null;19:21
cedkwedo: after that you must set a type to each account with the gtk client19:22
cedksaxa: I don't know for slackware19:22
cedksaxa: but it is a bad idea to make one package with all modules19:23
cedksaxa: for install, you can also use easy_install19:23
saxacedk: don't worry, I just tought a thing like one unique tarball for all modules but then be configurable with a kind of setup or config option19:23
saxabut its ok, no problem, was just my lazyness on downloading it19:24
saxacedk: I will prepare some packages for slackware19:24
saxadont worry, easyinstall is not the case, I want to create an installable packages19:24
saxawill prepare an page on the wiki with the instructions on how to install with slackware19:25
saxaall requirements and stuff19:25
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cedkwedo: I submit an issue for this:
saxaare those modules I see in /1.6 dir on all the official modules ?19:26
wedocedk: sorry for that but i'm just beginner , where to put this command line?19:26
cedkwedo: in sqlite command line19:27
wedoso how i can do so plz cedk data base not connected to it19:28
cedkwedo: there is no database to connect with sqlite19:29
cedkwedo: follow
wedocedk: can you do me a favor and update it for me then i will set the accounts type later19:34
wedocedk: I'm reading the guide but want to know how to applay the command to the specific database19:35
cedkwedo: ok19:38
cedkwedo: can you give me your email, I deleted19:38
cedksaxa: yes19:40
wedocedk: kamal.walid (AT) gmail (dot) com19:40
wedo:):):) thank you thank you thank you thank you19:42
wedocedk: i did it19:42
cedkwedo: send19:42
cedkwedo: but the bug is not fixed19:43
cedkwedo: so be careful when deleting19:43
wedoi will not delete the account type again :) cedk19:43
wedocedk: when i close neso it just hangs and do not close19:44
cedkwedo: don't understand19:47
wedocedk: i'm using the stand alone client (neso)19:48
wedoi can connect and disconnect normally to the database, but when i click the close button it just hangs and do not close19:49
cedkwedo: I don't know what it is19:53
cedkwedo: but neso 1.4 was quite new19:55
cedkwedo: perhaps 1.6 doesn't have this19:55
wedoi will consider updating19:56
cedkACTION bbl19:56
wedocedk: thank you so much for your help19:56
wedoand cooperation19:56
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duphenixhello, tryton looks really interesting20:47
duphenixI'm working with a company that is very frustrated with peachtree accounting, is tryton at a stage where it could take over many of the accounting functions with the current core modules?20:48
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wedohello I have this error now when i try to update the chart of accounts "'BrowseRecordNull' object has no attribute 'template'" can anyone help plz21:01
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wedohow to update to 1.6 version?21:48
duphenixhmm, no one talks in here22:20
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plantianI just haven't upgraded yet.22:21
plantianwedo:  Are you updating your chart of account programmatically or using the client?22:21
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wedoplantian: i used the client22:32
cedkwedo: didn't you also delete templates ?22:33
wedocedk: i think i did, but i used the same command you gave me and replaced the 'type' by 'template' and its working now22:34
wedoplz can i add reports or views to the account module ?22:42
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cedkwedo: to achieve that, you must write a module23:00
wedocedk: i meant if i can extract data from tables using sql23:08

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