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Mithrandirhi, so, I'm playing around with tryton and trying to work out how to get hours a timesheet to end up on an invoice12:02
Mithrandircan somebody either walk me through it or point me at docs?12:03
cedkMithrandir: currently there is no wizard to make the invoice based on timesheet lines12:04
cedkMithrandir: the fundation are there12:04
Mithrandirhmm, so one has to transfer them manually, or?12:04
cedkMithrandir: but we decide to not create the wizard because the way company invoice is a lot different and so we think it is part of customization12:04
Mithrandirwhen you say wizard, you mean a thing where you'd say "new invoice" and then choose the relevant lines from a timesheet and make that part of the invoice, right?12:07
cedkMithrandir: there is a lot of possibilities:12:07
cedk- a wizard on invoice (like you say)12:07
cedk- a wizard on project12:08
cedk- a wizard on timesheet lines12:08
cedkthat is why we think the invoicing must go in separate module12:08
cedkand for now, nobody has published one (to my knowledge)12:08
Mithrandirsorry, got distracted by a phone call12:22
Mithrandirok, so that's either something we have to write ourselves or pay somebody to do, as it looks now.12:23
Mithrandirto me, it looks like it's a fairly limited amount of stuff missing to be able to take hours off a project and put that into an invoice, since both the invoice module and the project and timesheet module exist?12:24
cedkMithrandir: yes12:25
cedkMithrandir: it will take small time to write the wizard you need12:26
cedkMithrandir: but you must define how it should work12:26
cedkMithrandir: because it will reflect your company politics about invoicing12:26
Mithrandir(jfyi, I'm a sysadmin, not a finance/business person)12:27
Mithrandirwhat kind of policies are you thinking about here?12:27
Mithrandirif that question even makes sense12:27
cedkMithrandir: grouping by employee or job12:28
cedkMithrandir: which name the invoice line will have12:29
cedkMithrandir: which line to be invoiced (when done or % of progress etc)12:29
Mithrandirok, assuming we had answers to those questions, are you talking about hours, days, weeks or months to write code?12:30
cedkMithrandir: one day12:31
cedkMithrandir: except if your rules are really complicated :-)12:32
Mithrandirthey'll be slightly different on a per-customer basis.  Some customers want more detail than others, for instance.12:33
cedkMithrandir: the wizard can have a selection for different rules12:34
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Mithrandirok, thanks for your answer, even if I'd have loved it to be "oh, just do $foo", rather than "code must be written. :-)12:38
Mithrandironce I have an invoice that's open, how do I mark it as paid?  I could do it by reconciling it, but isn't that something you usually do afterwards?12:39
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cedkMithrandir: reconciliation is the low level way13:31
cedkMithrandir: there is also pay button on invoice for simple accouting13:32
cedkMithrandir: or you can use the module account_statement13:32
MithrandirI can't find a button on the invoice.13:33
MithrandirI can credit it, but I don't have a pay button13:33
cedkMithrandir: do you have the account_statement module activated on the database ?13:34
MithrandirI thought so, let me check13:34
cedkMithrandir: so the button is hidden because for concistancy you must now use statement13:35
Mithrandirah, ok.13:36
Mithrandirso enabling all modules was a bad move. :-)13:36
Mithrandir(I'm just testing and playing around, so worst case I can just nuke the DB)13:36
cedkMithrandir: yes, I really encourage everybody to install only required module13:39
Mithrandircedk: can I uninstall/disable modules or is it easier to just nuke it all and start over?13:40
cedkMithrandir: unistall is not implemented (really complicate)13:41
Mithrandiris there a list somewhere of which modules I'd typically want for a 40-50 people services company?13:41
cedkMithrandir: you must see module like a configuration13:43
cedkMithrandir: so there is no typical set13:43
cedkMithrandir: by the way, it is not necessary worst to install account_statement13:43
cedkMithrandir: it just change the way, you enter incoming amounts13:43
cedkMithrandir: for real accounting, it is better13:44
Mithrandircedk: ok, we'll want real accounting, given that that's why we're looking at ERP systems. :-)13:44
cedkMithrandir: so statement is good for you13:44
cedkMithrandir: do you know what is account statement?13:45
Mithrandircedk: no.13:45
Mithrandircedk: so pointers to documentation (or an explanation) is appreciated. :-)13:45
cedkMithrandir: first usage, is to enter bank statement in the system13:45
Mithrandirok, that's just the list of transactions from the bank, got it.13:46
cedkMithrandir: there you can link transactions to invoice13:47
cedkMithrandir: if you want13:47
cedkMithrandir: or go to reconciliation menu and reconcile moves13:47
Mithrandircedk: a statement has an associated journal, what would I put there?13:48
Mithrandircedk: is that what I as a normal person would term an account or is that something else again?13:49
Mithrandir(sorry about being so unfamiliar with terminology, it really doesn't help I'm not a native english speaker, I suspect)13:50
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Mithrandirand what is the relation between a journal and a statement journal?  A statement journal contains the individual statements?13:58
cedkMithrandir: statement journal contains individual statements14:07
cedkMithrandir: and use the journal define on it to create account moves14:07
Mithrandircedk: hmm, ok, so now I have the "new statement" open, but I can't find the open invoice when I try to associate a new statement line with the open invoice.14:24
Mithrandircedk: any idea what could be wrong?14:24
cedkMithrandir: did you put the same party ?14:30
Mithrandircedk: do I need to put in a special account too?14:31
Mithrandirah, found it.14:33
Mithrandirit needed a matching account.14:33
Mithrandirok, now the validate button claims "no period defined for this date"14:34
cedkMithrandir: you must create period in fiscal year14:42
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Mithrandircedk: indeed, thanks.14:50
MithrandirI need to poke it into using sensible formats for date fields.14:50
Mithrandir(as in, 2010-06-10 or at worst d-m-y)14:50
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tuserHi there. Is there any how to install trytond in init.d using ubuntu? the debian descrition does not work :(14:52
Mithrandirtuser: lucid has 1.4.3, and I think backporting 1.6.0 from maverick should be trivial.14:53
cedkMithrandir: you can configure the date format in administration>translation>languages14:54
tuserI have not installed the packages. I did a manuall installation14:54
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tuserSo you suggest to install the packages and port? hmm could work.14:55
tuseris there not an easy hack as an init script?14:55
cedktuser: look at the package it must have one14:58
Mithrandircedk: indeed, thanks.14:58
cedktuser: Tryton is well packages on Debian and is quite up todate15:01
tuserI will try.15:04
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