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phellerAnyone here develop with eclipse and pydev ?16:50
pheller(besides me)16:50
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plantianpheller:  In the past I think cedk has built the mac OS X client.  Also I use emacs, I used to use pydev a long time ago and it was okay, I mainly just used syntax highlighting though.16:57
phellerAhh.  I'm having an issue with code completion with "from" imports.16:58
pheller(meeting, back in 15)16:58
plantianpheller: Yeah I've never used code completion, it seems like it would work intermitantly due to the complexity of figuring out what is importable in a dynamic language such as python and also the various ways the python path can be mangled.16:59
cedkpheller: code completion on dynamic typed language is complicated17:04
woakaspheller: emacs + rope is rocks for completion17:19
phellercedk: yes, naturally -- however, it does generally seem to work.  It only doesn't seem to work for "fields.Char" and similar.17:19
phellerwoakas: unfortunately, I'm not an emacs guy17:20
woakasmmm :( pheller do you use emacs with pydev?17:21
woakassorry eclipse?17:21
phelleryes, with vrapper pluggin for eclipse (for vi style editing)17:22
phellercode completion isn't an absolutely necessity for me, was just wondering if anyone else might have come across the same issue17:22
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phellercedk: Transaction question if you are around....20:09
cedkpheller: yes20:17
phellercedk: I'm working on sale....specifically, create invoice function20:18
phellerit looks like the invoice, lines, and taxes are all calculated as user 020:18
phellerso this is a situation where the context was copied....20:18
phelleris it correct to now do "with Transaction().set_user(0,set_context=True):" before each one of these ORM calls that uses user 0 ?20:19
cedkpheller: yes20:20
phellerok, and one more question:20:20
phelleris it ok if I use the python 2.5 syntax like this:    return True if ..... else False20:20
phelleror do you prefer older binary style ((a and b) or c)20:21
cedkpheller: since now we depend on >= 2.5 it is ok20:22
phellerok, I think it is more readable anyways20:22
phellerhmmh, ok, another one that confuses me:20:38
phelleroh, nevermind20:39
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phellercedk: can't wait to see the giant list of comments you have for me on sale ;-)22:08
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zodmansomeone know if tryton1.6 works with python 2.4 ?22:51
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cedkzodman: it should23:03
zodmanACTION running with --debug params23:09
cedkzodman: I don't think it is linked to python version23:12
zodmancedk: i can check it23:12
zodmanits dificult to get the lines from qemu23:13
cedkzodman: it seems that a PYSON is used as m2o value23:13
zodmana bad passing of pyson ?23:18
cedkzodman: are you sure you use the right version of trytond?23:23
zodmantrytond 1.6.023:23
zodmani will try to reproduce the error outsite the virtual machine with virtualenv23:24
cedkzodman: could you try with 1.6.123:25
zodmanyeap cedk23:26
zodmanthe same cedk ...23:33
zodmancan be my xml module ?23:34
zodmani check it later i go back to work23:34
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