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phellercedk: you there?08:16
phellerI'd like to fix this last thing in sale before I go to sleep.08:16
phellerbut I'm not quite sure what is wrong here:
cedkpheller: there was a context created with get_tax_context08:42
cedkpheller: but it was not used08:42
cedkpheller: in fact it must be used for the call tax_obj.compute08:43
cedkACTION bbl08:43
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cedkecarreras: hi10:56
ecarrerashi cedk :)10:56
ecarrerasI'm definitely moving to tryton :)10:58
ecarrerasnext week I've holidays, I'll spent some time to study migration process10:59
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cedkecarreras: do you know your requirements?11:09
ecarreraswell I've to move openerp modules code to tryton code11:11
cedkecarreras: which ones?11:12
ecarrerasare client specific11:12
cedkecarreras: but which fonctionnality do you use from OE? To see if you will have all of them in Tryton11:13
ecarrerasthe backend of database, and easy development11:13
ecarrerasI've been using OpenERP as a framework11:14
ecarrerasto develop a platform on top11:14
ecarrerasI think all functionalities that I use in OE are in Tryton too :)11:15
cedkecarreras: yes if you don't use any module11:16
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ecarrerasI'm using base for partners that's all11:17
cedkecarreras: you will even have more functionalities like historization, WebDAV, PYSON etc.11:17
ecarrerasyeah and a lot of bugfixes done :)11:17
ecarrerasfirst day in the fork in tryton, the remote code execution in pickle were solved11:18
ecarreras(via NET-RPC)11:18
ecarreras(now) OpenERP gtkclient have remote code execution when connecting to a malicious ERP server with net-rpc protocol11:19
ecarrerasand decimal problem...11:20
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ecarrerasand the last... the date widget... How can they say that the date is invalid?? lol 1850-12-23 seems valid for me...11:21
ecarrerasanyway, I'll make the change :D11:22
cedkecarreras: it comes from Python datetime strptime method11:23
cedkecarreras: they have limitation on some OS (like Window$)11:23
cedkecarreras: in fact, you will see that when OE addes new features they do it fast but don't go in deep11:25
ecarrerascedk, totally agree11:26
ecarrerassecurity in openerp doesn't seems important11:26
cedkecarreras: not only security but the all software11:27
ecarrerasthey don't have codereview11:27
ecarrerasand they aren't proactives to accept patches, they only want that OPENERP S.A. have the all copyrighted code11:28
ecarreraslike changing the license to Affero without asking11:29
ecarrerasI'm tired to fight in launchpad with some workers of OpenERP S.A. which don't know the code of OpenERP in deep11:31
ecarrerasanyway, I'm totally convided to migrate to tryton :)11:32
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cedkecarreras: I guess no need to tell you that if you have issues to migrate on Tryton, you can ask on irc or tryton-dev mailing list13:39
ecarrerasthanks cedk :)13:39
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phellercedk: you there?17:01
cedkpheller: yes17:06
phellercedk: just emailed you a comment on that last issue in Sale17:06
cedkpheller: the context should be used for tax compute17:11
phellerso something like "with Transaction().set_context(self.get_tax_context(vals)):" just before "for tax in tax_obj.compute(...." ?17:14
phellerI'm sorry, I'm a little confused because "ctx", which was the new context, was not passed as an argument in the original version....17:15
cedkpheller: yes it was an error17:17
phellerah ha, so the context argument to tax_obj.compute should have been context=ctx ?17:18
pheller.... but the other functions in that for loop (invoice_obj._compute_tax) -- this should still use the standard context?17:19
cedkpheller: yes17:36
phellerok, changes uploaded to codereview17:47
phellerok, lunch time.  back in an hour17:48
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phellercedk: oops!  I thought the multiplication occurred inside parentheses, hence why I removed the line continuation.  I've put it back.18:52
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cedkpheller: I don't change code that is not modified by the Transaction switch23:06
phellerah, ok23:07
phellerI won't make those comments on your code then23:07
phellerI have changed a few of the line continuation bits, but that is all....23:08
phellerI'll just stick to fixes of the Transaction() thing now23:08
cedkpheller: it is a matter of quality, changeset must be focus on one thing23:09
phelleryes, I understand.23:09
cedkpheller: those change could be not in an other changeset23:10
cedkpheller: but keep the testing :-)23:12
phellerI will.  this is good practice for me.  I've never done much team oriented development.23:13
phellerI wish rietveld integrated with eclipse ;-)23:13
cedkpheller: you can ask guido :-)23:14
phellerMy guess is that guido's development environment is emacs or vim, and nothing else.23:14
cedkpheller: I don't know but I know that he debugs with print statement23:15
cedkpheller: I do the same ;-)23:16
cedkpheller: never used pdb23:16
phellerare you using emacs or vi?23:17
cedkpheller: vim23:17
phellercedk: you should try eclipse+pydev+vwrapper23:18
phellercedk: vwrapper gives you vim style editing in the editor windows, but you can still use the mouse, and commands like copy/cut/paste if you want23:18
cedkpheller: I hate mouse23:18
cedkpheller: I almost never use it23:19
phellercedk: well, it's no problem to make keyboard shortcuts for everything in eclipse too23:19
phellercedk: it's most useful for debugging, though.23:19
cedkpheller: I'm well with print statement23:20
phellercedk: breakpoints, variable watches, stepping through the code visually23:20
phellercedk: no worries, just sharing my experience23:20
cedkpheller: I know debuggers, I used gdb a lot when developping in C23:20
phellerah, ok23:21
cedkpheller: but I find Python doesn't require one because you don't have the same error then in C23:21
phellerthis is true, normally the stack trace is quite informative23:21
cedkpheller: yes, most of the time I fix bug with only traceback23:22
cedkpheller: and I just check if it is well fixed by testing23:22
cedkpheller: if not, then a few print statement and I understand what is happening23:22
phellercedk: an example of when I find it most useful -- finding places where code blocks; like synchronous sockets, etc23:22
cedkpheller: but of course this is because I know well the code23:23
phellercedk: yep.  so you worked at tiny before?23:24
cedkpheller: yes23:25
phellercedk: this explains why you know the code well!23:25
phellercedk: I've noticed in doing some of these conversions that the unittests do not yet have really wide coverage -- is this in the roadmap?23:26
cedkpheller: we have focus effort of unittest on the core first23:27
cedkpheller: the coverage of the core is quiet good23:27
cedkpheller: but still misses some part23:27
phellercedk: makes sense.  I think this is they way to avoid the problems openerp has with calculating things incorrectly....23:28
cedkpheller: but new code now is always tested23:28
phellercedk: and to prevent regressions, naturally23:28
cedkpheller: but we lake of devs23:29
cedkpheller: that is why I tried to start the bugs of the month23:30
cedkI don't know if it will work as I had any feedback until now23:30
phellercedk: yep.  I will try to help with this, after the Transaction() work is finished.23:30
cedkpheller: yes of course23:31
phellercedk: and I hope that the one2one can be in the near future too....23:32
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phellercedk:  it occurs to me that the other thing I mentioned (product attributes, then product instances with values for the attributes) -- is the "entity attribute value" model which was discussed on the openerp-experts-framework list recently23:32
cedkpheller: I don't think23:33
cedkpheller: they talked about added attributes on the product model instead of extending it by adding new columns in the table23:34
phellercedk: I think the concept I am looking for is similar, but maybe not exactly the same23:34
cedkpheller: I think you need some kind of serial number with lists of attributes23:36
phellercedk: yes, but I want to define that list of attributes on the product, and then define the values for these attributes with the serial number23:37
cedkpheller: yes23:37
phellercedk: for instance, one of these attributes would actually be "serial number"23:37
phellerI started working on a module to add all of this, but I decided to wait until the transaction work is done23:37
cedkpheller: yes I talked about serial number because I don't have yet better name for this23:38
phellercedk: "instance" ?23:39
cedkpheller: don't know yet23:39
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