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cedksharoon: for priority, I think it is like the invoicing of timesheet etc.00:00
cedkit is so linked to the business rule of a company that it is simplier to create specific modules that handle it00:01
cedkof course these modules could be generic enough to enter in Tryton base00:01
cedkand we should have some because it is some time stopper for some people when you must say that you will develop for them even if it is a few line of code00:02
sharooncedk: i think the base should be the project revenue?00:02
sharooncedk: exactly the same functionality will anyhow apply right?00:02
sharooncedk: also since tickets will now be inheriting on i think thats sufficient to take care of cost/revenue etc??00:04
cedksharoon: yes I was talking about priority and I made a comparaison00:04
sharooncedk: ok00:04
cedksharoon: but you are right if you talk about a way to invoice tickets00:05
sharooncedk: alright, so can we finalise on a model for tickets ?00:05
cedksharoon: but I think the most common way is that you have a prepaid amount of ticket/time and then you just need to check about overflow00:05
cedksharoon: yes00:05
sharooncedk: yes, but that could be separate right?00:06
sharoonseparate module00:06
sharooncedk: crazy question: can we have tickets and sub tickets? or in other words, superseder?00:07
cedksharoon: yes why not and even it is already in timesheet.work00:08
sharooncedk: in right?00:08
cedksharoon: no in timesheet.work00:08
cedkbut as inherits ...00:09
sharooncedk: got it
sharoonACTION summing up00:10
cedksharoon: other things, we need to have followers00:10
sharooncedk: subscribers/folowers00:11
sharooncedk: followers should be employees / users / or just email iD?00:11
cedksharoon: why not party?00:13
sharoongot it, all covered00:13
sharoonm2m to party00:13
cedksharoon: but wait, it is perhaps not for the base module00:13
cedkwhat is the usage of folowers?00:14
sharooncedk: people who want to be alerted/keep watch of a specific issue00:14
cedkI think it is only receiving changes00:14
cedksharoon: so it should go on the module that will make notification00:14
sharooncedk: ok, somehow notification could be a general module for all objects ?00:15
sharooncedk: like django-notifications (will work more like a request system for parties (current request is within users)) so you could add someone on a watch for a reference00:16
sharooncedk: eg: watchers for sale order x00:16
sharooncedk: and they get alerts whenever the object changes? do you think it can be a generic module?00:16
sharooncedk: with the use of ir.trigger?00:17
cedksharoon: I don't know because you must create a template for the change message00:18
cedksharoon: I think that it requires very few code to write to enable such feature on a business model00:18
cedkbecause all the work will be done by ir.trigger00:19
sharooncedk: that could be a generic API?00:19
cedksharoon: it is already a genenric API -> ir.trigger00:20
sharooncedk: i am talking about the message00:20
cedksharoon: don't know00:21
cedksharoon: at first though I don't see how00:21
sharooncedk: anyway thats a separate topic00:21
sharooncedk: it could probably be done by some simple python templating on ir.trigger and email module combination00:21
cedksharoon: no need of email module :-) Tryton can send emails00:22
sharooncedk: wov! yes i often forget that00:22
sharoonok, summing up design00:24
sharoon= Support Ticket System =00:28
sharoonThe support ticket works closest to the project / timesheet concepts of Tryton. The objects are00:28
sharoon== Ticket ==00:28
sharoon_inherits = {'': 'work'}00:29
sharoon  * work = Many2One - timesheet.work00:29
sharoon  * title = Char00:29
sharoon  * description = Char00:29
sharoon  * party(fix name if owner) = Many2One - party.party00:29
sharoon  * comment = fields.Function(getter-set empty, setter-set the field)00:29
sharoon  * assigned_to: Many2One Employee00:29
sharoon  * follow_ups: One2Many History00:29
sharoon    * status: Many2One ticket.status00:30
sharoon==  Status Codes  ==00:30
sharoon_name = "ticket.status"00:30
sharoon_order = sort_order, ASC00:30
sharoon  * name: Char00:30
sharoon  * sort_order: Integer00:30
sharooncedk: does the design look ok? should we maintain a ticket number? random/linear sequence00:31
cedksharoon: title must be the name of timesheet.work00:32
cedksharoon: description must be text00:32
cedksharoon: merge description and comment00:32
cedksharoon: state instead of status (like in other modules)00:33
cedksharoon: sort_order -> sequence00:33
sharooncedk: reg description i think we will require a description in addition to the comments00:34
sharoonwhich are follow up00:34
cedksharoon: I don't think00:34
cedksharoon: look at roundup00:34
sharoonso it will be more roundup than lp00:34
sharooncedk: yeh, same thing00:35
cedksharoon: I don't think it is good to modify the description because it make the convertion more difficult to follow00:35
sharooncedk: agree00:35
cedksharoon: I come back to title = name00:35
sharooncedk: and the design is better00:36
cedksharoon: infact, I think it is good to have title (char) on ticket00:36
cedksharoon: we will put sequence number in name00:36
sharooncedk: so tht will be the ticket number00:37
cedklike that employee when he will fill his timesheet, he will say work on issue123400:37
cedkit is easier than looking to description00:37
sharooncedk: agree00:37
cedksharoon: and so ir.sequence defined on config singleton00:38
sharooncedk: any updates on random sequence generation?\00:38
cedksharoon: you mean timestamp00:38
cedksharoon: I had forgotten :-)00:38
cedksharoon: I will put it back on the todo list00:38
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sharooncedk: lol, GTD!00:38
sharooncedk: we have to cater to multicompany in this object also00:39
sharooncedk: timesheet has company00:40
sharooncedk: so that should make this also compatible right?00:40
cedksharoon: company field will be inherited00:41
sharooncedk: updated
sharooncedk: once we finalise on that i will update the blueprint00:41
sharooncedk: should we leave the field as party or should we make it owner?00:43
cedksharoon: it could be just renamed in view00:44
sharooncedk: so in model leave it as party00:44
cedksharoon: oops forget it00:44
cedksharoon: named it in the model owner or issuer ?00:44
cedkor creator00:44
sharooncedk: it might be inconsistent, i think we could call it owner00:45
sharooncedk: ok changed00:45
sharooncedk: final word on priority?00:45
sharooncedk: can we leave the base module with simple static options of priority00:46
sharooncedk: the prefix should come from the sequence right? not in code00:47
cedksharoon: yes for sequence00:48
cedksharoon: I think that with a static priority it will be harder to extend it00:48
sharooncedk: a function field for a selection for which we will now give values from a method00:49
sharoonthis method could be inherited by other modules to change00:49
cedksharoon: there is per example company that will work on strict FIFO00:50
cedksharoon: so no need of priority00:50
sharooncedk: clear00:50
sharooncedk: so could be something for different modules to do00:51
sharooncedk: now to the representation of history00:51
sharooncedk: rather followups00:51
sharooncedk: which fields should be displayed in history?00:51
cedksharoon: i think in list view: writer, date, comment, state00:53
sharooncedk: assigned_to?00:53
cedksharoon: no00:53
cedksharoon: by writer is a little bit complicated00:54
sharooncedk: that might be something which changes also right?00:54
cedksharoon: yes but it will be for the form view00:54
sharooncedk: ok00:54
cedksharoon: but writer could be any one: a party, user, employee or even email00:55
sharoontrue! so how doe we handle that?00:56
cedksharoon: so I don't know how to handle it00:56
sharooncedk: easiest option is to have party00:56
sharooncedk: most generic00:56
sharooncedk: anyway, ticket email also has to resolve party00:56
sharooncedk: where will history get the value for writer? a last updated by field?00:58
cedksharoon: or a simple text field00:58
sharooncedk: simple char field could be the most generic00:59
cedksharoon: I think the field should be filled depending of the context00:59
cedksharoon: so a function will give to create/write the value01:00
cedksharoon: so when modification from GTK client -> take the user01:00
cedksharoon: when modification from email -> take the email01:00
cedksharoon: etc.01:00
sharooncedk: clear01:00
sharooncedk: so a new field for ticket model01:01
cedksharoon: yes but hidden in client01:01
sharooncedk: yep01:01
sharooncedk: does it look fine?01:04
sharooncedk: ping01:08
cedksharoon: made some changes01:09
sharooncedk: ok01:09
sharooncedk: it looks good to me now!01:10
sharooncedk: may be this could be the raw vblueprint into which we could commit improvements in terms of reports, graphs etc01:11
cedksharoon: if you want01:11
sharooncedk: are the menus OK in the original blueprint?01:12
cedksharoon: yes01:12
cedksharoon: I will add a tree view with state and tree_action to open tickets of the selected state01:13
sharoongot you01:14
sharooncedk: updated wiki
sharooncan you confirm if the menu i added is fine?01:15
sharoonTickets by State01:16
sharooncedk: looks done to me :)01:18
cedksharoon: for product patch, you did not write the exact comment01:19
sharoonsorry checking!01:19
cedksharoon: just one menu "New Ticket"01:20
sharooncedk: ok01:21
sharooncedk: updated wiki01:21
cedksharoon: seems good01:25
cedksharoon: maybe sent an email on tryton-dev for review01:25
sharooncedk: fixed the product patch also01:25
sharooncedk: yes01:25
sharooncedk: done01:29
sharoonACTION Got to go 4 supper! Bye all01:29
sharooncedk: bye, good night01:29
cedksharoon: bye01:31
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Coldfirehey, guys,  i am chinese, and i am new to tryton and want do some translation first12:43
Coldfireany tell me where to start12:43
cedkColdfire: here is the howto
Coldfireok, thx12:48
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