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sharooncedk: <<ping>>19:20
cedksharoon: ok19:20
cedksharoon: I analyzed the sqlalchemy migration19:21
cedksharoon: it will be a big stuff (bigger then Transaction)19:21
sharooncedk: great19:21
sharooncedk: i agree, it must be huge19:21
cedksharoon: so I propose that you do your namedtuple change19:21
sharooncedk: ok, will proceed with that :)19:21
cedksharoon: because 1.8 is in 2 months and we will not have SA19:22
sharooncedk: may be we could push it to 1.9/2.019:22
cedksharoon: I will already starting working on the first step of SA migration19:22
cedksharoon: yes, I think it could be ready for january19:22
sharooncedk: can you confirm about _datetime? shall i change it to datetime_?19:22
cedkbecause we must not stop the dev just for that19:23
sharooncedk: agree completely!19:23
cedksharoon: is it really not possible to get around19:24
sharooncedk: no way out AFAIK :(19:24
cedkby the way, I see in the doc it is only 2.6 ?19:27
cedkI see in the doc there is a rename param19:28
cedksharoon: which I don't have in 2.619:28
sharooncedk: thats in the py2.6 recipe19:28
plantianwhoa whoa, you guys are moving to sqlalchemy ?19:31
sharoonplantian: nope19:31
plantianOh, what is this talk about SA?19:31
cedkplantian: it is a plan to move to SA19:32
cedkplantian: but it is a long work19:32
cedkplantian: the goal is to use the SA expressions19:32
cedkplantian: but not the orm19:32
cedkand upgrade the current ORM of Tryton to something more similar19:33
plantianYeah I know even with your massive amounts of work to clean the code it is still pretty rough in some places.19:33
cedksharoon: I think we need to embed this version19:33
sharooncedk: i think so too19:33
plantianoh okay, weird, yeah I've used the sql layer it is nice, you will be using it internally or just for module developers ?19:33
sharooncedk: may be should ask hettinger why rename was not included in py2.619:33
cedksharoon: and with the rename you can have _datetime19:33
sharooncedk: agree19:33
cedkplantian: I hope to be able to use it everywhere :-)19:34
plantiancedk: that would be awesome, you guys have gotten so much done, I really need to upgrade my tryton install19:35
plantianha although upgrading is going to be a nightmare19:36
cedkplantian: why?19:37
plantiancedk:  I just have some modules I wrote and I think they will need to be heavily updated with api changes that have been made.19:38
cedkplantian: ha yes19:39
cedkplantian: this is why it is better to make public module :-)19:39
cedkplantian: you get free upgrade :-)19:39
plantiancedk:  Right I would make them public but I don't think other people could use them.  I think you have developed more generic versions that I can use now.  Pricelists at least.  I think my inventory design probably still wont' fit with the existing one.  That might be confusing if there are two right ?19:44
plantianOh and I made a POS module but its just so tied to my business.19:45
cedkplantian: hard to say19:46
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sharoonplantian: releasing might make it a module more useful (catering ur needs + the extra benefits cedk said). free maintenence19:48
plantiancedk: I will retry to integrate them when I upgrade my installation.19:48
plantianWhen people release their modules do they put them on pypi?19:49
cedkplantian: yes at least me19:52
plantianI just found out you can upload sphinx documentation and have it hosted on so maybe I will do that eventually then.  Although I usually put modules in mercurial forest via clone.19:53
cedkplantian: we encourage to use google code and tag it with tryton20:01
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sharooncedk: rename is back in python 322:25
sharooncedk: and in python 2.722:26
cedksharoon: you should try if the standard namedtuple is good enough otherwise use a custom one22:42
sharooncedk: sure, also checking PEP 307 to ensure pickling happens without additional conversion22:43
cedksharoon: yes, it will be good to allow to send namedtuple with netrpc22:45
sharooncedk: yep22:46
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cedksharoon: by the way, I'm also thinking to re-merge ModelStorage and ModelSQL23:44
sharooncedk: any specific reasons? what happens to ModelWorkflow?23:59

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