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Hydranthey, anyone awake ?06:51
HydrantI'm not an accountant (computer scientist), but I'd like to setup my new startup business as easily as possible... I've setup Tryton, but I'm not sure about all these accounts... are there templates, or basic things setup for particular industries that I can reuse06:52
HydrantI'm told that something like Simply Accounting has all these templates, but I don't know...06:52
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plantianHydrant:  A lot of people are on European time.  Are you in the US?07:35
HydrantI played with Tryton a bit tonight, trying to learn how to use it ;-)07:46
HydrantI'm not sure if there are good resources so I can learn a bit more on how to manage the accounts in general, as well as how to use Tryton...07:49
Hydrantanyways, off to sleep... I'll stay on the channel07:50
plantianOh yeah so I'm no accountant and I haven't really utilized it for accounting.  Your accounting system will differ from most European countries though.  I'm not sure how Canada and US compare but that's probably different too.  Are you going to be using it specifically for accounting or you just need to get that part "working" in order to utilize other features?  I'm in the US.07:51
cedkHydrant, plantian: to use accounting in Tryton you need to have strong knowledge08:05
cedkif not you can do all the business in Tryton and just synchronize it with an external accounting software08:06
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sharooncedk: how do you apply a tax over a tax. Example (Tax = 10% + 2% on that tax?)11:10
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cedksharoon: it is 12.2%16:42
sharooncedk: ok, so no way to have a separate base value and segregate ?16:43
cedksharoon: don't remember perhaps with childs16:44
sharooncedk: will try16:44
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Hydrantcedk: if not you can do all the business in Tryton and just synchronize it with an external accounting software -- what do you mean by that17:26
cedkHydrant: I mean in Tryton we have implemented all the basic concept of accounting but if you don't have good knowledge of your country requirement you will be lost17:29
cedkHydrant: so you can make your purchase/sale/invoice in Tryton17:29
cedkHydrant: follow payment etc.17:29
cedkHydrant: and then export all the accounting move into an accounting software that can produce all the requirement for your country17:30
HydrantI've been talking with some accountants here... and apparently in Canada there are no real requirements for the accounting in terms of what the layout of accounts are17:32
cedkHydrant: here in Belgium for small company, the accounting is made by an external accountance17:33
cedkHydrant: so for B2CK, we have a Tryton running that generate our invoice and we can follow the payment etc.17:33
Hydrantwhat he said, was that we can organize accounts basically however we want to give us a good picture of how we are doing as a company, and at the end we are going to take that information in a spreadheet or whatever form to our accounting firm who will file our taxes at great expense for us17:33
HydrantI do have something to potentially contribute to Tryton that way17:34
cedkHydrant: but we give to our accountance all our invoices and he do the legal stuff17:34
Hydrantat a former job, I wrote a full invoice/purchas order/order/cheque printing system that can likely be contributed to the source17:34
Hydrantit's all XSL-FO, XSLT 2.0, and just requires an XML dump of the relevant data17:35
HydrantI should be able to get it open sourced by that employer without difficulty17:35
cedkHydrant: I don't know, Tryton alrady have a odt generator17:35
Hydrantyah, I have to take a look at that component17:35
HydrantI just want to convey that I intend to contribute back to the project :-)17:36
cedkHydrant: no problem, I'm sure if you start using Tryton you will find a way to contribute ;-)17:36
cedkat least testing :-)17:36
Hydrantone thing that we have to do... that I couldn't see in 5 minutes... was how to associate expenses / income with a particular project17:37
cedkHydrant: by analytic17:37
Hydrantit's important for us to be able to know how each project is doing17:37
Hydrantwhat's the first step for me to really get Tryton setup... likely figuring out what all the GL accounts should be?17:38
cedkyou can make a analytic plan with all your project and then link sale/purchase/invoice17:38
cedkHydrant: yes it is a good start17:38
Hydrantare there resources on the Internet somewhere that has most of that setup for me... or how can I do this17:39
Hydrantmy accountants were already not so impressed with the idea of us using Tryon... but they were kinda told "tough" :-)17:40
cedkHydrant: as you will do only business process in Tryton and not all that complicate amortization, end year moves etc.17:41
Hydrantright, so that's the how-to-do-it technically, but I'm at a whole other level of confusion... how do we setup these accounts in the first place... or do we just need to have an accountant do it17:42
cedkHydrant: as far as you don't get wrong taxes applied, you can not do wrong :-)17:42
HydrantI'm told, for example, that Simply Accounting, will layout your accounts for you automagically17:43
cedkHydrant: you can do it in the accounting>configuration menu17:43
cedkHydrant: but you will not be able to reuse it on other instance17:43
Hydrantin tryton or simply accounting17:43
cedkHydrant: in Tryton17:44
HydrantI don't see such a menu17:44
HydrantI also don't see analytic17:44
Hydrantthis is version 1.4.117:44
HydrantFinancial Management -> Configuration17:45
cedkHydrant: oops, it is "Financial Management">Configuration17:45
cedkHydrant: for analytic you must install the analytic modules17:46
HydrantI looked at the modules, and it was not listed17:46
Hydrantoh, I guess I might have to install it through Linux17:46
Hydrantlet me check17:46
cedkACTION bbl17:48
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phellercedk: saw the one2one.  I will try it on Monday when I am back from the Mountains.  thank you very much!22:38
phellercedk: does anything need to be done with the client side, or does it just use the many2one widget?22:38
cedkpheller: client patch is needed22:41
phellercedk: but it will basically be to use many2one widget, yes?22:42
phellercedk: ... and also, the target of a one2one can be another one2one or a one2many, correct?22:43
phellercedk: ah, ok, I see the uniqueness constraint22:54
phellercedk: nevermind about the last question :-)22:54
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