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caravelhi there -- extensive search, no results : has anyone ported OE Magento bridge to Tryton ?17:24
cedkcaravel: I'm not aware of but there is some work for satchmo17:36
caravelhi again cedk, thanks for your answer. Magento is already implemented so we need a bridge to it -- this was one of my criterias for OE17:38
cedkcaravel: I don't know Magento but almost all this kind of webshop works the same17:40
cedkcaravel: and I think the way you want to sync depend of the politic of the company17:40
cedkcaravel: I guess it is just a mater of writing some scripts17:41
cedkcaravel: and decide what is pushed/pulled17:41
caravelIt's a v.small retail business, essentially still in construction... 1 employee so far (physical shop) and so little resources! The (volunteer...) maketing & web designer chose magento and joomla so far, still fighting to pair both correctly. Myself I have reasonable *nux experience, but is it reasonable in these conditions to plan maintain our own scripts ? Or should we go safer with OE, and would it be a later option to switch to Tryton, once its collection 17:47
caravelonce it gets profitable (next year ?) we'd definitely contract with a OE/Tryton service provider, but we have to manage it ourselves for now..17:49
cedkcaravel: I don't know the quality of this OE module17:51
cedkcaravel: but I guess we will also have to invest on OE to make it works correctly17:51
caravelcedk: do you mean that, really, neither OE nor Tryton should be attempted to be interfaced with Joomla & Magento, by people without deep understanding of all bricks ? need to know if I'm wasting my time, really17:54
caravelACTION is so sorry to pollute this room ^^17:54
cedkcaravel: for me integrate an "ERP" needs good knowledge, it is not the kind of software that you just install and let's go17:55
cedkcaravel: "invest" can be just time17:56
cedkand perhaps the default is good for you, I can not know17:58
caravelcedk: I'm willing to learn that knowledge, but I won't afford the time to do that with the specifics of every solution avail ^^ hence I'm trying to choose my headache family now, before I start fighting till it all works ;)17:59
caravelhas anyone successfully interfaced Tryton with Magento & Joomla, to start with ?18:01
caraveland with any POS ? (Tryton POS does not seem ready as yet, right ?)18:02
cedkcaravel: no18:02
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caravelwhat about starting with OE and switching to Tryton later, then : do you people see it as an option, or does this already involve painful migrations cause it's going real different in every aspects ?18:05
cedkcaravel: there is many differences in data model18:06
caravelThanks cedk -- maybe Tryton would benefit from maintaining model translation routines when possible, thus easing migration from OE in the future ? As for us, from what I understand, we are clearly not skilled enough to even consider implementing Tryton for our needs, so we'll try to build our OE knowledge instead since there are some testimonies of success already for what we aim to achieve ^^18:24
caravellast question : OFBiz indicates its POS has builtin offline and sync capabilities (so many people ask for this!) Is there any plan for a similar functionality in Tryton POS ?18:26
cedkcaravel: I think it should18:30
cedkcaravel: POS should work offline18:30
caravelcedk: Much appreciated your all your answers, thanks for your time! See you around.18:31
cedkcaravel: you're welcome18:33
cedkcaravel: I'm not sure you will find the same on OE :-(18:33
caravelcedk: that's what I fear, too :-/18:33
caravelcedk: the ERP world seems quite hard to approach to those with empty pockets, in comparison to many other IT areas! thanks again18:35
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sharoon_cedk: "I don't know the quality of this OE module" I wrote the module (with rvalyi) and it's the single LARGEST module that openerp has... and quality is poor21:45
cedksharoon_: if you say :-)22:53
sharoon_cedk: BTW, magento integration is in the pipeline for tryton... no time is the problem... i hope i have more time from tomorrow since I am back to full time work after my long academic holiday :)22:55
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